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  1. Thanks folks for the confirmation. I'll put it with the Pelts.
  2. Bump. Can anyone confirm if this is even Pelt? Thank you.
  3. Imperial looks correct from here too.
  4. I was thinking Akro on the upper left one.
  5. I have over 1,000 care eye marbles. Here a few to add.
  6. Are those your marbles/ photos? If so, could we see a couple more photos of different angles? Thanks , It will help confirm and get you the best answer possible.
  7. Hi, I don't see a lot of value. The age varies. The red and translucent white marble in the last picture on the bottom looks to be 1940's the rest 1980s, again mixed dates. The larger beat up yellow and white marble looks to be an Alley agate, I don't know the date of but probably before 1950.
  8. I think Anacortes is a good bet.
  9. It looks CAC. However, I may want it to be one too.
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