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  1. Looks like Didier's security certificate on the site has expired. I will email him.
  2. Tiger Eye, Trilite, Whitie and Conqueror - my thoughts.
  3. I have had a couple like that - metallic - maybe just Vitro Brushed Patch.
  4. Al Oregon


    Conqueror, maybe Tiger Eye, Conqueror and Conqueror.
  5. Those boxes are hard to find. Even empty they have value as Ron mentioned above. And, if you like Akro, it gives you a goal to fill the box with the original type of marbles.
  6. All fantasy bags. Fun to collect at $3 apiece or so but no real resale value.
  7. Here is a picture one of the members posted several years with pontil types
  8. In theory, a Whitie could be an Anti-Blackie but they are not. Yours look to all be Vitro Whities.
  9. Definitely Akro on the last - nice one.
  10. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
  11. Fist one maybe slight chance of Peltier. Orange & black is an Akro Corkscrew - I like the types that start out the opposite direction from each other.
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