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  1. ( thought I could quickly put my hands on some of my modern MK's but my reorganizing attempt strikes again. They're not where they were last month. Gotta remember what "smart" place I decided to put them in )
  2. That vane is so thin, and I think I recognize the color as an MK shade. So that's my best guess -- modern MK.
  3. Let's see the other end. Some of the modern MK's are really hard to tell apart from Vitros. (And some resemble Heatons, but that's another story. )
  4. While I gear up to restore Akro pictures to my timeline thread .... here's this news article from 1951. I don't know if the plans were followed through on .....
  5. The lustrousness of the blue in the second one is making me think Alley.
  6. Can we have a larger version of the last image? It's American-made. My first thought is Marble King, but can't rule out Vitro at this time.
  7. Without seeing pictures, going to say olive tinted is not special. That sounds like what we call coke bottle glass, and it's not considered good. With it not being blue tinted, that makes me feel better about Master or foreign, like perhaps a German cat's eye or what some might call a German sparkler.
  8. Maybe Master? Not sure. would like to get a good feel for how many different ribbons of each color there are. And is that base tinted blue? That's different. But for now I am thinking Master or foreign. The middle part looks Master.
  9. I couldn't remember my delicious hamburger recipe. But then I remembered that I had posted about it in this thread, and posted about the various changes I made over time. It was the above ingredients, plus raisins and cilantro. All ingredients are waiting for me in the kitchen. Gonna be good eating tonight.
  10. I guess that's good. Uranium base could have complicated my already wobby guess!
  11. I'm not solid on my answer so I wouldn't feel comfortable trying to pin down decade. But I would guess vintage. P.s. maybe it really is Peltier. So much for Vitro being my final answer, huh? The large white patch is why I'm thinking Vitro. But sometimes Pelt "ribbons" look like patches. Does the baseglass light up under blacklight? It does look older to me.
  12. First thought was Peltier from the colors. But I'm going with Vitro. Final answer.
  13. Tried to get a feel for price on ebay. For current listings seemed ballpark. For sold listings it seemed like it might be on the high side. Are they open for negotiation?
  14. Oy. Really messed up Akro? (This answer based on 3rd view structure and on texture of the white.)
  15. Interesting about the fire. Still, I would definitely have the 2nd and 3rd with Akros. (2nd and 3rd marble as far as the individual photos go.) The one with lavender, my first thought was Asian, but it does seem to go nicely with the others so I would keep it with Akro for now.
  16. This is how Pete over at Land of Marbles describes them: http://www.landofmarbles.com/fibmibs.html
  17. Those are fiber optic marbles. I have a set just like it. P.s. hello and welcome
  18. Popeye on the blue and yellow akro. On the purple and yellow because of the colors I immediately wanted it to be a Popeye, but then I see it doesn't cork. Maybe it's a true Popeye patch -- one which was actually meant to be a Popeye cork but the spinner cup didn't spin.
  19. Steph

    And these

    That Akro could be a Popeye. The white is rather bright in the photo so I''m not sure if I'm seeing the clear and filaments that people want to see for a Popeye.
  20. Steph

    And these

    2nd from right is an Akro. All go Alley or Ravenswood on the rest.
  21. Steph

    And these

    I'll guess Alley on all.
  22. Maybe Ravenswood on the bottom left. The tan base often says Ravenswood, but I think still sometimes you get an Alley ID out of them, so ? The other two on the bottom are Akros. The crisp red on the top middle makes me wonder about Christensen. I think Alley on the top left. Alley or Ravenswood on the top right.
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