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  1. mibstified


    DQ vanila and blueberry ice cream blizzard ball with raspberry syrup.........yummy!
  2. mibstified


    How about a cloudy lavender cyclone swirling in a pastel blue sky........
  3. mibstified

    CAC Blue Bell Marble

    Thanks Steph, good info. Alan's description references that the light blue glass is transparent, which Greensburg's Guide did not mention. So I guess they could look like Alley Blue Skies but with transparent light blue instead of opaque?
  4. I was reading back over my Greenburg's Guide today. On pg 106 (1994 2nd edition), Dennis references that CAC made "Blue Bell" marbles of light blue and white opaque glass. Does anyone have a picture of a Blue Bell that they could post?
  5. mibstified

    Holiday Marbles

    Awesome marble, John! Merry Christmas Mibsters!
  6. mibstified

    Holiday Marbles

    A Christmas wreath in the round and confetti snow globe:-)
  7. mibstified

    Holiday Marbles

    One more Holiday mib.....
  8. mibstified

    Post an Oddball

    Some single seam Akros........
  9. mibstified

    Interesting Earthenware Bowl

    Found some neat stuff...No Not sure if I can post this link but here goes........ http://www.bowlingmuseum.com/Visit/Online-Exhibits/History-of-Bowling-in-the-US Hope I am not violating a site posting rule.........
  10. mibstified

    Interesting Earthenware Bowl

    Hey Chuck G, thanks for posting your interesting info. The presence of fibrous material had me thinking it was an early earthenware firing. I'm now wondering how early a "ball or bowl" would have been made for some kind of bowling game, and in/where what culture. Hey Google!:-)