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  1. I think I have Master Marble Sunbursts in the 1st group, but Akro Sparkler comes to mind also. The next 2 pic.s I had in labeled Marble King, but now I don't know: as I look at the seams I'm not so sure. The last batch I have no clue except maybe not USA? (I had labeled 1st batch cateyes when I got started with marbles- seems so long ago-10 mons.& pre-pandemic, the good ol'days)
  2. For those interested here's quick shots, one of the hit marks I found, & one of the Jabo "U's, S & snake- I also just had to put in one of my favorite Jabo color combinations with adenturine from Jinks Run, 2009, one of mu first ebay Purchases.
  3. Of m y 4 look-alikes, 3 have a white hit mark, 2 have U's, 1 has an S, & last has a snake, all 3/4 in. You called them perfectly- all 4 qualify for "Frank's Alley" Jabos & are good comparison marbles to have- thanks for the info-Bonnie
  4. Ron, this is about my favorite marble, so I'm really trying to tell Alleys from other marbles of similar look. I put these marbles under the screen with your great picture of the array of Alleys & these other 4 of mine had the same looks of many there- are there tell-tale signs that these are or aren't Alleys? There's a Jabo classic the looks much the same except the red swirls look larger & less delicate -I have 4 for comparison, but I don't know of others I need to be aware of. I'm sort of a stickler about categories, I want all my peas to be peas, so I want my favorite marbles to be in their right place (I like this color combination in Peltier too, but their are easy to id & put together ). Thank you for all your help, & to others that have responded, Bonnie
  5. Here's other views of the red & blue marble -I found two cut lines with my magnifying glass so am leaning to Peltier also- the cut lines were really hard to find in the swirls & I hadn't even thought of Peltier. I also found the blue base is translucent with a few very fine clear lines that go through the marble to the other side. (If It takes this same amount of time & thought process for all my unidentified marbles I'll still be going through them when the virus is done!.) O.K., so can I call this a Superboy marble? Thanks bunches, Bonnie
  6. The first batch have has heavy swirls on transparent bases, the next Is a mix I thought could have W.Va. swirls, the third batch is just confusing to me, all info is appreciated, Bonnie
  7. Steph I don't know why this isn't under the topic "marbles to id"- it must have something to do with that I was on battery- here are the best views I could get on the interiors of the marbles-I tried sun & led, but finally tried my daylight bulb & it did the best. You can see all the bubbles in the first 2, whereas the 2 outside marbles are a dense, real purple & the first 2 are toward the rose side of purple. I'm going to put more swirl pics in shortly, thanks for the help on these.
  8. I'm down to asking for help with my marbles that don't have obvious clues: ( like yellow & black becomes a bumblebee- easy one to sort). Swirls are a different matter, Steph & all, if I'm throwing too many at you, or they are starting to bore you, let me know, otherwise here goes.... In the purple set, the first 2 are transparent & have scattered white, wire-like strands throughout them, the next ones have so many thicker strands throughout that they barely show the transparent purple glass base. The other 4 have citrus base glass & I almost thought they were wanna-b's cateyes, but they're a little too swirly..... We're having a storm, so I'm finishing this on battery- will send more later, thanks, Bonnie
  9. I don't cater to shooters, but these tagged along with the others so as, what usually happens with strays, I kept them. The largest is an inch & they graduate down to the lowest one, a 5/8 incher, put in as a size reference. The largest is beat up, but will always stay because he has "heart". And I don't know how to classify the blues,so i'm interested in your ideas.
  10. thanks Ron-all-reds- doggone- I was thrown off by all the colors , this is why it's great to have more knowledgeable opinions
  11. These marbles are from the same auction house, but a later date, supposedly from the same antique shop being liquidated. The red & blue one, 3rd frame down has a crater that shows the under-lying orange, which really makes narrow bands through all the red, making the marbles quite bright, more then I could get to show up. & are the last 4, MK rainbows-they seem to have a lot more colors than most? I'm guessing the blues & green one could be Alleys,
  12. Just want to thank you for your other help. I don't always know how to look for peoples answers. - I'll be glad when all this will be second nature to me. Bonnie
  13. How do I alert Ron to see if he can look at the marbles for his opinion? Bonnie
  14. Nice try- look at the single blackish banana shape floating in the middle of a bubble filled, clear marble- Bonnie
  15. I've talked some about my first marbles gotten with a jar I wanted, & that I didn't know that, when the auctioneer said "sold" I was starting a love affair my husband would approve of. Marbles have enchanted me with their color & designs, taught me things I didn't know I wanted to know, & most of, helped me stay sane through these pandemic days. I give so much credit to my marbles, I thought I should give a little stardom to the jar- so here's a pic of the bottle & about half of what it held; one note, the only cats eye in it I' got in the picture- can you find it?
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