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  1. Actually wondering now if I have any MK in this wide variety I have...
  2. Older gentleman asking only $14, so I said sure!
  3. Not much of a size difference, all 3 are so similar.
  4. In total, was probably around 250 marbles in a container, mostly rainbos; along with different varieties of corks and swirls. There's more I'm not too sure on I'll probably post sometime. Got the clearies and cats separated and have this yet too sort...
  5. Other varieties besides the ones above that came with the mix I picked up today
  6. Thanks for the input folks....picked up a batch today and running across some I didn't recognize from previous purchases. Thanks!
  7. Unlike other clearies, this one is really cloudy throughout. Just thought it was different?
  8. Thoughts? The green one is 0.45 and the pearly opaque is 0.49...
  9. William


    1st marble is 0.55 (1st 4 pics), 2nd marble is 0.61 (last 4 pics)
  10. Variations I assume?
  11. Looked into it and both of these pieces are Imperial 1951. Remembered Chad's pitcher and went back to page 1 of this thread and identified them with the logos posted 😊 Not Akro but still nice additions I think.
  12. Funday Friday rolled right over into Super Saturday with these finds I made just an hour ago...hopefully considered good scores 😁
  13. Yeah, it's pretty weird looking, like a hunk of the vein has been moved when it took place. Just had to have it as an oddity ðŸĪŠ
  14. William


    A friend of mine in Jacksonville, Florida owned a 69' Roadrunner back in the 80's. Beautiful car, wish I had pics. It was 2 tone brown on orange. This car was totally original and practically mint! Rode in it many times! Every time I was alongside the car I would always catch myself looking down at the Roadrunner gritting it's teeth 😁
  15. Here are some different shots. This marble is a little tricky, the "line" inside is pretty straight and from what I can see in hand, doesn't go through the vein, rather around it. The surface isn't fractured anywhere that I can see. In one shot you can see little bubbles running along the top of the vein. There are tiny fractures inside but all are attached to the vein, none of them near the surface. The only marks on the surface are the cut marks. The vein gives the look of something as if it were breaking the surface of water. It's a crazy marble but cool at the same time.
  16. I was gifted this awesome piece this morning! Unmarked. What do you think?
  17. I was just gifted this marble among others this morning. Thoughts on manufacturer?
  18. Thanks for taking a jab at Ron. There was another one that had Cuba and its flag on it but passed because of a huge chip in it. I'll keep looking 👍
  19. No fractures, appears too be air.
  20. Awesome piece and great information!
  21. The glass leans more towards the yellowish side of green rather than the usual greens I have seen. More than likely a bubble split the veins when made, but thought I would post here for any input being an uncommon oddity?
  22. Full of little tiny bubbles, the last pic shows a little "crease" (dead center of marble) otherwise don't see any other marks on it. Wondering about it's origin if possible. Thanks!
  23. Funday Friday produced this find, interesting enough too purchase for a few bucks
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