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  1. To join the WVMCC , I still haven’t gotten around to filling out the form
  2. I’ve uploaded a new Peltier video onto YouTube. Get out the popcorn and please enjoy ! Thank you !
  3. Thank you Skoronsea ! I wish I could get Mega net bags locally near me. I have to buy online.
  4. That first one is fantastic Peltier Mibber , Thankyou for posting
  5. Sharing a few Fruit Cocktail and clear based types
  6. Thank you Steph and Royal. Royal those are so cool and there’s about 10 other styles that I think are fantastic ! I want to get some of the Gecko models , I still haven’t found them
  7. I’ve uploaded a Vacor De Mexico video for YouTube, this one is pretty fast paced . .Please view and enjoy ! Thank you !
  8. That is stunning ! Most all of my bricks look like their age, or certainly not mint .
  9. Schmoozer that is a big beautiful beast , thanks for sharing !
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