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  1. Nice🙏🏻 Good to hear from you, it has been a few years.
  2. Boy, 2 “faux pauxs” in a single post. It has been too long away from the hobby. are spirals and ribbons similar? i may need to post some snakes to make amends. i do have a hybrid spiral/ace, with both milky and clear glass separated by an orange spiral. There is also red/blue “snaking” above the orange on the surface. what categories did I miss???🤔
  3. In the first pic they look like red clearies, except the center mib. as for rarity, I have no clue.
  4. Here are two pics. The center is a two-color red/blue.
  5. Yes, transparent...🤭 I did some digging around and found 4 examples, all red. Don’t remember seeing this type with any other transparent color.
  6. How rare are clear- colored snakes with a clear base? I have a red example that I almost tossed, thinking it was a catseye. It is very hard to photograph...
  7. Thanks Ron. the mib on the right is a weird one, will show it to Dani when I can. The construction looks like Vitro, but the colors don’t look Akro to me. It was in a $4 bag, along with an Akro champagne base baby-blue snake. Not a color combo I have seen before. I always love finding new combos.
  8. I will probably take the other mib to the next local IAMC show for ID.
  9. The alley was in a jar at a local antique show for $10. Bought the jar, removed the marble, and gave her the jar and other marbles back😁
  10. Correct, the left was id’d As Alley, my mistake. bad pics but I see a definite “V” in the right mib.
  11. schmoozer


    Thinking these are both Vitro? The right example is not a type I have seen before.
  12. Haven’t found my marbles books yet. My mib displays are also packed up in the garage. Got another year before we get into the new house. Going to be an awesome XMAS opening boxes👍 Doing a local antique show in 2 weeks to get rid of a bunch of commons, Chinese checker boards, etc. trying to refine my collections to higher grade items. More quality, less volume.
  13. The seller gave me some more info on the buyer... not happy about this. i am working to help her get back on track.
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