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    Marble bags and marbles; volunteering; traveling.

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  1. I gotta lean towards Vacor Scorpion.
  2. Pelt on top and Alley on bottom two.
  3. Interesting - have not seen that one before.
  4. The only picture that I have is one of Chuck B's in a case that he had. He was pretty sharp on Kokomo's.
  5. Cage style foreign cat's-eyes.
  6. Couple old pic - marbles by kokoken pic by Bill Tow and marboman marbles & pic.
  7. Falls into the horseshoe style of Vitro cat's.
  8. Neat bags. I'd guess late 80's into 90's. I have Sharp Shooter bags from Australia that have Made in Mexico on the header and marbles that look Vacor. Sharp Shooter went out of business some years back. Those would be neat bags for a collection even if not high values.
  9. A cat lover - gotta get some cat's-eyes in the collection.
  10. They look to be ones made on your side of the pond so great examples.
  11. Al Oregon


    Yes, legit original bags.
  12. MCS - Multi-Color Swirl (have not heard of MTS).
  13. That's my thought also. Did you backlight it to see if any transparency?
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