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  1. May be of some interest to Akro collectors.
  2. Nice! Wonder what a "#7 Fancy colored bowler" is? Did AMT have any colors other than blue and brown? What size is their #7? Thanks for posting.
  3. Think the ball mill balls were made of corundum, fused aluminum oxide (alumina). About a decade ago, someone was making and selling on eBay decorated fused alumina marbles. I forget his name. The decoration was his own style and marbles were inexpensive. No intention of deceiving anyone. Is the decoration on your marbles only on the surface, or is the color incorporated into the body of the marble?
  4. Hi Dave, I was showing off and got a bit carried away. You are correct. The carpet balls pictured were made with more care than your marble was, and they were glazed. But the principle of construction is similar. Still, marbles like yours show up with sufficient frequency to make me think they were a production item. I'll add a pic of a group of smaller ones later. Maybe this article and picture will better illustrate the technique of agateware production: from: http://www.chipstone.org/article.php/78/Ceramics-in-America-2003/?s=michelle erickson
  5. Interesting that wrist watches were mainly worn by women before WW1. Wonder if women used pocket watches as well. Pocket watches seem to have been a popular tournament award for boys:
  6. One of these is a hand faceted German agate.
  7. I'd guess its an agateware marble. Carpet balls (bowls) better illustrate the use of variegated clays to simulate agate.
  8. It seems some kids cannot tell time from a clock face: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/05/04/analog-clocks-students-cant-read-schools-still-use/580935002/ But there was a time when girls and boys treasured watches as championship trophies.
  9. Is this a road and tunnel slag? https://auctions.morphyauctions.com/Extremely_Rare_Christensen_Agate_Large_Slag_Marble-LOT277650.aspx
  10. Yes, I'll buy that explanation for 13 in 1 as well. Think these pins could have been given out during the National Marble Tournament? Any mention of that in the "chronicles"?
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