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  1. slagmarble

    Do these look like Christensen?

    The shear you show in the last photo is the type I associate with Christensen Agate. I can't tell enough about the other one from the photo to make a guess.
  2. slagmarble

    M.F. Christensen question

    Here's a green brick/oxblood slag. Edit: better photos...
  3. slagmarble

    M.F. Christensen question

    Not the same thing...green bricks if you can find a spot to backlight them show a deep transparent olive green color but otherwise appear black. This is difficult to do in hand so I'm not really sure how you'd photograph it. Moss agate is a more cloudy pale green/blue translucent to opaque and are much much rarer.
  4. slagmarble

    Marble hunting

    Pretty dry in southern New England and I've been all over the place. The first destination seems to be eBay and when you do find something by chance it's either beat up or has been priced into orbit using an internet search to guestimate value. I see jar after jar of cats eyes and 1970-current stuff with the occasional unremarkable overpriced handmade. Salting jars is also pretty common where you'll see a $20+ jar of junk and one okay marble tossed in to get interest that is usually ruined or modern jabo/torch stuff that looks exotic enough to trick the layperson into thinking it's a gold nugget. My very best wild finds came from an unmolested collection from a non-collector in the business of building demolition who had huge jars on display in a cabinetry shop. I begged his wife to let me dig through on the promise that if I found something good I'd alert them so they could sell it. That turned up a golden rebel and about a dozen popeyes.
  5. slagmarble

    Leroy Johnson

    Had a lot of contact years ago with him (and tried to rescue some huge purple slags before they got polished...but too late!). Great guy, always really nice...very sorry to hear this.
  6. slagmarble


    If that's who runs the site then sure, I honestly have no clue.
  7. slagmarble


    Does anyone have a contact for "Joe" or do they frequent this forum? The email link on the website returns a permanently disabled error.
  8. slagmarble

    Is this Bulgarian?

    Doesn't look like the frit ones they usually have. Colors aren't as distinct and don't have margins that clean. I'd also point out it looks like whatever it is, it was possibly polished. The air pop looks to have clean edges and the color blobs look like they feather. Combined with an overall unusually uniform surface...
  9. slagmarble

    Fluorescent Blue Slag?

    Not a slag... Fluorescence is only really useful for slags on vaseline (green and yellow) and yellow (Christensen) or orange slags. The former turns green, the latter will turn orange in areas particularly on yellow.
  10. slagmarble

    Having trouble with slags

    You can tell almost as much from the shear as you can the gather...lets have a look at the side directly opposite the one you've shown in your photograph.
  11. slagmarble

    Museums et al

    There is no separate room with marbles. When you walk in the main entrance you go past a desk that will be on your right, you make a left there and its 2 rows of glass covered cases. One case had loose marbles with handmades/contemporaries on one side and machinemades on the other the second case was original packaging with the entire setup organized in sort of an L formation. Imagine it like a huge open room with a very tiny portion off to the center-right of the building when facing the entrance from the street. The only separate room I saw was off to the far right end and was full of floor to ceiling display cases of glassware the museum is actually selling, i didnt see marbles there. In total I think there may have been 3(?) rooms, I did not explore the very back past the insulators, and was directed to the spot I described by the ladies at the desk when I told them why I made a detour through WV.
  12. slagmarble

    Museums et al

    If there was a museum somewhere I knew was going to safeguard the contents for display I'd happily donate some slags. Not chintzy stuff either, a healthy range. For the record I'm also not implying wrongdoing here on anyone's part because I don't know the story behind anything in the museum. I'm just sticking to the facts on what I saw and the disappointment felt.
  13. slagmarble

    Museums et al

    If they can house hundreds possibly thousands of pieces of tableware glass for the public I kinda wonder about that. Even glass insulators had at least 30 different varieties along with a pretty cool miniaturized salesman type display. The layperson probably wouldn't know one from the other there or most likely what they were even used for.
  14. slagmarble

    Museums et al

    What I saw for machinemades was unimpressive very common examples, maybe 100 in total spanning 8 companies or so. They had some handmade Germans but nothing remarkable. The packaging was some master stuff, clearies, a bag spilled out to show contents...that was really about it. Edit: it was a grand total of 5 MFC slags, nothing by Christensen agate and if I recall right no Peltier either. Many WV companies represented but basically common unremarkable stuff.
  15. slagmarble

    Museums et al

    The girl at the desk mentioned something to me about that being "what is left" which kind of got my attention. Nice museum but the marble section given the state history was really just sad. I'm not expecting like a hundred thousand dollars in marbles here but I think $2-300 might have covered what was loose under glass. The packaging section was a little more interesting and that seemed much more detailed. You might find better Akros purely by chance in an antique store for example. I spoke for probably an hour with the owner and clerk of Roshells on the main drag and apparently the area is in a pretty major economic slump and they hate the mayor...heh.