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  1. A few pictures for those catseye collectors out there! Don
  2. Do you have any more of the Anacortes bags? Thanks Don
  3. I know I bought some of those shooter catseyes form him whne he was selling off his stuff on Ebay and have these types... Don't show up often. Don
  4. Steph: Those catseyes look familiar :-) . Wolf sold them..
  5. Poplarhead


    I agree with Galen -
  6. Some examples straight from vintage bags
  7. These boxes come in different print styles. Soem less sharp than others. The "00" size is more common and there are a couple different print styles. The "0" box is less common. Don
  8. I have somebody looking for a pair of inserts for an Akro # 150 tin. I've used up my backstock I purchased years ago from Les and Sue Jones . Anybody have any sets for sale? For #150 or 200. Thanks Don
  9. Yes statements are made and they become facts but sometimes are wrong. Alley shooter swirls used to be Ravenswoods, Akro Agate Helmets, etc. Don
  10. I have a picture of one from Ebay many years ago with a National Line Rainbo (Zebras, Christmas Trees, mix). No idea if original to box. Don
  11. Ron is right. Not Anacortes but Gladding Vitro before it closed. Anacortes made a lot of horseshoes but not only Vitro plant to make them. I believe formed due to wear on color glass delivery openings on crucible pots they used plus possibly temperature differences that caused the glass to sag in marble. Discussions with Anacortes worker said they never intentionally made them .
  12. I had lost my pictures of case of Champion Agates I made years ago. Finally found. Had bought a box of hundreds hat had the originla bags an soem bags loose and rotted. Made a case of marbles and shot with bags to verify. Still have a bag or two around here. Enoy Don
  13. Sad news indeed - a true collector and lover of all types of marbles.. and spread their joy I imagine to many people.. Don
  14. Looks like one that Galen found from my give away years ago ? These are from 1957. Don
  15. Looks like one Hardys had in collection.. Don
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