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  1. Well, great info. I don't know why I had the idea the lashes we're unique to Akro. Thank you for the correction. I love this place. Everyone is so kind with sharing. I've become accustomed to a heavy dose arrogance from the guitar collectors forums I visit. Thanks again!
  2. Welcome, Jen! Not so long ago I was your neighbor. I moved from Oklahoma back to the west coast a couple of years ago. It's great to hear about simple real world objects being shared within families. Don't get me wrong, I'm a product of the computer age, but real life has so much inherent romance to keep the mind fascinated...
  3. Welcome Chad! Can I call you Hurl? Old family farms are some of the most interesting places to explore the land and learn the history.
  4. Welcome, crashbelt! Interesting info to say the least, thanks for sharing. Clearly you have a strong passion for what you do. Admirable. Are the lines on the boards burned on, painted? Carved and stained?
  5. Amazing craft work, knikkergek! How long did it take to build? Welcome!
  6. I'm looking at this and thinking the right one is a modern clay orb. Very well done though, if so. But seriously, don't consider my input, it's sub novice at this point lol
  7. I'm sure my follow up question here is addressed someplace, but for the sake of redundancy, and keeping conversation (knowledge) flowing; What is the process that creates those unique "eyelash" tells?
  8. It is too bad about the condition, although I think every marble I own is damaged in one way or another. It's a strategy though. I don't want to make any real purchases until I get a real confident grasp of our avocation.
  9. Thank you all for the input, and sorry for the delayed response. I haven't even touched a marble in some weeks. Life happens, even though it's kinda odd for it to happen without even one single marble kicking around in a pocket, or the console in my car...lol BTW, the price realized on those bags shows just how much people think they are going to make a quick $ in this world. If I recall they sold in the neighborhood of $30.
  10. That's the coolest cork!
  11. I have the chance to pick up this lot of marbles, anything worth having, and what should I offer? I know, weird questions, they are worth what I am willing to pay...but I don't know much about these...
  12. Steph, thank you for the background color tip! (Sooooo glad to find the forum back online!)
  13. I'm not a miracle whip fan, but I keep a jar in the fridge for those time I crave a pb&mw sandwich. Try it, it's really good! Longstory short, ran away from home (to the basement storeroom) because mom wouldn't give in on my restriction and give back my six million dollar man action figure. Brother found me crying behind the water heater. To console me he showed me the sandwich that always made him feel better when he was down. PB&MW. My first comfort food.
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