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  1. Hi, Those look like modern marbles once sold at ToysRus if I'm not mistaken. Not a lot of value as manywere or are made, but they are neat to look at.
  2. Nice eye candy Jose.
  3. Oops... to be correct.
  4. Looks to correct to me.
  5. Help with ID please. I had a difficult time photographing this marble. Pardon the poor pictures. I have terrible lighting tonight. The marble pattern looks like one maker and then the composition looks like another.
  6. Thank you for chiming in. The Halo is the light bulb. I'll try another configuration and take more pics.
  7. Does anyone have one similar to compare or is there a name or family name for this style or construction? This is not opaque- clear glass and red glass separated. There's a window to see partly inside and at the correct angle when backbit you can see the red like a Cyclops red eye. Different ribbon thickness and colors yellow, off white and orange being the thickest. The outside is Dark black and in one spot green stripes. Thank you,
  8. Perhaps custom packaging in the way of self promotion ? And sponsorship of tournaments would be good promotion too.
  9. Thanks for the help. I'm going to pass on this opportunity. I'm not collecting foreign marbles at this time.
  10. I hear ya. Here another picture.
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