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  1. I believe the determining factor is if the base glass glows when backlit. These are NLR era mArbles , color combos can vary . Here’s another with a green base and red ribbons sometimes called a Translucent Dragon.
  2. Thanks Steph , I will let you know if I find out anything concrete
  3. Looks like an Akro tounge Patch , but has a clear base with a mostly white vernier on the surface like a Vitro . Someone informed me that Marble King Made Berry Pinks In 5/8” and were given away at marble tournaments . Any info on this would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks Dan .I've decided it's a CAC , the blue is too deep for standard Akro blue , and the Turkey is pretty textbook. Someday I'll take it to a show and have it looked at in hand and see what kind of response it gets.
  5. Thanks Steph , it’s definitely vintage, but the glass looks like Akro to me and I’m wondering if it’s a screwed up corkscrew that accidentally looks like a turkey. There’s actually a second turkey head on the back side of the marble.
  6. Hi folks , I have one that is baffling me . CAC Turkey swirl or something else ?
  7. Would live to see an opaque eight-finger . It seems like they are hard to find!
  8. I just learned that these are imperials . The seams are not correct for Vitro.
  9. Those ribbons remind me of a Berry Pink type of a striping , just an observation
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