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  1. Haven’t found my marbles books yet. My mib displays are also packed up in the garage. Got another year before we get into the new house. Going to be an awesome XMAS opening boxes👍 Doing a local antique show in 2 weeks to get rid of a bunch of commons, Chinese checker boards, etc. trying to refine my collections to higher grade items. More quality, less volume.
  2. The seller gave me some more info on the buyer... not happy about this. i am working to help her get back on track.
  3. I had a friend bring me a knife one time that belonged to his grandfather, he thought it worth maybe $100. I brokered the sale of it for $11,000.00. It was a 1928 Scagel in the original sheath, mint. That same “friend” then tried to coherce me to back off an opinion regarding a serious building construction issue just 6 months after the sale. We are no longer friends.. At the end of the day, you have to be able to sleep at night.
  4. Too late already asked. What I do about I it if she responds is another issue. the first time I took my collection to a show I was bombarded by shysters looking to rip me off. Having been a collector of various items for a long time I knew what to expect. there are always people looking to rip you off. Just sad, life is too short, and you have to deal with it at the pearly gates. my father-in-law was a man with heart, paid a guy $300 for a tool box of tools worth maybe $100 because he was hard up. 6 months later he showed up and bought them back for $300. Brought tears to my eyes, I have never forgotten that lesson.
  5. Thinking about asking her who she sold them to, and the phone number...
  6. Yes.... thinking about passing a few Popeyes to restart her collection.
  7. Read this in the Seattle Craigslist. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/atq/d/rare-vintage-akro-marbles/6715350669.html this kind of action hurts us all.
  8. Very nice! does anyone have the travel clock version? I had one some years back and sold it, been regretting it ever since. Never seen another.
  9. Got a similar party going on right now! Me, my wine and cigar, my 5 dogs, and some Moody Blues. fresh Dungeness crab in the fridge, gonna be a good night👍
  10. I drink box wine, smoke cheap cigars, and read marble forums.
  11. schmoozer


    Here they are. i have seen a “sheen” like the right example on a Vitro.
  12. schmoozer


    yeah, i thought that same thing after they were posted...:( coming
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