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  1. kaliman

    Pelt Patches

    A few More Some Translucent based ones 2 cool opposites One with a Mint Patch on Cobalt Blue Base and the other with the opposite a Cobalt blue patch on opaque mint base
  2. kaliman

    Pelt Patches

    Thought i would throw new PPP's into the thread Some Bruisers Some Coffee based PPP's Some Odd ones Some Cool Patches Metallics
  3. Just got back from a trip abroad and was welcomed back to this thread by a few who had decided to chime in. Marlene thanks for the heads up! I actually was watching that pelt superman hybrid and was impressed by the price it brought. I actually picked one up right before this one that could have easily of come from the same run! Such beautiful colors! And congrats on that lot! I know the very one with sunsets and the ruby slipper. I recently picked up a few auctions from the same seller who not so surprisingly is an active member of this BB. Thanks for the welcome Chuck G! I guess thats why pelts in particular compel me, as much as the "collectors" like to nickname and categorize them, there is always something new from the wild that surfaces to intrigue and bewilder even the most seasoned mibologists. On a more somber note my heart aches at the news of our beloved marble fellows passing and the many friends and family who loved and cherished him. I have only had the opportunity of correspondence with him via email over the years at first from his auctions then from time to time with questions about marbles. Alan was a very generous man with his time and had a fantastic and whimsical personality. I will truly miss talking with him and waking up to find his latest offerings play across my screen whenever they would come available and covet them like a child with glee. I truly feel a sense of emptiness where he once stood in this wondrous and nostalgic past time of ours. Alan rest in peace my friend. Aloha, Tony
  4. Marlene i too have been guilty of paying double what i normally would on a good day for a mib that "speaks" to me lol. Thats the wonderful thing about marbles, they are all "one off" as no two are exactly alike...."And they're mine!!! all mine!!"..... "....Phew i almost slipped again and bought a minty GR
  5. My sentiments exactly! And at a little over 21/32" (a tad over 5/8") it seemed a bit much. Even if it had ox and leaned towards 3/4" i would still be surprised:)
  6. Aloha Guys, first off Im from Hawaii and this is my first post in my 3 yrs. of collecting. I am rather new but collect voraciously, primarily pelts. I guess you can say I'm a pelt head I purchase primarily on the bay as I feel that where I live resources are rather limited. In fact i have probably purchased from a few of you over the past couple of years. I have learned so much from all of you and pour over a lot of Stephs Study Hall stickies:) I thoroughly enjoy the posts and the amount of knowledge coming from the users as a collective. Much to my wife's dismay I am gonna be involved in this magical world for awhile lol and hope I too can give back and offer some wisdom someday on this board as my knowledge grows. I adore pelts and collect NLR's, PPP's, Realers, MCS and the crazy mad uncommon 'bo that comes along every once in awhile. So here's my question. An auction ended for a classic MCS minty from a seller on the bay and it's closing price intrigued me. It wasn't especially swirly, i wouldn't say the color was rare (maybe a little HTF) and the size was pretty standard. Even for a mint specimen I can't for the life of me see why it closed so high. Absolutely beautiful mib but am I missing something? Please no offense to the seller or buyer i am just curious. Are we seeing a rise in valuation of pelt MCS? Mahalos, Tony http://cgi.ebay.com/...c#ht_500wt_1413
  7. Chuck that mib is absolutely stunning! ---------------------- Nicemibs great NLR's! That Red Sub, isnt that also a red galaxy? And that Pink Panther (like that name by the way) I think it also goes by "Strawberries N' Cream"? I could be wrong. And that Gray Flaming Dragon is off the chain! Mouth watering keep em' coming guys! Peace, T
  8. I am aghast Nicemibs and coveting your dragonfly and Green Tiger Simply beautiful!
  9. Hi guys if anyone is using a mac i can offer a tip. I have also found that it was difficult to grab pics from ebay when they recently changed their format. Unless the auction has images saved within the body of the auction messages, simply right clicking and doing a "save as" will not work. Most cases the seller (like Alan/marblealan) will generally just use the photo container option just to the left of the auction title as the sole image representation instead of providing it within the message body. This container when clicked will show you an enlarged image of the smaller format. If the seller has more than one image they will be displayed clickable in the right frame. This "jpeg" image is supplied through some kind of flash container and is not saveable via traditional methods. I have found a workaround to extract the images as follows. Download a free copy of a popular note clipping "clouding" app called Evernote. This app sits as an app on your computer and also sets an extension in your browser (except google chrome which has a limited variation of it). Once installed when right clicking on the enlarged image within the container an option to "Add Page to Evernote" will be displayed in a pop-up window. The provided page in Evernote now provides an extractable image that is saveable by traditional means. Hope this helps. ~ Tony p.s extracted image supplied below from said auction as a example
  10. Looks like ebay finally got proactive and yanked all active listings from his store. http://stores.ebay.com/OLD-MARBLES-4-YOU
  11. Just went to Joe's site and saw my mib in the Pelt catagory page 15. I have a headache.
  12. Hey all i also bid won and paid for an auction with this guy. I thought it was odd that a pelt MCS was listed and the seller failed to mention that the mib had a HUGE swirl of oxblood. Man I hope this is not the case! I was really looking forward to this pelt. Guess I should get on with Paypal recovery Thanks for the heads up wish I had seen this thread sooner.
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