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  1. I tried to add a couple more pictures to the thread on how to display marbles but came up with this odd message when I try to upload pics. What does it mean?I have uploaded probably the same pics in time past but now...? There were 2-3 that I tried - all in the 135 to 250 kb range. Thanks for any help.
  2. Plastic trays are one way for me. Also, the paper boxes with dividers.
  3. Minor thing - for Peltier, it is Rainbo (without the 'w'). Marble King has Rainbows.
  4. Al Oregon


    Upper left could lean to Master or maybe Foreign. Lower right might be a weak Pelt or Akro patch but...?
  5. Tiger, Cub Scout and Bumblebees.
  6. That's a messed up one. I guess they could have made mistakes like that in the "old days" but maybe it is a newer marblethat someone was trying to replicate the old style latticino?
  7. Agree although the stripesusually go all the way around. But, does not match any US made that I am aware of.
  8. I could not find any pictures of color base latticinos.
  9. The three vane colors leads to foreign - Asian.
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