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  1. Just heard about this, Chuck was a great friend and one of my earliest mentors. Always quick with help, knowledge and kindness. Both him and Diane I consider just like family. I haven’t seen them in a few years because of circumstances and I truly Miss them both.
  2. On a side note, I’m hoping they are vacor and we can prove it . The black, yellow and orange ones do fool a lot of people and there is a definite type that has higher quality glass that rivals cac when put next to each other. Like someone said before, the early michaelangelos are sweet. IMHO, if it could be proven, there might be an early run of each type that is just stellar and highly collectible. This is way better than the vague “German circus” that is probably hearsay
  3. Here are mine. The outside two have av in the transparent green. The left one is smaller and has mottling on the surface. The left also has a perfect turkey like cac would and honestly a lot of people thought these were cac. The middle is a vacor like you guys have for comparison. The left is like bumblebees. Is it possible that whoever you bought this from assumed it was vacor and just threw it in with the others of similar color. My opinion is that besides the colors, there isn’t really any similarities in construction. The av and the straight cut mark in the left plus the vibrant colors lead me to believe they are not the same. Unless vacor used very high quality glass in the beginning. I have hardly anything into mine so money is not swaying my opinion. But I’ve seen these sold about 20 years ago as German circus. ....
  4. Ok that’s interesting. They came from stock boxes? I have some from vacor that don’t and then there are these with the green av all over the trans green.
  5. The ones you are comparing to have aventurine in the transparent green. Do yours?
  6. Awesome Info and ephemera! Thanks again for sharing. Post more cool stuff if you get a chance
  7. Hansel, this letter came with a 2 page jobber list. Complete with types, sizes and prices. I’ll try and post better pics when it arrives. Craig
  8. Craig, Did you buy this letter? My buddy got the jobber list, I’ll try and post a pic of it. Maybe we can trade copies with each other? Craig
  9. My guess is that these are the construction of a bloodie. Just blue instead of red. I’ve looked into this before. I dont Think they are anything special. So it would be opaque white with transparent blue swirls.
  10. I only have one two seamer. Nice rare score bro!
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