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  1. In Stewartville, Minnesota, enjoying an all you can eat buffet at the Pizza Ranch 😊 after an afternoon of treasure hunting! Sights like this in restaurants you just don't see much anymore....the good old days!
  2. Might be Pelt, either way it's a keeper! 👍
  3. Too much 0 value stuff visible, made me even more fearful of the stuff I couldn't see...this vendor didn't have a top on it so I even dug down a few inches....as Cris Carter would say in football replays..."C'mon, man!" 🤣🤣
  4. Didn't score any marbles today, saw some but a crazy prices for the contents I thought (pictured). Wasn't paying that for the 11 shooters nor the crazy price for what appears too be alot of Imperials and Cat's eyes. But landed a 3rd toucan (middle one) when I never thought I would see a 2nd one! Also a cool matching set of the stoneware I also collect. So not a total loss 😊
  5. Master, Akro, Akro? My guess 😊
  6. More garden pics...tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, watermelon, sweet bell's and poblanos, their loving these dew points, humidity and in a few hours a steady rain According to the radar 😊👍....also a picture of a visitor I am not familiar with, haven't seen an insect like that around here before 🤔
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