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  1. I would like to insert a picture here of a large spotted Dick (Marble) but it is near impossible to post pictures on this site.
  2. I wonder if anyone has the before and after pictures? I saw a marble and wonder if it’s the same one
  3. I am looking for the old thread about the large Lutz that was re worked and for sale in a marble auction and it was not disclosed as repaired can anyone fine that thread and send me a link? thanks Randy Conway
  4. did someone say large marbles????
  5. not 144 per but 800 for one and the rest for the others
  6. Well I was the under bidder and very disappointed when I lost and wish I had bid more..... Bummmmer I am always looking for different color lutz marbles As a good friend of mine once said Show me the lutz and I will show you the money
  7. Found some on eBay seller “mikescase” check out his current and past auctions
  8. I am messaging this guy on eBay. Does anyone that can look at this marble live near Mission, Kansas? To evaluate the condition?
  9. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good marble
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