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  1. I had a stroke New Years Eve, nearly died, don't remember much, but came out of it. weak but raring to go. People call me 'A Miracle Girl" but I just call me Bonnie, work hard, and am now on my walker and practicing on my cane. there are few signs, except for my voice- I can't talk much above a loud whisper, much to Bills delight .Fortunately, that won't bother you folks at all. I hope some of you missed me and I'll see you soon- LOL- Bonnie
  2. Is that a magazine one can get hold of? I just acquired 64 dug Heaton marbles, several are very much like a couple I've posted in the ID section & are so distinct, maybe these are in a list that isn't familiar to a lot of people Anyone???
  3. Are there pics. here of Heaton marbles that have names which haven't been in the video or pics of marbles from the recent dig. At the end of the video it was suggested that there were other named marbles, but did'nt go further to describe & name them. Chad, all your pics. were lovely, but just made me want Ids. on them, if they were know Heatons before digs, when they were dug, etc.- They just teased me!
  4. well, I don't think I'll add them to my collection, I don't want to dodge the question when one of my grandkid asks "What's this one called, Grandma?"
  5. We tried to keep our spirits up while not seeing anyone this Xmas, but I didn't know it would be this hard. We all either called or texted ea. other, opened our Fed X boxes while on the phone, gave congrats to the newly engaged grandson & girlfriend, . & thanked ea. other for the new fridge we got for ourselves....& it was 12:15 -no grandkids to play toys with, no dinner to gather around- this pandemic sucks !!! 👎.... Bill turned to basket ball & I got out marbles. I started putting together look-alike marbles & after a while I had eaten up 3 hours looking through marbles by every company & had forgotten to feel sorry for myself, another reason to be thankful for having discovered marbles. Here's what I came up with....I hope you all found ways to get through this season: be safe, & hope for a better year for all of us
  6. I got out my loupe ( a tenX) & there are little blue stars everywhere, it's beautiful, like a galaxy in some spots, especially fanning out from the seams- the ribbons have an orange peel look & in one spot there are larger AV spots that are almost a blue purple- I wish I could get pictures of it all, Chad, thanks for alerting me to the possibilities of what the marble could be, because, to my shock, you were so right!
  7. I took the one I called messed up into the sun & the "blobs" turned out to be cobalt blue with little fine twinkles all over. Quite the surprise, so glad I asked, I never would have thought !!! It has a new home now,
  8. I got 4 MK bumblebees in my 1st marble jar, put them in their little slot & forgot about them. As I was re-arranging marbles, I looked closer at my bees & found 3 had straight ribbon line ones & 1 had a blobby ones. The blobby-lined one 1 has the blackest lines, with blue tracer lines along the black lines. The next one has a grayish/lavender half ribbon with white tracer lines under a complete blk.line, the third one had reddish brown lines & two orange tracer lines in the yellow top patch, & the last one looked like a normal bee. Are they all bees & is this an example of what you all mean by marble can vary & still be called the same thing- are my 4 all still bees? Do I have a messed up bee, a hybrid bee, a brown bee & a true bee, ,,,or am I overthinking the whole thing.... I think I have just enough knowledge about marbles to be dangerous.
  9. Steph, I rely on you when I get thing muddled up- you un-muddle me. Every job, collector, business, den mother, etc. needs an un-muddler....I'm glad we have you...Thanks.....Merry Christmas
  10. Basically, I don't collect cat eyes-don't go out of my way to buy them, but some come along with others, & are really neat enough to keep : here are some I've kept. In the last frame is one of my favorites, it looks like an oddly colored violet....neat stuff. fellows
  11. Yesss!... I thought the 3 looked diff. from any MK tigers I had seen, but only had found a reference to Bengal tigers- so took a chance on these....Thanks for the IDs Ron, especially on the wasp- the other 3 came with the wasp, & I will put them under patch & ribbon, unless anyone has a further ID, (I did think of Indian Blanket for the patch on 3:00, but does the blk./ yellow/red color scheme match up for any other marble but Akro)? Also, how can I tell when the wasp might have been made, or does it matter on the wasp, so many questions.....Thanks for the help
  12. I got 9 MK marbles, unidentified, but the kind of colors I love. IN trying to id them, I found pics. of tigers & Bengal tigers, are mine Bengals? Also I think I have at least 1 wasp in the second set of pics, but don't know about the other 3...Any suggestions, &/or ids.?
  13. That sure does look like an oranges peel....thanks for the info
  14. Maybe these will give some more info to what I can call the shooter. I'm kind of sorry now that I tuned into the topic of deciding how many colors one can count on a marble, because now i'm second guessing every marble that has more than one stand alone color on white
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