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  1. A Peltier slag? No... but I cannot excluded CAC. Thanks
  2. This slag is definitely similar to that posted before (see below). Also this one could be an Akro handagathered slag? Thanks for your comments!
  3. Akro handgathered, of course! Thanks!!!!!
  4. Please, help me to identify this "9 & tail" marble: is it a Christensen Agate slag, or a MF Christensen ?
  5. Hi! I have kept these two marbles among my Akro slags... Well, I'd like to know your opinion. Are they really Akro slags, though unusually rich in opaque glass? Many thanks for your comments
  6. Please, could you help me to ID this marble? I suppose it is a Christensen Agate swirl... Thanks!!!
  7. Hi friends, I am a marble collector from Italy. I would like to know marble collectors in Europe, for trading My collection includes thousands of marbles (Vitro, Akro, Peltier, Marble King and other USA made marbles; European sparklers and wirepulls; transitionals, modern Vacor marbles, etc.) Of course, non-European collectors are also welcome, but shipping costs are forbidding....
  8. I also noticed the cat's eye marbles... Well, I think some marbles were added later.
  9. Hi Ron!!! I hope to read some comments about these marbles! Rafael
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