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  1. orbboy

    Have You Ever Seen??

    Thank you. That's what I was trying to get across to those who looked at it. I was outvoted 5 to 1 though. They only see pink? I will say that in a brighter light it really can be said it does look pink. The contrast off the darker lavender ribbon can also throw you off as well. Still one nice old marble.
  2. orbboy


    Pretty hard to find. I have a couple more someplace? Come in varying degrees of fuzziness. Should have a mild milk glass fire to them.
  3. orbboy


    Might want to put the fuzzy white one in with your German Sparklers.
  4. orbboy

    Nice vintage foreign mibs

    Here is an early type transitional with purple and green. Not really a standard run marble but I had the pic on file.
  5. orbboy

    Nice vintage foreign mibs

    For sure there are way more purple and green colored marbles over here. I'll see what I can dig up. Here is the biggest Sparkler I have. The rest in the group are 1 1/8" or a bit under. Not sure how small they go 5/8"ish I guess. I'll look.
  6. orbboy

    Nice vintage foreign mibs

    Moldy Marbles. On the harder to find scale. I'll Check my Sparklers. Just over 1 1/8" I think is the biggest if I remember right.
  7. orbboy

    Spot The Old Guy

    Godown got it.
  8. One old one mixed with Crease Pontil Transitional. Can you spot it.
  9. orbboy

    Interesting lot of Handmades

    I like the ones with the "S" shape more than the 9's
  10. orbboy

    Interesting lot of Handmades

    Sorry not for sale at the moment. Though the Blue Lat and the Banded Mica were pried from my fingers by a marble buddy who came over with cash. I did have time to photograph it before it left.
  11. orbboy

    Interesting lot of Handmades

    Last one I had time for today.
  12. orbboy

    Interesting lot of Handmades

    Another. The Condition on all of them is top notch.
  13. orbboy

    Interesting lot of Handmades

    No board with the group. I have period appropriate boards they can go on for now. I will get pics when I get some time.