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  1. Very nice collection. I really enjoyed looking it over. Thanks for sharing.
  2. x 2 not U.S. Japanese Imperial would only be a guess.
  3. Thanks. Yeah it could a citrus or some type of Liberty, or Liberty Citrus. Man o man I hear ya on the agony of waiting or not getting any response on a motherload.
  4. I've been searching for a copperhead with all the right colors for the past five years. I'm hopeful it's the real deal. Once in hand I'll know better.
  5. Yep there's a little his of this and that. You've all picked out some neat ones thanks for chiming in. Schmoozer you nailed the one was looking at too. The Peltier Copperhead. Who knows in hand it may be different. In the photos it has all the colors.
  6. Absolutely share your scores! I love seeing what's out there and congratulating when I stop by and see some great glass. That plate is an awesome find.
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