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  1. Al Oregon

    Help identifying

    Latticino on 2nd one
  2. Al Oregon

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome. Do post some pictures and we will do our best to help you determine what they are.
  3. Al Oregon

    Holiday Marbles

    Holiday cheer.
  4. I have read on the boards where that has happened to others. Sorry to see this.
  5. Al Oregon

    Sound off!

  6. Al Oregon

    Board Update

    Thank you Lou for taking over Alan's Board all those years ago and Steph for keeping it going, too. Thanks also to Jason for the task of keeping it going for the future.
  7. Al Oregon

    did you know Ken Fee?

    Always sad to hear about a fellow collector passing. I do not recall ever meeting, dealing or conversing with him. Prayers to the family.
  8. Al Oregon

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thank you and a Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  9. Good work. Thanks for the reminder to periodically check on the site.
  10. Al Oregon

    Chance to purchase...

    Agree with Steph on the Alox bag. THe Glass Swan bag was probably put together by that shop (or someone they know). Notrhing special but...? The bottom two are probably like the one bag I post here so the reverse of the header can show that they are made in Japan. They are probably 60's, 70's time frame but ? As Steph says, marbles may be cross throu and you don't find many shooter bags like that around.
  11. Al Oregon

    Sad news once again

    Very sorry to hear of your loss, Chuck.
  12. Al Oregon

    New or old? Pretty swirl ....

    Looks older to me but...?
  13. Al Oregon

    Couple more IDs please

    Right looks Vitro - maybe a Conqueror. Middle is WV (West Virginia) swirl - may be Ravenswood. Left looks like Vitro Horseshoe style cat's-eye.
  14. Al Oregon

    Moderns pictures

    Vacor "slags"
  15. Al Oregon

    Id req.

    I agree that 1, 2, & 4 are Peltier Rainbos. #3 is tough to tell - may be Vitro Whitie. #5 not Pelt but ? Akro or Vitro.