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  1. DINDO

    I.d req.

    Hello. Is this a Dutch wirepull? It is .989". Thanks
  2. DINDO

    What Are You Eating Right Now?! (:

    Horseradish on pizza? Hmmm . I had cherry pie and whip cream for breakfast. First time in my life i ate sweets for breakfast, and have to say i rather enjoyed it.
  3. DINDO

    Id. Req.

    The seam reminds me of possibly a Vitro or maybe an Akro. Thanks for the help. Btw. The new photo size uploads are a great addition to the site.
  4. DINDO


    Thanks y'all. Its a different looking Rainbo to me. Still have to get use to the vastness of the Rainbo.
  5. DINDO

    How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    Its been a wild 30 days. 20 days below -20. 3 massive snowfalls. Each 25cm+ . Now freezing rain 3 days in a row.
  6. DINDO


    I am not sure, i have a couple other guesses... Thanks.
  7. Hi.That is a nice 1. Is it opaque? Whats the white line, a seam? I find these older machine made Germans intriguing.
  8. Ive been wondèring about these striped transparents lately. I seem to find the red ones infrequently in the wild and appear to be semi common. What i ascertain from the knowledgable folks writing here . They were machine made around 1920? By SeppenhutteGlasswork. Any more info? heres my latest.i really hope it is 1 ...for the post purpose.
  9. DINDO


    Greetings. It is .977" . I am thinking perhaps Jabo. It is a nice dreamy orange. I hope the pics are ok.
  10. DINDO

    Id req

    It is .606 inches. I think that is 5/8? It is 1 continuous swirl . Thanks Steph.
  11. DINDO

    Id req

    Ive been looking at this 1 all week. Cant make uop my mind if mod.or a WV swirl or maybe Jabo. Thanks for input.
  12. According to google .19 cents in todays money is 3.36....if only..unrelated if you follow moneys value. It appears that from early 1900s to 1980 it remained fairly stable with slight inflation increase overtime. From 1980 on the rate of inflation took off and money devalued. Cool pics Al. Sensory overload how beautiful and vast. My 2 i use as marble trays;
  13. DINDO


    Yes i looked through the Vacor list. It is a modern suspect but maybe not.🤔 I hope you had a good holiday season.
  14. While were here, i have questions about these trays. I think i have seen 2 sizes of the jewel trays. Is that correct? Does the marble size vary? How many different colours? Thats a neat story about the waitress tips.
  15. DINDO


    Hello. I think this may be a modern. I just want to make sure i am not putting a slag in my modern jar. Thanks. It is .994"