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  1. The size has me wondering though...the smallest is 0.93, the biggest is 1.01! The others are all in between that, not one equal in size.
  2. Thoughts? Good morning and Thank you all 😊
  3. William


    Couple more shots of the seam, the other photos don't really show it clearly I didn't think
  4. 1st one is 0.86 and the 2nd 0.88
  5. William


    Of what I have accumulated/collected the past few months, this is one of a few that I am always drawn back to just too look at it...
  6. I was thinking Jabo on the 2nd one (blue) but could only guess on the other 2....
  7. William


    I wanted to go with Vitro also based on others of mine that have been ID'd that are similar but wasn't sure. See who else chimes in...
  8. First one is 0.90, second is 0.92, and the 3rd is 0.95, thanks folks!
  9. William


    This is one that the ID was unclear on, posted my first week I think....comes in at 0.94.
  10. Saw a couple of pieces today, white with blue swirls. The name was Vogue New York. A small planter and small vase. Very beautiful but passed on them.
  11. Whoops! Forgot to mention size is 0.96
  12. It's a little beat up but I thought it was a little different. Pretty neat that it formed a heart! What do you think about its origins?
  13. I'm going to look into acquiring some of these pieces....I have picked up some cool pieces over the years like Fenton, Fire King, Tiffany, etc. I now wonder if I have ever come face to face with similar pieces like these and didn't know it!
  14. Awesome, thanks Ric...I actually just got finished watching one of the West Virginia digs on video 😊
  15. Well, don't know how 1 pic of the last marble ended up at the top 😬 sorry about that
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