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  1. A few pictures for those catseye collectors out there! Don
  2. Do you have any more of the Anacortes bags? Thanks Don
  3. I know I bought some of those shooter catseyes form him whne he was selling off his stuff on Ebay and have these types... Don't show up often. Don
  4. Steph: Those catseyes look familiar :-) . Wolf sold them..
  5. Poplarhead


    I agree with Galen -
  6. Some examples straight from vintage bags
  7. These boxes come in different print styles. Soem less sharp than others. The "00" size is more common and there are a couple different print styles. The "0" box is less common. Don
  8. I have somebody looking for a pair of inserts for an Akro # 150 tin. I've used up my backstock I purchased years ago from Les and Sue Jones . Anybody have any sets for sale? For #150 or 200. Thanks Don
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