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  1. I've been reading the various topics & answers available in Marble Connection & got to Peltier Marbles question about gray dragons, along with a pic, of the marble in question. One person in his answer suggested looking at the link "peltiermarbles.info/unique-examples", which I did, & it's a great site, many unusual Peltiers- there I saw pics. of marbles labeled "golden dragons". They were swirled, not ribboned like the ones I was questioning, but in the process I found my two darker "goldens" are actually "muddy rainbos", & I also have a couple of "windshields" that I tried to call MK sunbursts but didn't seem quite to fit there . A Chuck G said a marble like the one in question can have tan, gray, mustard (butterscotch) base (his wording)- so now I wonder what more info or pics can be brought up about this question. I just feel my lovely goldies should have a name more than "just pelts".
  2. I hope the marbles show up enough for id. I think the very bottom one is Jabo's green parrot, next to it I call a turkey, but it may just be a random bird(it really has an eye). the green swirl is how old? I already got an answer on the butterscotch one & from there I have ideas but nothing firm, I really hope this is good enough to see them, but if I need to take any over I will. Since this crazy virus, I can't run around for a better camera then my cell phone-bummer. thanks, Bonnie
  3. I've seen references to golden dragon marbles on E Bay but never in reference books or id sites. I have "butterscotch" marbles that could fit the term golden dragon, but I need knowledgeable information about what they are. I included 'real "dragons (I think) to show that the colors in the marbles are true to form. I haven't learned how to drag a photo from my album to adhere to my questions yet, so please look at my new pics in my gallery (or maybe the spirit who did his/her magic like last time will do it again, and add a note and maybe tell me how to do it). thanks, Bonnie
  4. bonniemarbles

    my marbles

    a picture record of the marbles I need to identify, &, or display
  5. Thankyou so much. I'm reading all the comments all of you have written in the forums, etc., & am learning so much, I have a sweet green slag with the same finish along with some others. Most of the marbles in my photos came together in the same jar, along with a mans name & the date 1976. I feel he was a collector & will keep his collection intact & learn as much as I can through them. Of course I'm adding my own, who can resist the hunt of a new marble! Bonnie
  6. O.K., so I guess I have to get a better camera than my cell phone. I thought maybe others had run into matt finishes & had a fast answer, like a dirt chemical or something. It's just I like my corkscrew a lot & it stands out so from the others that I feel sorry for it. (As you see, I personalize my "stuff") Thanks for the try, Bonnie
  7. If you look at the blue, yellow & green corkscrew marble in my "smiles" photos in the gallery, it doesn't up show well there, but it has a matt finish. There are no dings or chips that show wear. I got several others with matt finishes, in the same jar- were they made that way, why, &, if so who made them? Bonnie.
  8. If you look at my gallery pics you'll see 3 photos, ,1 shows front view of a smiling & frowning marble, the next shows the same marbles with their back side, and the last shows as if they were a Peltier "Baseball." I have two more like these & all are the same color. I look but all I've found are these. I just smile any time I look at them. Any one have them in another color?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I want so badly to post question; I've even started, then canceled out because of uncertainty. I want to put a photo up, then ask about it, but right now the photos I want to post are doing a float job out there somewhere, & I don't have enough knowledge of computers to find them. I did learn finally how to change out the duplicated photo in my album to the right one, but it took me & my husband many hours to do. The desire to become fluent in using the Marble Connection is becoming quite the lesson in computerism! Bonnie
  10. I'm "Bonniemarbles" & this is why I joined Marble Connection; to meet people who understand a passion for collecting & who is taken by the lore of marbles, which you truly have on both counts. Half the year I live in Theodore, Al., which is an outskirt of Mobile, the other half in Crossville, Tn. & collect "stuff" both places, while my husband golfs. (yes, we are retired now &love it" Good meeting you, Bonnie
  11. Hi Steph, thanks for the info-I shall work on learning about your suggestion, Bonnie
  12. Hi, "Bonnie marbles" here & I'm as new to the marble world as can be. At an auction in Aug last year I bid on a jar that had marbles in it. I wanted the jar & got marbles by default, looked at them & have been hooked ever since. I have posted some of my jar marbles in my album. Being new to the Connection, I have questions, like how do I get into conversations with others- I can't find a way. I just hope this gets to you and maybe you can tell me some tips- also, if you look at my pictures, you see I've got one in twice, but can't figure how to delete it or change it. This is long, but I really need help on marbles I can't identify, such as the bubble filled watermelon colored base marble with the yellow corkscrew in it, (my favorite one & what started my new passion). I hope I get a reply to this, Bonnie
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