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  1. I would have to see that one in hand to be sure!
  2. Wow, that is a cool Bruiser. Definitely a keeper.
  3. Alrighty then. I hope to post more too.
  4. Hehe... Ric you're right. I'll dig one up or 2 up to bump things along.
  5. Of all people, Ron is the last person who deserves such a comment. Ron has only afforded his knowledge and expertise and his contributions are priceless and immeasurable to say the least to an ever growing hobby such as ours. PRICELESS!!! I tell you, PRICELESS. P.S. I'm glad the matter has been addressed. Now back to our regular programming.....
  6. Cool. Neat combos. Pure Art my friend.
  7. Haha, my thinking was on auto. Oops. I'm glad you're ok with my faux pas.😄😄
  8. Thanks- and I agree on the MKs ; I think they're nice too. Honestly I didn't know the newer ones were that nice. I will be on things hunt for some now.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all as well.
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