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  1. When I first saw the color pattern I thought Pelt until I saw the seam so wasn't sure...the middle one not even a guess from me and the third I was leaning Akro, maybe. Thanks Steph 😊
  2. These are a few of the marbles in today's score...what do you think?
  3. Mini-score at the end of the weekend...thanks Decorah Iowa 😊
  4. Another note, in the 50's, after restrictions eased, glassmakers began producing this variety of glass again, and also, it's not the "radioactivity" that makes the glass "glow", it's the chemical makeup that does. It's interesting literature indeed 😊
  5. Another glass maker, Alladin, has caught my eye because of a small lamp made of alacite I saw yesterday. It's a really nice translucent piece with the original finial and dates from the late 30's and early 40's. I researched it a bit and discovered that uranium oxide was used in the manufacturing of this type of glass until the 40's when the U.S. government banned its use. Yes, the same stuff used in nuclear plants. It was interesting reading material for sure. This dealer only wants $14 for it. I just might pick it up. It would be interesting to see if I get the same reaction from it like you
  6. That is awesome history right there, Ron...a big thanks for the input on the subject πŸ‘
  7. William


    Indeed, honored too know another serviceman in you, Chad! I'm good friends with many around the southeast Minnesota area through American Legion Post #299 here in Mabel. A widower myself, my wife Peggy, who passed in 2018, was a member, as was her father Clarence Remick, who served overseas in the army. I have some of Clarence's memorabilia, papers, pamphlets, etc; around here somewhere. I'll share some pics when I have time to dig them out. Myself, I never served in the armed forces but totally honor and respect yourself and others that have πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ....one of the good memories I have of being exp
  8. Wow, was just navigating through some listings on Ebay and Etsy and there is quite a bit of slag pieces by Fenton out there. Blue seems to be the more common color listed, saw at least a dozen listings for the same piece above ranging in price from $20 up to $80, the more swirls of color the higher the price was. Never dealt with or searched Fenton as far as buying and selling goes and just assumed they manufactured different colored clear glass or pieces with a "fade" design. As I have been told and with marbles, learn something every day!
  9. Guess I never realized or have looked into far enough too know that Fenton made slag glass pieces? I've done a lot of antique dealing over the years and have never seen a Fenton slag piece. Who knows, maybe I have and didn't realize it because it wasn't my focus at the given time. This one has the original sticker on the base and is marked at $24. Didn't purchase it but might once I delve into the subject a bit further! Very cool piece.
  10. Scored 4 nice baby blue plates yesterday 😊...empty handed pertaining to marbles so was happy to see these guys!
  11. Nice find!! Really like the octagonals...I have a few places in my sights that I haven't been to yet that are within 60 miles or so from my home that I want to hit in the coming weeks. Hoping to find that largest one yet myself...only marbles I have seen were $14 for a baggie of 19 which I passed on.
  12. Best wishes, Gina ❀ enjoy your weekend, happy hunting and a swift recovery 😊
  13. I took Dominique and Gabrielle back down to Iowa too their "home farm" where they are resting in their grandparents (who our friends Rhonda and Art became known as) pet cemetery. The whole area is covered in orange lilies 😊...Brittney on the other hand never had a true place of origin other than the nursing home where she hung out until I brought her home so she stayed with me 😊
  14. Some old warriors enjoying retirement 😊
  15. My 3 critters....first picture is Whiskers (always have to have a cardboard box for him lol), second picture is Baby Girl...she's older, around 10 years. Whiskers is actually her son and he's 4 years. Third picture is Uno, a bulldog/hunting dog mix. She's 4 years old and a registered service animal for Patty. I had 3 other cats before these guys moved into my house 2 years ago. That would be the fourth picture, Dominique (white) and his sister Gabriel (black). I had them from 1996 until 2015 when they passed. My third kitty back then was Brittney, a miniature calico (sorry can't find a pic) wh
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