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  1. Here's a gauge they would use in tournaments for marble sizes.
  2. On these large lots I would offer no refunds. They may be taking one or two valuable marbles out and sending it back for refund. This happens unfortunately.
  3. Looks like a flake. I have had a number of CAC slag 100 count boxes, and many of the slags had these little 'flakes' that would be laying in the bottom of the boxes from the marbles moving around and bumping each other. Very common on the slags.
  4. Thanks everyone. Royal thanks for the kind offer but no assistance is required, I'm happy to host it!
  5. Didn't know Mike but condolences to family and friends. We are losing to many of our marble friends.
  6. I have been hosting Alan's site since 2012 with permission from his family. It is not going away! I have recently made some website updates and the link to his site has moved. So many enjoy using it so here are the new locations: The easiest way to find it is go to the Marble ID page and click the link to Alan's page: http://buymarbles.com/marble-id.html or this direct link: https://old.buymarbles.com.buymarbles.com/marblealan/home.html I'm working on making it easier to navigate and trying to update it a bit. But that will take awhile. For now, use either of the above links.
  7. Thanks everyone. Roy, I found this one in Amana, Iowa. No problem, thanks for the info.
  8. A really cool counter display for Red Goose Shoes. Just thought I would share. I have had it a really long time and don't think I ever took a picture of it. It sits tucked away in a plastic container. Wish I had the room to display it, it's pretty large. Someday hopefully.
  9. Yes! Every one. Great group!
  10. A cool letter from American Toy Marble Co. dated February 1899. From A.L. Dyke general manager. This letter is really unique in that it is marketing marbles for girls. The letter reads: Feb. 2, /99 Dear Sir:- We are writing you in reference to our new penny marble, in fancy colors, and of which we are sending you a sample via this email. This marble is bought largely by little girls to bounce on the walk. We call this marble our #7 Fancy colored bowler, packed in bags of fifty at $4.00 per M. A barrel will hold 60 bags. Would be pleased to have you give them a tri
  11. Though I usually don't agree with Johns rambling and farfetched theories, I have to agree with him this time. LOL...
  12. An original train ticket to have lunch at Valley Forge. 1925 Marble Tournament. (front and back)
  13. Somewhere I have a newsletter from an American Japanese internment camp from WWII that has news about a marble tournament held in the camp. Gotta track that down.
  14. Wow cool box. Looks like a homemade game. I wonder if it was a prototype? I;ll bet there is a Lucky Boy label under the red box top cover. Great find!
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