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  1. So true, from BB guns to hot wheels to GI Joes. Comic books as well.
  2. I wish I had all the marbles I used for slingshot ammo🤔🤔🤔
  3. Finally filled it, plus a few. Sure to change regularly. I just got new batteries for my UV light, was surprised at what showed up👍
  4. Haha.... I doubt I’ll ever find another one🤔
  5. Thanks for the info, may need to stop back in and make an offer.
  6. It uses the “normal” size game marbles. It was $38, didn’t pull the trigger, but local if a good deal.
  7. Chad, I have not posted a pic as I am short 5 mibs to fill it up. I have been using 2nd-string mibs to fill it, still need to dig into some storage bins...🥴
  8. Found in Ernie and Dani’s backyard of Tacoma👍👍👍
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