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  1. No snakes in this thread grrrrrrrrr! I do see some pretty hard to find Akro Spirals though. Red is near the top of the hard to find list of standard colors so I would put transparent ones above that. It's neat the way they look like nothing special until you look at them at the right angle.
  2. orbboy

    Id help

    How about a Japanese Crease Pontil Transitional with "Oxblood".
  3. Ahhh the pre -internet days! Thanks Steph you have made me feel old lol. All praise the internet! Oh and the Akro Salesmen Box. My personal Rosetta Stone for Akro marbles because the names are written right there in the box.
  4. Yep all the same marble in the first group of pics. The lot was a mix of single seam and double seam marbles. They were nowhere near the 3cm stated by the seller and are actually all around just over 7/8" to a hair under 15/16". All look to have a clear transparent base glass hence the depth they show. Very hard to capture in a pic with this near obsolete camera. Better pics of the group
  5. Thanks guys. Is just over 3/4" a good size for Christensen?
  6. German Striped Translucent? You can see into the middle.
  7. Nice Euro Flame there. Some days they just seemed to nail these type.
  8. White ones and two ?? shooters
  9. Sorted out the swirls. Are these all Christensen?
  10. Seller said these were 3cm. Expecting just over an inch though. Nice group of German Striped Opaques, and one that forms a 9 I have read/heard sometimes happens.
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