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  1. So sorry to hear. Prayers to his family and friends.
  2. Great info Ron. Nice to have all in one post.
  3. 3rd pic, especially, looks like MK.
  4. The first picture has machine made marbles that are probably all newer and made by Vacor in Mexico. A few might be from the Far East. All common and nickel, dime values.
  5. The two bottom are not Veiliglass
  6. Chad used "Rainbow" but, just to clarify, it is "Rainbo". "Rainbow" is MK.
  7. I did not catch that they were 4 vane. There is a possibility of Marble King then.
  8. Ric - about the "MK" bags that I showed. I think they were from the Berry Pink days but I guess there could be an overlap when Marble King first started. Although, I would not think they used mesh bags when they started. I'll be glad when Gerald Witcher's MK book gets done. I think he has a ton of answers.
  9. Ric - all my MK mesh bags have Alleys or Peltier Rainbos in them.
  10. Foreign cat's-eyes. Those 3 color and 3-vane or 6-vane are all foreign - Mexico or Far East. I think Far East on those.
  11. Yes, all MK's. Nice group.
  12. Vitro had a few of those Chinese Checkers bags too - one with Cat's.
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