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  1. Greetings. Found these recently. Thinking they were in the Vacor/Mega family
  2. DINDO

    I.d req.

    Hello. I suppose i should have said Akro Royal Agate. I use the book Popular American Marbles frequently. They only add agate to the name description twice out of 24 Akro types. The marble below on the right, i had presumed was a Royal. ( perhaps wrongly). The one on the left looks similar , almost like the opaque base ran over it. The patch comes through slightly. Thats where my diagnosis of error came from. But im alright with foreign as in my rookie marble world it is more rare then the other..i frequently see and pass by the right type some yellow or white base and or red,blue translucent
  3. DINDO

    I.d req.

    Maybe a error royal agate?
  4. DINDO


    Hi.hope this better. It is a little curious the way it seems to spin back the opposite way
  5. DINDO


    .867" Its in my beloved very damaged pile.
  6. DINDO

    I.d req.

    Maybe modern? Thnks
  7. Thanks Steph. That was the 1. Don't think it is the same as mine . Nice photo btw.
  8. Thanks it was fun making. Mac and cheese is funny😅. Would it be possible if you have a chance to get a photo of that top left yelliw and purple stripe. It kind of looks like this one im still sorta on the fence about..
  9. I will guess a bennington??
  10. Nice gift. Some good looking moderns. Dang slippery camera.. I made myself a fantasy bag of marbles for personal enjoyment.
  11. DINDO

    I.d req.

    I thought may be a Vacor Owl. Not sure completely fits that.or a Rainbo or a Slag. It is .88" and is a very dark translucent green.
  12. DINDO

    Turkey Head?

    Thank you. Upon closer inspection i do now see the ' black ' tinge lighter in places along the white . Yes i have mistaken green and purple before for black. Holding marbles close to a bright light can help. Speaking of black , Vantablack is the truest black known .it absorbs 99.9% of all light and colour. It would be cool to see someone do a Vantablack marble...likely be cost prohibited. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/blackest-is-the-new-black-scientists-have-developed-a-material-so-dark-that-you-cant-see-it-9602504.html
  13. DINDO

    Turkey Head?

    Yes it is opaque black and white. Yes i can now see those odd reflections giving it a translucent appearance. Brings up another of my long list i dont understand about marbles. Is it a black base with white swirls? Or vice versa? And how is that determined?
  14. DINDO

    Turkey Head?

    Thank you. I have to say in all the book pictures i've seen. Have not seen a black and white C.A.C. although i imagine they do exist. . It does look Alley Agate like. One more pic. Exscuse the colour change ( it is black and white )just trying to show a different angle of the swirl.
  15. T.y... likely a faux turkey.
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