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  1. Ron would probably have to give you approximate dates but they were in business in the 30's & 40's so I would surmise that these would be from the 40's?
  2. Good variety of marbles. From the views, the majority seem to be newer marbles from the last 20-30 years.
  3. Very sad news. I enjoyed communicating with her over the years. Very helpful on the European marble scene.
  4. Alox makes sense to me. There are some questions on bags being filled later on (not back in the 50-60's when these first came out) but...?
  5. Sorry to hear this. Prayers to his family and friends.
  6. I just heard from Pete that the Land of Marbles is now out of business. Pete has supported the marble hobby for well over 20 years and it is sad to see that part of it go away. The chat board is still there. I have not heard from him on what is happening with that.
  7. Lower left and middle are Peltier. Lower right may be one also. Upper left may be Vitro or Akro - tough to tell.
  8. OK Steph - now you have to identify the marble(s) in each day. That'll help everyone.
  9. The transparent swirls are sometimes quite hard to ID to a particular maker.
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