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  1. sclsu


    Probably a tri-lite
  2. I'm gonna say modern for the one on the left. That dark color just screams cheap glass. The yellow over white is interesting, but probably an error in production
  3. I would go akro. The orange looks like it does a wonky corkscrew around the marble
  4. Akro slag was my first thought
  5. All red. Some modern ones have that washed out look like this one
  6. Steph is right on with her id.
  7. Damage like this can obscure some traits that might lead to a better id, but it could be a slag
  8. This looks like a vitro agate all red. This one would also be called a black line all red
  9. sclsu

    Id help

    Could be Ravenswood
  10. All look common, as Steph said. $22.50 isn't terrible, since you get a $5 mason jar with it. I think the most exciting thong you will find in there is some cool hybrid cats eyes
  11. There was only one maker of corkscrews. Akro
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