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  1. If that’s Ox blood glass I would think Akro patch, but I’m not 100% sure . PeltIer is also a good possibility
  2. Thank you Stephanie, yes it’s a custard base in that bee , kind of unique 👍
  3. Here’s a few goodies from Sistersville , the translucent piece with orange and yellow ribbon work was sold to me as a Marble King Sunset, which is a new name to me but the name makes sense.
  4. Awesome Akros ! thanks for sharing !
  5. Thanks all for watching ! Ron it was great to meet you, I hope the festival series continues , and to return next year .
  6. Hi Pro ! I don’t see yellow glass in your marble. To my knowledge an Indian Blanket should have a red cork, bordered by yellow glass , bordered by black glass . I hope this helps
  7. Here’s a quick video I produced from last weekend’s marble event . Enjoy ! Thank you
  8. Thanks Spherophile . are you saying when you watch the video , there is a text line running when you watch ?
  9. That’s an outstanding group !
  10. Thank you Steph ! Yes I just used Akron as a starting point. I’m sure there are many minor things people could pick at though out the video. I appreciate your comments ! . This one ? Is an experimental Silver Akro from what I have gathered
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHHQvJq6axY&t=640s Please enjoy my new video. This one covers general Akro Agate marbles identification tips. I've focused on a quicker pace for this one, thanks to your input from my last video attempt !
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