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  1. Bumblebee, maybe your marble doesn’t quite match up to the ones I’ve posted. I’m a little stumped on it to be honest. Does it look machine made to you ?
  2. Bumble bee that is an amazing marble . One issue I have about the thought process about Guacamaya being an early version of Dragonis the other color combos that show up with Guacamaya. Just thinking out loud. Here are the other variations I have found
  3. This is Vacor De México “Seahorse” if you got a whole jar of them , that’s great ! I think they are attractive marbles.
  4. Hello, I believe your marble is in fact Vacor Guacamaya , here are a few examples. They seem to generally have : two shades of green in the base , the darker green is translucent. They also seem to have yellow ribbons , paired by either orange, purple or coral ribbons. Those are just my observations , they are not Mega Marbles Dragons , but they were made by Vacor de Mexico and marketed and sold in Mexico . I hope this helps . -Stephen
  5. Here’s a 5/8” maybe Alley swirl with a unique color combo. Does it belong in any name grouping ? Thank you for any input
  6. Wow Judith ! What an awesome bunch !
  7. I agree with Steph, the green one could possibly be Vitro or Master. Thankyou for watching the MK video !
  8. Those are nice Steph ! Should Copperheads have an off-white base ? I don’t own any. Thanks
  9. Thanks guys ! Getting in front of the camera is intimidating but exciting , I tried to get all my MK facts right . I’m glad you appreciate it
  10. Here's a pretty thorough Marble King video I just finished up, please check it out and enjoy ! Thank you
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