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  1. Not at home so I can't contribute anything today but Happy Akro Friday everyone...great posts πŸ‘
  2. The last time I dug was in Florida in a small bamboo forest that was a known dumping area years ago. Before I moved up here in 93' I dug and found a Waycross, Georgia lisence plate dated 1967, an old tv screen with the green glass intact (made a table out of it), and a pink glass champagne bottle holder, which I still have 😊
  3. It's posted in the "Akro Product" thread, I just decided too snap a new pic 😊
  4. I'm pretty sure you did because I remember them but I don't think it was here? It is nice glassware though 😊
  5. Gladys, check out the "My other interest" thread in the lounge...pretty sure he shared some with me there! 😊
  6. It was pretty tasty, minus the Duffy beer 🀣
  7. By the way, pretty sure the cool hand is Boyd's Crystal art glass, I have seen this trademark on their work 😊
  8. It's all good, man....very nice score indeed! There's a few places you post your goods.....the "Score" thread in the Marble and Glass chat forum (which is for all the goodies we find 😊); also you can post your cool slag in "Slag Glass Scores" and your Akro stuff in "Akro Product", both of these are also in the aforementioned forum. I like posting everything together that I score with a few group pics in the "Score" thread, then I branch out to the other threads for more detailed, individual pics. Too each his own though! Have fun and looking forward to seeing some of those mibs in those jars! πŸ‘
  9. My bad was not expanding the photo, otherwise I would have seen Tommy's mibs too begin with! It was early, my excuse 🀣
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