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  1. Both are real and common figures. As mentioned,the 2 is polished with no original surface remaining.
  2. Thursday will be my day to show up. Looking for rare pee wees,lutzes and clams !!!!!!! Minnesota Marble
  3. Ron, That lobed onion made me go temporarily blind!!!!!! What the heck......there's beauty in all the glass marbles!!!!!! Minnesota Marble
  4. The huge zillion-lobed onionskin of Jeroen'sis in a class by itself.
  5. That Skyler.....nhe's such a kidder. I knew he was razzing me I just didn't bite otherwise he would have won!!! Let's see some more mibs!!!!
  6. Both colored base sulphides have hand made "cages" around them perhaps to allow them to be hung up as decoration. Bernie
  7. This is what has been known as the -"Mushroom Mica Cloud". Bernie
  8. Greetings and salutations!!! Lots o good stuff here at the connection!!!
  9. Continued to read the post and now I know the rest of the story!!!
  10. I have a special place for this one too.
  11. I have a pretty little place for it!!! Bernie
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