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  1. Killermarbles

    I am looking

    I wonder if anyone has the before and after pictures? I saw a marble and wonder if it’s the same one
  2. Killermarbles

    I am looking

    Thanks Steph
  3. Killermarbles

    I am looking

    I am looking for the old thread about the large Lutz that was re worked and for sale in a marble auction and it was not disclosed as repaired can anyone fine that thread and send me a link? thanks Randy Conway
  4. Killermarbles

    2"+ marbles

    did someone say large marbles????
  5. Killermarbles

    Display Case

    Nice case and mibs
  6. Killermarbles

    $868 ??

    If it has mica
  7. Killermarbles

    $868 ??

    not 144 per but 800 for one and the rest for the others
  8. Killermarbles

    $868 ??

    Well I was the under bidder and very disappointed when I lost and wish I had bid more..... Bummmmer I am always looking for different color lutz marbles As a good friend of mine once said Show me the lutz and I will show you the money
  9. Killermarbles

    Display Case

    Found some on eBay seller “mikescase” check out his current and past auctions
  10. Killermarbles

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year 🎈🎊🎆
  11. Killermarbles

    Large handmade "Ebay"

    I am messaging this guy on eBay. Does anyone that can look at this marble live near Mission, Kansas? To evaluate the condition?
  12. Killermarbles

    Holiday Wishes

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good marble
  13. Killermarbles

    Large handmade "Ebay"

    The marble from Murphy’s is superior to this one. As I recall Murphy’s stated it was the largest they had seen. I think it’s a little over 2-3/8” and it’s mint.
  14. Killermarbles

    Why does Waldo where Stripes?