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  1. Wow. I had not heard. Sorry for your loss.
  2. Welcome! We like Peltier and Alley and assorted goodies!
  3. Steph


    ^^ what he said
  4. I'm 100% on the side of Peltier. The same chemical reaction which MFC and Akro used on purpose to create oxblood could create oxblood by accident in other makers when the right chemical colorants were present.
  5. (I had labeled 1st batch cateyes when I got started with marbles- seems so long ago-10 mons.& pre-pandemic, the good ol'days)
  6. Yes, leaning modern Asian on the gold. On the purple and blue, I'm not sure. Not sure about modern or vintage, not sure about American or foreign.
  7. Top right is vintage MK Bumblebee. Bottom is modern MK Rainbow. Middle right might be MK. Leaning Vitro on Middle Left. Top left ??? Maybe Vacor? ???
  8. Leaning Master at 9 o'clock, 11 and 1. Leaning Vitro at 6 and wondering about Peltier at 3.
  9. Steph

    More fun

    Wow! Plenty to stay busy with.
  10. I think Christensen Agate on the green and yellow swirl in the first photos. And is that a big Peltier Sunset in the first photo? If so, then wow.
  11. Matte finish is not uncommon on modern marbles. On vintage marbles it usually means time spent in water.
  12. I think Peltier Rainbo on the green and yellow. I like the Marble King Cub Scout.
  13. Wow! Heavy. I was talking with a friend about $2 bills on Monday. Lots of pretty marbles. I'm intrigued by the earth tone one to the left of the popeye near the top but that's not the only one that stands out.
  14. Peltier Rainbo which went a little wacky.
  15. Al has a point. I was thinking Alley Ghost, but I do see room for it to turn out to be Pelt instead.
  16. First picture: I think the green and white is a slag. And I think the other three are Alleys.
  17. Pretty sure it's a modern marble. I think a machine-made marble from Mexico. The company I have in mind was once called Vacor de Mexico, so we usually call the marbles Vacors.
  18. With that shade I think a very good chance of being modern. But the white isn't the texture or shape that I'd look for for Vacor, so maybe Champion? I don't know. I'll move it to the ID forum.
  19. Keep entertaining us! Jabo on the yellow set. In the purple group, I think Christensen Agate slag on the bottom middle. Maybe also vintage slags on left and right -- but not sure if I'm seeing any helpful details to make a guess on maker. The top two seem to have a different shade? I'm not getting any feel for age there -- considering modern.
  20. Grrrr. Haven't found it yet. Should be in plain sight. Of course I'd be tripping over it if I didn't want to find it so much.
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