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  1. OK Steph - now you have to identify the marble(s) in each day. That'll help everyone.
  2. The transparent swirls are sometimes quite hard to ID to a particular maker.
  3. Here is the only picture I have (Dani's from 2011)
  4. Not sure if you are asking about my bag or...? I don't see any aventurine in the OP pic but doesn't mean there is not any. I do not have that bag in front of me so can't tell if any aventurine although I have seen specks of it in some Vacor (Mega) marbles.
  5. I thought they might have been an earlier version of the Dragon - same colors but a much more defined pattern. Just like the early Michelangelo as compared to the subsequent runs. Here is a picture of one of my bags of Dragons (nowhere near as nice but similar colors).
  6. You got the sulphides, couple clays, several early handmades and one "out-of-place" MK Tiger (or maybe Wasp).
  7. Yes, Peltier Rainbo - unusual bleeding on that one side, especially with base glass.
  8. Great info. Wow, 22.5 tons of cullet! Now to get the book started..
  9. That all makes sense. It's a great starter collection as well as the memory of your grandmother.
  10. They look like they are all from the 50's - 60's time frame. First group are cat's-eyes - not valuable but collectible. Looks like some hybrid types with more than one color on some of the vanes (Vitro usually). The other large group of marbles look like Vitro All Reds - again, common. The last couple pictures have another Vitro called Conqueror in lower right and a couple Peltier banana style cat's-eyes (single vane of color).
  11. The upper left is ? but rest look Vitro.
  12. Great pics and a lot of interesting items besides marbles. Thanks for sharing.
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