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  1. Yeah, it sure would be nice if it is one. It would be a wild find!
  2. Black swirl and clear, possibly bottle green base glass, with AV.
  3. The one right under the big zebra, just to the right and below is very interesting. You might have a real good score there. Could you pull that one aside and share photos???
  4. Hi, They all look Akro. Let's see what other say.
  5. Just a guess, lol. Thank you for your service!!!!!!! Good ol Bremerton. I worked there in 1990-1991. I lived in Port Orchard back then. While the Desert Shield was just starting, if I recall. In Alameda the Enterprise was just a lucky guess, it being the biggest ship. There was a Destroyer there too during in the early 2000's but the Enterprise was my guess anyway, lol. There was a lot of cleaning needed on those ships from sand after coming back from the Gulf as you know. Now I'm saying too much, lol. I just brushed elbows here and there, I'll say that much.
  6. The stranger the better in my book.
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