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  1. Good work! Thanks for keeping us updated.
  2. These boxes were labeled with the marbles they originally contained - onyx - or slags as most collectors call them. The bit about fusing metal and glass is not all spin. I suppose metal oxides incorporated into glass for coloring can be considered "metal".
  3. Chad, what a wonderful find! It would be immeasurably more informative if you could add the date these ads were published. Thanks again for your hard and diligent work. Hansel
  4. Very nice work! And thanks for sharing. One minor,irrelevant question : how did you manage to cross the border during covid?
  5. Your post of Friday, at 12.28 pm has at least 70 (seventy) pictures of original packaging and advertisement taken directly from posters made up by George Sourlis. The added dates, descriptions and origins of many of the items are typed in by him, which you have unashamedly, albeit without malice, copied. His posters are copyright, I believe. You should at the very least, acknowledge in your post where those pictures came from. Reposting a limited number of pictures found in public auction or "for sale" sites is probably OK to do without permission, but George painstakingly put those posters together and always acknowledged the origin of his information at the bottom of his posters.
  6. Be careful with large clear marbles on a sunny windowsill. Focused sunlight can ignite combustibles.
  7. Chad G., You should give credit to George Sourlis, whose posters many of these pics came from. I think he still sells posters of marble packaging.
  8. Hey Chad G., You say "I've never seen one in person, ever, in over 35 yrs." Well since I'm over twice that age, I'm allowed to have a couple. Here's an older pic of "three strikes" - top row. The one on the right is one of the few (maybe only) 4 colored one I've seen. The reverse side is pictured in Stan Block's "Marble Mania", 1998
  9. It would be nicer to require that someone with very low feedback contact you before bidding so you can then attempt to access their reliability. Better than an outright ban, which does not help if you have a legit bidder.
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