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  1. Funny (showing my age), but my first immediate thought when I saw this "cannon ball" mib was "Hello Mr. Billllll.......Oh Noooooo":-)
  2. Hansel, I have seen your previous posts years ago sampling your amazing collection of these agateware balls. I have since been looking for any example of them in the wild and on the bay and only found one that "might" be considered a distant cousin to these really coll orbs. Thank you for sharing this really cool group pic again!
  3. Persian Turquoise shooters......
  4. Imperial Jade shooters.......
  5. Army green Jade shooters.......
  6. 21.6 mm army green MFC Jade shooter.
  7. Not sure of the manufacture of this 30.5 mm striped cleary.
  8. American Cornelians (not shooters)
  9. Bumping an old MFC thread. Was fortunate to have acquired some nice MFC brick and opaque shooters a while back and thought I'd share some pics. 30.2 mm Persian Turquoise
  10. I completely missed that! Thanks for pointing that out. Got that "S" curvey thing working.
  11. Just purchased this mib in the wild......35.4 mm white onion with red, blue and lutz accents. My new Interdependence Day mib:-)
  12. Awesome marbles. The last mib reminds me of Jupiter.
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