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  1. You are close - Vacor name is Superhero
  2. Al Oregon

    Help ID 48

    Pelt on left and weak Alley on right.
  3. Al Oregon

    Help ID 46

    Does make me think a little of Marble King but...?
  4. I haven't but I am not a handmade collector. I'm sure some will chime in. Great looking marble.
  5. I'd go foreign on them all.
  6. Sorry, I don't see a cork - especially with the first picture. Looks like a swirl but not sure which comany.
  7. Not Conquerors. Larger marbles have a little more value - few bucks.
  8. Looking at it logically, they mention bag of marbles so probably all are same company (Akro). So probably not handmade peppermint marbles - maybe real candy shaped like marbles (i.e. round). JMHO. By trhe way, neat ad - thaks for sharing.
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