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  1. Just found this while walking the dog on Hood Canal, 2-1/2” diameter. No marks🤔 it had epoxy on the back, so somebody had it displayed. Maybe yard art?
  2. Look up joe schlemmer, aka madman marbles. He was doing cullet remelts back in 2008.
  3. I was hoping for an alien ID...🤣🤣🤣
  4. I have a lot of “things” in my safe(s), but no marbles...
  5. You could just mail it to me...🤔
  6. Alien embryo???
  7. Someone has the mib-fever!!! keep it going, great to see posts from other countries.👍👍
  8. Haha, my brain read “free college app”🥴
  9. Been looking at these games for 25 years, only plastic cups so far😤😤
  10. We work within the bounds of the system, makes sense. maybe a precheck to accessing the specific forum is a pledge to abide by the rules? 3rd party payment platform required for protection, unless buyer/seller have a long term relationship. (Trading is OK.) failure to deliver items results in a permanent ban from the site. (How does that occur?) have a post on people who failed to act ethically so others know who to look out for. every online sale I have ever made was shipped USPS priority with insurance. This protects both parties. I am sure others can come
  11. Chad, my thought was 100 posts AND 6 months as a member. (Some newbies racked up 100 posts in a week)
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