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  1. The right has a possibility of being a Ravenswood.
  2. Al Oregon


    Yup, the "other Rainbow".
  3. Original bag - nice find. Bag is worth some money also - normally more than the 3 Girl Scouts.
  4. That is sad to hear. I met him at one of my first Marble Shows in Santa Cruz, CA. We have corresponded off & on about marbles ever since.
  5. Great find! Thanks for sharing.
  6. All Peltier Rainbos. Gray base glass does show up. No special names on these that I am aware of.
  7. The Don Juan bag that is partially pictured is one of the ones made by Vacor to sell in The Netherlands. I have some similar bags.
  8. Bob Block had posted this picture back in 2003. It was a group of 13 from the Nova family that he got from Gino Biffany (well known Peltier expert). That's all the information that I had on it.
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