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  1. Wow, eye candy for days. None are jumping out at me. Yet there are some I'd love to get a closer look at. That's a group I.would love to pick through.
  2. Yeah. I have another CAC that has a similar chunk out of the white. Yet the chunk is seen later down the marble as if remelted into the marble. I'll see if I can locate that one or at least the photo I took for comparison.
  3. Great marble. Unfortunately I think it's a hit. The last 2 photos look good. It's the first one that has the defect or damage?
  4. Hi, Any marble restorers still around?
  5. On New year's day I was thinking The same thing ! If only.....
  6. Thanks, wishing you and everyone the same.
  7. Thanks for the update and for the immeasurable contribution to our community for keeping it going.
  8. You're welcome and thank you for the kind words.
  9. I agree with Al on the Peltier marbles. Real neat ones too.
  10. Could be Steph. Here's a couple more photos.
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