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  1. “Spaghetti bear” For me
  2. My condolences to the family, and marble community. brad
  3. I reread this post, and realized it was not well-written. I have never met Dean, but I have both his books. My 🤣🤣🤣 is due to the small-world syndrome between glass collectors/makers.
  4. I got a response from Blenko, from some old guy named Dean Six...🤣🤣🤣 he is now at Blenko!! he stated they have sold cullet to both Marble King and Jabo, but is not sure about sales to the older marble makers.
  5. Maybe 15 years ago I lost an eBay auction on a painted grand daddy pot at $600. I was crushed, but my wife at the time was so mad I had bid that much that she changed my eBay password.
  6. Love the hand- painted examples. I have a couple...
  7. I also collect BLENKO glass from Milton, WV. does anyone have any documentation connecting BLENKO to marble makers?
  8. Ron, you really know how to stir up my urge to keep looking...
  9. Already making up bags for the next show... the source is buying a jar/can of marbles for one or two collectibles.
  10. Being a “wino”, these are awesome! Do you know the maker? i also collect antique canes. My wife had a custom cane made with marbles imbedded in the staff. The maker used vintage mibs, including AKRO and German swirls. Will post a pic soon.
  11. Our show was a success! Gave away 15 bags of marbles and cigar boxes. We had one lady elated that we were there. Gave her 2 kids bags last year, and she had promised to buy them more this year. I gave her 2 bags, and she paid for 2 cigar boxes. Her kids left the first 2 bags of mibs every where, and the cigar boxes answered her prayers for solving that issue. The looks on the kids faces when getting a bag was priceless...
  12. I’ve got 4 tubs of akroware that need a new home...
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