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  1. Got one here, thanks. Although it is propane. We have been without power since 6AM, glad we have a generator and a 1,000gal storage tank. the pups are resting in Mom’s lap, all 5 of them.
  2. The ROARING 20’s are back upon us!! Imagine collecting mibs 100 years ago🤔 I keep asking Santa Claus for a time machine...
  3. My resolution is to clean out my collection, and FOCUS on my favorites. I have had the hoarder mentality for far too long, buying all vintage mibs regardless. I have recently been giving away small bags to kids at local antique shows to help keep the hobby alive. (Along with a cigar box to keep them in. Another bad habit...) i also throw mibs around at local playgrounds, in the tradition of Galen.
  4. Thank you very much!!! i have this website saved for frequent reference.
  5. Merry Xmas Steph, I hope you had a great day👍👍 thank you for keeping the hobby alive.
  6. Haha “cave-man” noises... Tim the tool-man comes to mind. that top mib is a killer!!!!
  7. I have seen those in a lot of those in the western Washington area. we had a collapse of antique stores during 08-16, but things seem to be picking up.
  8. Great piece at a super price! Most I see in my area are $400++
  9. Steph, you start a business based on this concept... I know my wife would buy it!
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