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  1. Peltier Mibber


    Nice NLR. Congratulations.
  2. Thanks Steph!!! A cool cool Alley then😀
  3. Cool Cairo or??? Pardon the bad photos.
  4. Bumblebee what a Rush to watch the video. Thank you for sharing it.
  5. Another great video. I too need to go through mine and see what I can identify.
  6. Hi Steph, I'm not sure what it is? I'll take a look in Sunlight and see if it is.
  7. Thanks Steph for the confirmation. It's a very cool marble in hand. I had it in my massive mib misc. jar and it caught my eye while I was on the phone with my sis and thought I should dig it out for fun. Anyway...
  8. Any help is appreciated in IDing. I'm thinking a cool Vacor?
  9. I remember the list as well. I made a copy but the computer crashed. ☹️
  10. You're welcome and we'll deserved. I look forward to the cat eye video!
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