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  1. Here are pics of a bag that Marlow had put together some years back.
  2. The West Virginia Museum of Glass has marbles on display but I think they are mainly marbles and not much, if any, marble related items. Some years back, there was a National Marble Museum in Yreka, California but it closed down and all of the donated marbles and marble related items were shipped to the WV museum. I am guessing a lot of it is still in storage. Lee's Legendary Marbles in York (?) Nebraska is another locations with a lot of marbles and marble memorabilia.
  3. Here is a picture that the late Les Jones posted back in 2000 - calling it a Golden Dragon. No other information on the description.
  4. I have not seen that larger blister package in that style - just some of the "J" pkg types. The smaller blister packages I have a few of - here are a couple pics.
  5. Al Oregon

    Part #2

    Yellow with red looks CAC
  6. That is a nice looking marble. For some reason, Marble King pops to mind.
  7. I agree - not CAC - maybe Jabo
  8. 3rd down on left is probably a Peltier Rainbo as is the far right one.
  9. If it is the current year, it will just have month and day, as the ones here do. If it is older, it will have the year also.
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