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  1. No pics from me today, sitting on my hotel deck in Yorktown, VA. Tomorrow is our daughters wedding, so no chance to go hunting, until Sunday after all the festivities are over. Plan on hitting the Norfolk antique stores with our grandson on Sunday, trying to teach him marbles are much more fun than video games.
  2. The blue/black cork in the center is a favorite!!
  3. I got it from an ex-MIL, the same one who gave me my first marbles, a group of Vacor Meteors. That started my collecting. it is a pain to keep the mirror clean, lots of q-tips.
  4. Condensed video. Let me know if this works IMG_7413.MOV
  5. It pulls up on my phone… excuse the background sounds, our African grey is very noisy.
  6. Trying, not easy to capture details
  7. Here is a listing for a CAC with oxblood https://oldraremarbles.com/product/ultra-rare-cac-striped-opaque-with-oxblood/
  8. I went to marblealan’s ID page, no mention of CAC producing oxblood, but no reference guide is 100% correct. I pulled this pic of an MFC green brick, not really that green, plus the hand gathered tail.
  9. no, I won't be taking better pics...:( My little Canon Powershot is worthless for macro, not even a setting for it. I have always used it in my work, and never had too much in the way of problems. My X10 iphone does much better. So, not green, more of a muddy brown. no light passes thru it when backlit.
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