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  1. Yes, thanks for the additional information.
  2. Al Oregon

    ID needed

  3. Al Oregon

    Looking to buy a Peltier Bearded Dragon

    Rory, the first one is Vitro Blackline All Red and other two are Peltier MCR (Multi Color Rainbo).
  4. Al Oregon


    It's really too many pics, spread out, in one post for us to ID properly. Maybe 2-3 marbles max for a post. The pultiple pictures of each are great. The first three are probably an Alley swirl, Peltier MCR (Multi Color Rainbo) and Akro corkscrew
  5. Al Oregon

    Rollem Boys Micky Marble Game.

    Yes, very nice.
  6. Al Oregon

    Please Help ID

  7. Al Oregon

    Sad news

    So sorry to hear this.
  8. Al Oregon

    Unknown help needed with ID please

    I'd say a Vitro cat's-eye. Pictures are a little too close up.
  9. Al Oregon

    Help identifying

    Latticino on 2nd one
  10. Al Oregon

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome. Do post some pictures and we will do our best to help you determine what they are.
  11. Al Oregon

    Holiday Marbles

    Holiday cheer.
  12. I have read on the boards where that has happened to others. Sorry to see this.