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  1. As an older collector in various fields of interest, and as a newer collector when it comes to the vast world of marbles; I can respectfully see the points made in both the pros and cons presented by my peers on this subject. Such is why I used the word "if" when saying Sherbet. Alot of unknowns regarding these "mystery" mibs. It will be interesting to see if future research does provide some kind of answers. Somewhere out there lies the answer to the beginning. Whether that answer is ever discovered remains to be seen. I would like too see something conclusive take place that will benefit the marble collecting community as it forges forward into undiscovered country 😊
  2. 2 weeks in a row...love it when good hits roll together! Your box looks great I'll add πŸ‘Original price, I would think so, before sticker pricing was widespread 😊
  3. It's just another trait that Marbleaholics have to contend with when struggling with their affliction...always nice too have our great counselors save the day! πŸ€ͺ
  4. Oh yeah, it's been quite some time! Sight for sore eyes, good to see ya!
  5. There are some very talented, knowledgeable folks here...a ton of experience at your fingertips 😊
  6. Welcome! You do have some interesting mibs for sure....try posting individual pics with different views of each marble. Also please keep it limited too only a few at a time. It's alot easier and less time consuming! Once again, Welcome!
  7. I'm continuously time challenged when it comes to taking a few moments to snap pictures, but when I can, all I have is my Android J3 Orbit phone with its limitations. And I set up in my lighted display case on the 2nd shelf. Guess they come out good enough? 😊
  8. William


    We will all sleep extremely well tonight! Just hope I wake up for work πŸ€”
  9. William


    And I'm ready too 😊
  10. William


    Anytime now...flight from Denver shows early!
  11. William


    Hopefully she didn't share with Herbie....after all, I think they have some form of emissions control in California when it comes to motor vehicles? 🀣🀣🀣
  12. William


    On the way! Lake Shasta, I believe, as seen from the air leaving Redding, California. And she got too meet Herbie the Love Bug at Walmart!
  13. I just checked out your site...I just might have to pull the trigger on something soon myself! I'll have to wait a bit though, have too reaccess the funds after my gals California trip 😊
  14. Loving it! Nice work, truly beautiful too see! Chad, myself and others have our other interests posted here in the Lounge also. 😊
  15. Would love to see some of the examples of your work πŸ‘
  16. Can't go wrong with ACME products?
  17. Can this qualify as an "Anonymous Tip"? After reading about Tommy's "troubles" in his thread under "Marble IDs", he might need more help. He stated that he would check in on Tuesday. If not, please send out the Guy's in White!!!! Hopefully you don't have to sedate him....
  18. Luckily she packed more goodies? I couldn't quit laughing!
  19. He's a goofball! Made his mom BLT'S, didn't have lettuce so he used Cabbage! 🀣
  20. And for any of you newer members here at MarbleConnection that might be (and should be) interested in inquiring; you'll find our Help Center, "Marbleaholics Anonymous", under "General Marble and Glass Chat"....Best counselors ever!!!
  21. Feeling tense? Maybe that anxiety associated with anything glass and small? I strongly suggest that you report too your Marbleaholics Anonymous counselor ASAP!!! I know that you recall what happens to me when I go without the attention of those little glass orbs for too long? Don't turn green, come clean!!! Tommy....Don't SMASH!!!!
  22. Called her to make sure she is up! Her son is driving from Red Bluff to see her off 😊
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