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  1. Yes, great variety of 30's, 40's and forward machine made marbles. Have fun sorting and ID'ing.
  2. Here is another Tom Sawyer bag with different Vitros in it.
  3. I didn't see those initials on the list that was done a few years ago.
  4. From the odd pattern, I'd go with contemporary.
  5. We will try the pics of my opened bag again now that bumblebee got the posting error fixed.
  6. Thanks, I will try it again on that thread.
  7. Top row - Vitro, Alley, Vitro, Vitro. 2nd row - prob. Vitro - ? - Vitro - WV swirl (not sure which company). Bottom left - Vitro. The black oneswith frit or ? look like contemporary pieces.
  8. Al Oregon

    Gold mica

    Here is a picture of some micas (not mine). The lower right two in Robwell's pic look like they might be the crackled (fried) marbles but, in a picture, sometimes hard to tell.
  9. I'd be leaning towards a Peltier Rainbo.
  10. To clarify Ron - I am talking about more than one color on a single vane - not more than one color in the cat's-eye itself. For example, the 6-vane Japanese cat's-eye with 3 pairs of "v" vanes might have a pair of green, a pair of red and a pair of white. That's not a hybrid.
  11. Peltier Cat's Eye Champion Bag (19) (Banana Cat's) (opened) - View 1 - Al - Display JPG file 59 KB - this is what is on the specific file line in the folder where I keep all my bag pics In the details section of the "Properties" box, it has Date Taken - 6/21/2009 9:56 am - Digital Camera FinePix A303 - Width 800 pixels - Length - 600 pixels - 72 dpi (and a bunch of other stuff) In thinking about this, does the length of the name or the parentheses affect the upload? Thanks for your help.
  12. Steph - what is this? Once in a while when I go to attach a picture from my computer (all are same style and similar size), this error comes up?? I was going to post a picture of the opened bag with the Peltier cat's-eyes in the thread you started but this error came up.
  13. I think the general consensus is that a hybrid cat's-eye is when there is more than one color on the vanes. I use plural as there could be an odd color (pr debris) on one vane but nothing on the others. That would not be a hybrid (IMHO).
  14. Al Oregon

    Id please

    From the size, I would be thinking Jabo.
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