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  1. I'm wondering about Ehrin F Ballnow. The phone has been disconnected. I have sent and email and so far it hasn't been returned nor answered. If you have any information, please let me know and I will certainly appreciate it. ----Leroy----
  2. Thanks guy's. I have checked all cards. etc. This has happened before and it just turned out to be a "joke" and as long as it isn't true I hope whomever started the rumor got the enjoyment out of it that they were looking for. Some people have a lot of time on their hands. At any rate I'm happy and enjoying myself with my wife, animals, and reconditioning marbles----Leroy----
  3. Well by golly, here it is Wenesday Feb. 18, 2015 and I'm still going strong. No sign of being dead yet even though if I go outside and stay very long that could be the case as the mean temp is 8 with the chill temp -14.I hope you folks have a very nice day, I know I will----Leroy----
  4. I wish I knew who said this because he/she is lying. But I forgive whomever it is. Have a very nice day and please whoever you are think twice before you declare someone else as being dead when they aren't. ----Leroy----
  5. It was called to my attention yesterday that I am dead. Nothing could be further from the trueth. Be it known that I am still alive and doing marbles every day. ----Leroy----
  6. I just discovered in one of my cabinets a glass top 35 compartment tray that contains 344 Jabo marbles. It also has a tag that says Jabo 2003. There are at least 35 different marbles. There are 330 5/8" and 14 3/4" marbles. I am interested in selling and if you are interested send me an email at [email protected] ----Leroy----These are all brand new and orginal
  7. As I have discontinued using my telephone land line (402-362-6204) please use my cell phone at 402-366-9246. If you have any questions, please call me or send an email to [email protected] Thank you ----Leroy----
  8. I sure do believe that's true about dropping them on concrete. Some had to of been slammed down or dropped from a 10 story building as a few of them had fractures. I now believe all responses are true and there are most likely more explanations because now I don't believe any one explanation will cover all the reasons for them being beat up. Thank you for your responses and if you think of anything further, please post it. ----Leroy----
  9. It makes sense about what is posted, however some of the big marbles that I have received are very beat up. Of course they wouldn't be coming to me if they were in mint condition. Some have very deep impacts (more than one per marble-sometimes as many as a dozen) How did these big marbles get those impacts? I don't believe they got them from just falling off of a "what-not shelve". On some of them the damage is fairly intense. All were reconditioned without opening the ends, but in order to keep that from happening, some light damage could have been left. All had one or more very good viewing side(s). I can't post any pictures of these marbles for three reasons: 1-I don't have a suitable camera and 2-I don't know how to post pictures and 3-I don't have any of those marbles on hand at this time as they have all been sent back to their owners. ----Leroy----
  10. After many years of looking, searching and asking, I still don't know what the big (2" and above) hand made German marbles were used for. Lately I have been receiving very large hand made marbles (a few over 3") that are beat up for reconditioning. They have everything from impacts to missing glass. If anyone can help me out with what these large marbles were used for I'd certainly appreciate it. ----Leroy----
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