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  1. A few premium Alley Agates from the Ron Shepherd , Craig Snyder and myself collections
  2. It looks goo for Unicorn/ Pan Am . Does it have an irridized surface ?
  3. I’m not seeing this as a Whispler.
  4. Those are super cool ! Thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks Gina , I’ve heard some of the locals pronounce it “Kay-Row”
  6. Here’s a good introductory video for the Cairo curious. For collectors new and old , please watch and enjoy !
  7. Mojo the Heaton marbles you received from me had the named pieces in labeled bags. The extras were un named Heatons so you could have random examples ,some of the extras may have been similar to the named but not close enough to make the cut in my opinion. The lighter white base with red were not black Cherry. I hope that helps
  8. Looking good Joep ! 💥 thanks for the trade !
  9. Here’s the Veligglass Wirepulls and Opaques video just published to YouTube. Thank you to everyone who helped pitch in ! Please enjoy!
  10. Hi William, there is too much European content to cover in one video so I have to break it down into a few uploads . The first one will cover Veligglass : Wirepulls and Opaques. There’s still some tweaking to do but I’m hoping to upload it by tomorrow night . I’ll post a link when I’m done . Thank you for watching ! 🔴
  11. Thanks Chad , that one is about 7/8” , it has a fantastic pattern. I like the foggy olive colored one the best . Here’s a few more
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