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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the case. I think Bonnie was hopeful they had a name anyway, as well as being interested in some broader discussion of the topic.
  2. I feel strange ... almost as if I have superpowers. The video demonstrations of features will be a big help to many.
  3. Ron, if I am thinking of the right ones, they're Rainbos.
  4. A fun topic to visit again every decade or so. Natural stone formations. Mysterious Moqui Marbles in Zion National Park The old pix I came across which inspired this topic.
  5. Pretty. The dark blue and yellow combo is striking.
  6. Hi there! The first six look vintage, meaning before 1970. The rest look like they could be from the 1980's or later. They are all machine-made which means they do not have pontils. They may have "seams" or "cutlines" from the beginning or end of the glass stream in the automated process. Or they may have "cold rolls" were creases formed because the molten glass was just a little too cool to be completely rounded on the mechanized rollers. More views might suggest a 1930's or so Japanese origin on the blue ones. Not sure what kind of yellow and green swirls you might end up with in New Zealand. The speckled ones and the one-incher at the end would be Asian or Mexican.
  7. Hubby did NOT go shopping this weekend. But he does have tomorrow off so will probably go then. It's been a LONG LONG time since hubby and his guy friends have not gone out to spend money together on the weekend.
  8. This one has a sizable chip in it -- which you get a glimpse of at the bottom of this view. But if it were in better shape I probably wouldn't have been able to get it. And from most angles there's no heartbreak at all.
  9. Steph


    Hi Barb. Welcome. Identifying is easier than assigning value. One way is watch ebay sales. An important thing to keep in mind is that condition is paramount. One ding can cut a marble's value in half. If you want to post a group pic we can get a feel for what you have. For ID's, generally post a few marbles per thread. That's the most manageable way.
  10. I don't think so. But I don't know what the middle one is. I think maybe a plain corkscrew. The box is so fragile I don't even want to pull the tab out once to check to see what it is for sure. Three that I can see are pretty beat up -- one of those is a simple German handmade. Box was sent by a friend who knew I would appreciate it no matter the condition. The marbles were just filler.
  11. A facebook game I play has contests on its fanpage. The prizes are things you can use in the game. This time they asked us to submit our symbols of spring. I gave marbles a plug. (The card was required to show you actually took the picture.) The assignment was to draw or make something, so I drew a marble ring for the follow-up photo ... didn't have chalk ... used my chubby colored pencil.
  12. Jason? This one is for you. @bumblebee
  13. LOL, no it doesn't! That's perfect for a quarantine name.
  14. Here's the thread, folks: https://marbleconnection.com/topic/25570-what-are-these-2-called
  15. Someone at another forum I go to is playing a game where they say your quarantine name is the last thing you ate followed by the name of your high school mascot. And it was only then, after all these many years, that I remembered our high school team name and connected it with marbles. We were the Jackson Aggies. lol
  16. Wow. They look really nice and unusual. I want the first to be Christensen, but going back to maybe Leighton on the second. @I'llhavethat1 ... any thoughts? Am I just making stuff up?
  17. Steph

    I wonder

    Ooooh ... I'll go with scrumptious Akro corkscrew. A very frilly auger.
  18. Mike, I didn't mean to slight you when I tagged Alan. I know you have some great marbles. I just wasn't remembering the extent of your specialties.
  19. I tried to follow along with clockwise, but got confused and now I realize I went counterclockwise. Doh.
  20. Steph


    I see why you might think of Vitro. I'm between Master and foreign -- but not limiting to "Imperial" -- wondering about European or Mexican also.
  21. Yeah, I don't know. I wonder if one of our contemporary collectors might recognize it as an early contemp ... or might recognize it as a much earlier handmade. @Alan, does it ring bells with you?
  22. I'm going to go left to right, top to bottom: Maybe a Champion. Then Akro Onyx ... with the neat and numerous twists it might be the kind which was sold in a "Perfection" box. Maybe another Champion? Then on the bottom right is a Peltier. I think it's an NLR and I'll go out on a limb and say it is a Superman.
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