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  1. Maybe Vacor? Looks new to me...🤔
  2. The day will come when we need to downside likewise. Not looking forward to it myself....”it’s not hoarding if your stuff is really cool”.🤣🤣🤣
  3. We built the house with displays in mind. My wife has 4 large displays of her perfume bottles as well. i had a bunch of AKRO glass that was sitting in storage, recently sold, except for the ashtrays. Blenko glass has a lot more impact when displayed, IMHO. i still pick up the occasional piece when the $ is right.
  4. They are all military, mostly theater-style handmade. I have other collections that require space.
  5. Interested, also located in the Seattle area. Happy to take a look-see at what you have. Brad
  6. I bought one in 2008 near Sistersville, made by a guy with initials “TT“. Tommy Thornton?? It was on the bottom of the figure, a gnome, in amber glass with white wisps. Fooled a number of people. waiting to look at a group locally, cautious as I know little about them.
  7. Here’s mine. The blue “8” is machinemade, the other 3 are hand faceted. I wonder, is it harder to make a large, or small, marble?
  8. Remove the single blue bands, increase it to 1” and whaddya get?
  9. I have two of these in my display case, beautiful mibs.
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