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  1. If you can take some individual pics of each bag (close-ups)and post them here, we can give you a general idea. From the overall view, they appear to all be machine made marbles (meaning no old turn of the century German ones). The 3 labeled bags at the bottom are called fantasy bags (people made them up starting in mid-1990's - worth maybe $3 each. Other than that, more close-up pictures will be needed.
  2. Great information Chuck - thank you for sharing.
  3. I have a few corks listed on Facebook if you had not already seen them. https://www.ebay.com/sch/arasmus/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1
  4. What about an Alox swirl?
  5. As far as flames, upper left and right don't have 4+ flames on a side and last one is questionable. As for Alley, I am leaning away but not sure if Heaton or Champion or...?
  6. On the bottom row, the blue & red one is a corkscrew. As far as the hybrid term, a lot of corks have more than one color and some of them are "blended" colors or striated. I usually don't see the term hybrid used with corks very often.
  7. Left and bottom look like Trilites. Right almost has a helmet feeling to it. Top looks Peltier but...?
  8. Not mine but pic I saved - nyah, nyah....
  9. Great job on the dig and the marble ID pictures.
  10. Agree with Alley Corals. No Vacors similar to those.
  11. I'd go foreign but not a common one that I have seen before.
  12. 2nd picture makes me think Peltier but it is a little wonky for a Rainbo.
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