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  1. I'm impressed😃 I'm sticking with you folks, you know your ........
  2. Looking at the seams on the bottom 3, what I've read made me also conclude they could be Vitro or Marble King. I've felt the seams & none of them have a crimp or ridge that I can feel as the book says is a distinguishing feature of Vitro marbles---but the amount of bands throw me off. Are they possibly newer MK marbles?? No matter what, they are really cool!
  3. Chad had included a Vacor l site to open showing many of Vacors named marbles, & there was the pic. of the above orange & black marbles, so doubly confirmed. I would not have thought of Vacor....as for the wood looking ones, I was fishing for ideas on them, they have very clear seams & wood was the closest description I could come up with. How about the middle one, any ideas anyone?
  4. great, they now can join my Alley clan, lol guys
  5. got to mull this one over, don't know if I have a people app. or where it might be- also don't know how to judge the bytes that things take yet, or how to un-resize too small a pic.- I have one that almost disappeared on me. I will see if I can navigate what you have suggested to try....thanks
  6. it's amazing how one post can to lead to another: I opened Chads post & right away got confirmation that my orange with black swirls were indeed Vacor's Bengal Tiger. I don't do much with Vacor, but I'm a sucker for the orange -to reds-to gold colors
  7. I saw the "coral candy" topic & realized I might have 2 corals that could possibly be Alley agates, I've had the one for a while, & just got the one that has some white in it as well as coral; just liked the colors. If they are Alleys, I'll be thrilled....Your comments?
  8. I love flames & will wear out this topic page looking at all the great flames gathered there by everyone. I have a modest collection, but am pleased with what I've been able to get& with what I've been shown, I see I have a lot to look forward to- great marbles, guys Here's what I have so far....
  9. I do indeed love my Champions & Alleys, thanks
  10. The top 2 are a milk chocolate on lavender, the color swirls on the lg. one on the bottom are a brownish- lavender, the middle is "as is", the end one's swirls are dk. chocolate & evergreen... the colors are really as shown, any help is welcomed...
  11. Chad, I lol the two with clear bases, very soothing to look at, like a sea scape. & Roberto, my favorite of yours is the green-on-green one, even with it's issues💛
  12. In the first row I think Bengal tiger, the middle Champion flame, but could be furnace (hope,hope) the last I'm not so sure of- Marble King woody??? It looks like wood to me, but is there too much wood?
  13. Sometimes a marble invokes a picture in its design beyond just a pleasing pattern. I've separated a few out to a special slot so I can easily find them among the rest. Here's a sample: a banana bunch: a blue crane with blue beak & an eye: a winter scape with falling snow (there are more "flakes", but the camera couldn' t puck up the sm. ones): a wrapped mummy: and a fancy letter "s". I'm sure you all have some too, so how about sharing.....
  14. Yes, "Dr. Marbles" has smitten me with the marbles I've gotten from his auctions & I can't wait to see what he puts out next (mind out of the gutter please), I've been outbid on some I wanted, but what I've gotten have been a good addition to what I have, just wish there wasn't tax in ebay now, along with freight, it makes the object I long for pretty pricy. I😄t makes me choosy, but keeps out "the riff-raff", no" just impulse" buying. Thanks for confirming what I suspected about the Dr. Marble name. (dang, I got the emoji in the wrong place-still rough around the edges with this computer
  15. Although I feel I have abused it, I am learning how to use this forum. It has allowed me to test out my pic size mistakes without letting everyone see my mistakes ( in one of my tries, my pic. was the size of the average woman's diamond ring). I tried to erase them before they recorded, but I see one got through & probably will confuse anyone checking it. I still don't know the exact # of KBs fills that circle logo, but at least now you can see the marble, & I've learned a lot- thanks for having it available....
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