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  1. This is 13/16”. Looks like a single-seam, dragonfly or? IMG_5436.MOV
  2. eBay seller I bought my displays from. He can do custom orders as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OAK-small-MARBLE-1-2-9-16-DISPLAY-CASE-HOLDS-189/120410910529?hash=item1c090caf41:g:ip0AAMXQmWdRGd0p
  3. A typical evening at the new house... I need to make sure there are no eagles or waterfowl around first, that would be a big issue with some neighbors.
  4. Just unpacked a moving box from 2 years back, found my old wristrocket slingshot. Suddenly all common mibs look like “ammo”...🤔
  5. Thanks for the background, the mystery continues....
  6. I read somewhere that the flattened examples with edge ridges were made by Vitro?
  7. Some of the knobs are original with steel inserts, others are reproduced with aluminum inserts. houze also made similar styles for their smoking stands. I have an old walking cane that has a houze knob👍
  8. schmoozer

    Old swirl

    Thinking Jabo based on size
  9. I just moved the box with all the displays today into the new house, haven’t laid eyes on them in 2 years. Will post pics when they get mounted.
  10. Great use of type trays! I have 2 I use for Knick knacks. My wife bought me some wall units to display my better mibs. Ordered off ebay, with sliding plexiglas fronts. Like those used for golf balls but smaller holes for 5/5-1” marbles. Also have 1 for larger mibs, up to 2”. They are very affordable. Will find the link and post it. here is my type tray cabinet for all the others.
  11. Ron, great description of the hobby, thank you, will be using it in the future. The other statement I like is “Once you buy it, you can call it whatever you like.”
  12. A few years back I sold a number of 8-vane examples on eBay for ~$3 each. The price dropped dramatically as I had 90 examples...
  13. Great examples, thanks for showing. I have seen shooters with 4 colors sell for $50+ on eBay.
  14. Steph, your “database” is a thing to admire👍
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