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  1. Nice photo Chad G . Here’s pretty much the same type with a few nicks and bruises
  2. Thanks guys , Da Roberto . Once you’ve heard the lingo a few times , you’ll pick it up easier I’m sure.
  3. Please check out the Ravenswood marbles packaging video with Ron Shepherd when you have time. Here is the link : thank you !
  4. Thank you Chad ! I’m glad you recognized a few. Ron had some good stories in there for sure !
  5. The second of a two-part Ravenswood identifications series with Ron Shepherd is up and running on YouTube. Please enjoy ! Thank you
  6. Thank you Chad ! I was thrilled to be able to film it.
  7. Come check out the last of the Heaton Agate Marble digs. Cinematic and mildly educational ! Enjoy ! 🔴
  8. “Volcano” is a vey fitting nickname for those ! In the spirit of naming the notable pieces , I would like to propose “Beautyberry” for the scarce opaque black with lavender swirl marble, which deserve a name . This keeps them under the ‘“Berry Family “ that Val started with the similar “Blackberry “. Beautyberry is a native shrub of the Eastern woodlands ,with bright purple/lavender berries that are similar to the swirl colors in this marble. I hope this nickname entry gets some consideration. 😁
  9. Here it is, with a group of what I believe are the blackberries. The swirl glass is decidedly lavender. I’m not seeing any hint of translucenty in the base , but It would make sense that it’s from the same base glass.
  10. Very cool Chuck ! Does the blackish based with purple swirls have a name ?
  11. Hi Chad , Thankyou ! I’m working on another Ravenswood video , and a Heaton dig video.
  12. Thank you Chuck ! It took me a minute to figure out what that sound was in the audio. I think it’s very cool !
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