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  1. Hansel, this letter came with a 2 page jobber list. Complete with types, sizes and prices. I’ll try and post better pics when it arrives. Craig
  2. Craig, Did you buy this letter? My buddy got the jobber list, I’ll try and post a pic of it. Maybe we can trade copies with each other? Craig
  3. Wow, this is awesome. Great box Hansel.
  4. My guess is that these are the construction of a bloodie. Just blue instead of red. I’ve looked into this before. I dont Think they are anything special. So it would be opaque white with transparent blue swirls.
  5. I only have one two seamer. Nice rare score bro!
  6. Bill, can you bring those cac lace marbles for me to see please. Thanks! craig
  7. Excellent score, really happy for you, these are outstanding!
  8. So I picked this up 1 19/32”. Pretty clean with a faceted Pontil. Scattered mica. Waviness in the glass. Colors are a bit off but I’ve seen handmades with weird colors. What are your thoughts? New? Old? You won’t hurt my feelings
  9. I thought I’ve seen this bag before in a book with similar content. Although I counted and there isn’t 100 on my quick count...
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