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  1. Great site! I need to go thru my pelts now...
  2. Onionskin... this is an old cigar display that was in the lot. All the marbles came from 2 buys.
  3. Nope, a craigslist ad locally. The AKRO purple/yellow, purple/red, and blue/red popeyes/corks were part of it. I do love the mint swirl, ground pontil, full of air bubbles.
  4. I had 2 marbles by Bob Hamon that I sold at the Sistersville show in 2008, I have 3 now to compensate...
  5. That would be a long list...had to sell a bunch thru Zaboo maybe 6 years ago to cover a LARGE vet bill. Our silky terrier Sushi lasted for another 2 happy years.
  6. Haha...love the older US mint designs. The 1837 half-cent was not a mint issue but on of my favorites, along with the buffalo nickel.
  7. Possible VACOR? Any “orange-peel” texture present?
  8. They are LRBNCs, “ little round balls, no clue”😂 humor from my late father-in-law...
  9. 1,2 and 6,7 look Mexican, Vacor types. the other need more pics
  10. And the answer is a big “NOPE” they all knew what it was🥴. i did get some great help from Dani on IDing some mysteries: my CAC striped transparent was German. my little JABO colored corkscrewish mib was indeed an AKRO, WITH WIERD COLORING. my 5/8s oxblood patch I posted a while back might be one of an early JABO run that was not officially released. They were mixed with other mibs in jars and sold at auctions.... We saw some great people and lots of awesome mibs. this old Fredericks and Nelson display I recently bought was thought to have most likely been used to display cigars. Still researching it but great for marbles.
  11. Bingo😁 taking it the show, will see if I can fool anyone there....
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