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  1. Sorry newbie, My swirl knowledge is limited but I sure can give this post a bump up! Marble--On!!
  2. I am more of a Zeppelin guy What Is and What Should Never Be Not mine by the way.
  3. The last one may be a cat/sparkler "hybrid"--LOL 😁(reference another post on hybrids in the ID section today) Marble--On!!!
  4. Marble--On Sherry! My wifes name is the same spelling and I will always take note of a post with that name.👁️‍🗨️
  5. Some times swirls look like slags and sometime slags look like swirls. I would keep it as a slag and not stress out about the maker too much. It is not a CA and if it is a Pelt-not a very good example. My motto is when in doubt--just call it Akro and move on. Akro made quadmillions of these and they are still out there to be found. All red slags are a great find. Marble--On!!!
  6. Well, this could be a longer story but I will keep it short. I have a small gold fish pond in the garden area of my homestead. I have to bring them in before it freezes. I keep them in a black Rubbermaid cattle tank in the basement and because of past complaints of not being able to see them, I decided this year to put some of my "disgarded" marbles on the bottom so they could be seen more easily. This job took about 4 hours longer than it should have. I found more marbles that should have been kept than I realized back when I was in a different state of mind in my collecting of these little orbs. This group reminds me of what used to be and what is now. You just never know---keep-em all Marble--On!!!
  7. The hardest for me is the original St Marys MK. I have yet to see one in hand. Marble--On and search on as well!!!
  8. I will stand up for sure with my most humble opinion. When in doubt, ask for more images and do more research. This marble looks like a Marble King to me and I agree that it should be a Pelt Peerless patch. I just hope that you passed on it. I am not an expert on this type, let it be known. Too Rare---to care--not too much at least, if I ever find one I would most likely sell it---this is one of those that I just do not get---collection wise. Marble--On!!
  9. Here is another example of the Houze—HouzeX Glass that has been discussed. These candle holders and other items made with the “MarbleX” glass may be found in a variety of color combos. This candle holder has a faint “851” mark and I highlighted it with a “Sharpie” so you could see it better. The blue in this item has a streak of oxblood running through the blue strands. I have seen one seller on e-bay that has made Houze marbles out of cullet—it was quite nice and not in my boat-house pricewise. Close, but no cigar one might say. I tried to get a better image of the sales page regarding this item---best that I could do. MarbleX ----On!!!
  10. I have read tales of marbles breaking, splitting, cracking and just plain becoming a mess after they were collected and displayed. Has anyone experienced this? Marble--On!!!
  11. Mojo posted one earlier today and I was inspired by that post. I have always liked “coral” colors in marbles and pick them up when the price is right. Once again, do not ask me who made them---I just like them ID-d or not. (I know who made the marbles in the tray and they are awesome as well, the tightest tray that I own) “Corals” always make my tail wag!
  12. It is a Pelt no doubt. I would like to know the size of the slag that you posted. Marble--On!!
  13. Sorry Berry, My no comment should have been no comment at all. I am not what you would call a whiz when it comes to identifying WV swirls and I usually leave them alone in the ID section here. Marble—On!!
  14. The one on the left may be an Akro. The middle one--no comment. The one on the right needs a better image or two. Carnelians can come pretty messy but I am not convinced. Marble--On!!
  15. Thanks for this testing forum--who-ever thought of it. Marble--on!!!
  16. Hmmm, I guess that I am still OK--imagine that!!
  17. Test for the server not allowing me to post--Was I a bad Boy???
  18. A really nice BIG marble. I cant' give 100% so I 'll just say a nice "injected" machine made marble which is a Sparkler type !!! Marble--On!!!
  19. I’ll throw my 2 cents in, I would not call it Asian just for the fact that I have only seen one of these over my sorting career. I remember it because I spent some time on it, now if I could just find it. If it were Asian I would have had a few pounds on my hands. It looks pre 60’s to me. For all that I know about non-Asian foreign made marbles, it could be from Argentina. (which might make it German by the way😏) Marble—On!!!
  20. Sorry Ron, I think that you have this mixed up a bit. Westite had a fire in 1936 and Akro purchased most of the molds from them. There are quite a few examples of Westite items, including the bathroom fixture line that were made by Akro. Someone else (???) did purchase some of the molds from Akro once they closed and a few were reproduced and marketed. Akro—On!!
  21. I like it, Did you make this?--excellant job regardless. I have used heavy fishing cable to hang heavy items in my windows such as this. If you get a black color, the line is barely visible in the sunlight---great idea!! Marble--On!!!
  22. Here is a link to a sales page from the WV glass museum. It shows the candle holder that you have with a model number, 851. The ad also explains some solid colors that these come in. I had to cut and paste into a Word document to read it, but it is legible. I do own this particular item. I have purchased a few of these reprints and little research items that the museum has put together and I refer to them often—great work and well worth the investment. I love the name that HouzeX uses for slag glass—MarbleX—pretty cool name. MarbleX came in a lot of different colors and combinations. I did see a RWB candle holder like this on a Google search—very cool indeed. Of course these molds may have been sold and remade by another company. I have several of these and the model number is hard to make out on one of them but it is there. https://www.ebay.com/itm/230697084746 MarbleX—On!!!
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