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  1. This is an interesting thread. In the ad; the drawing looks like the marble is clear with 2 colors swirling etc. The darker of the two could be AV. My clear and opaque marbles with AV have rainbow colors in them, in the AV, as do most, if not a single color AV. I see that there were or are two versions of the 5&10 boxes noted above- -1928 and then later versions?I Hypothetically- which version would have slag marbles with AV and which would have slag with no AV? Hypothetically there could be handgathered marbles in the Peltier slag colors with AV? Unless AV use came later? Green, Purple, Blue,.... If so the hunt is on!
  2. Peltier Mibber

    3 miles!

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job. Keep up the good work!
  3. I took this at a stop light on the way home from dinner Saturday night. The little birdie was thinking what eagle? I don't see no eagle.
  4. Yes indeed and neat and a worthwhile visit. I saw one, that had an interesting name, I hadn't heard of and it was the Grey Dragon. Thank you,
  5. Cold water on face, quick! Before ?????
  6. I'm beginning to think these really exist, just as Peltier advertised. Sparkling Onyx , that is. I, at first thought it was a CAC or Early Pelt Purple slag. Then after looking it over, it's not CAC and it's not a Slag either,lol.
  7. In that shape there is real value there.
  8. Hi, Those look like modern marbles once sold at ToysRus if I'm not mistaken. Not a lot of value as manywere or are made, but they are neat to look at.
  9. Nice eye candy Jose.
  10. Oops... to be correct.
  11. Looks to correct to me.
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