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  1. Your listings (and grading) consistently set the standard for how to list, accurately describe and grade. Thank you for your honesty, objectivity, knowledge and passion for the hobby! As far as the winning bidder not paying for the lot, what goes around comes around. We shall see but I doubt ebay bans him.
  2. Wow, Craig! This new site is very well done, thank you
  3. Akro and a nice one Not sure about indian blanket but if memory serves there is a thread on id'ing indian blankets
  4. Hi spr Nice pics and nice marbles - I would say based on the pics... Alley flame amber swirl Akro purple slag Isn't this hobby a blast?
  5. If you can make it to Canton (hope you can), bring those out of wall remelts so we can see 'em in hand
  6. The USPS prolonged the much anticipated arrival of my uber fantastic sparkler and it finally arrived yesterday... Wow and wow again!! Hats off to JoAnne for her kindness and consideration. Thank you
  7. Hi Billyray I believe you have a Vitro from The Vitro Agate Company. I would guess made in the 40's or 50's? Maybe someone else will chime in.
  8. Great scores, Galen! The yellow & purple is my fave...guinea schminea ~Jay
  9. A very gentle person...you will be missed Prayers to The Conyers' Rest in Peace, Lonnie
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