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  1. Robert, so nice of you to go the extra mile and do all of this work. It was very enlightening. Right now I use my ACDSee7.0 photo program to store my pictures online but I am limited to my computer's memory and have to keep moving excess older pictures to disks for long term storage. I like being able to access everything right away and so Picassa might be an option as I have thousands and thousands of images...many not marbles though, as I am a generalist by trade. Thanks so very much, you are a special person.
  2. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    Do you think that there has been more attention being brought to handmades lately? I think that the explanations being given by oldmarblenut in this thread are so interesting. The way he describes things, I can close my eyes and imagine myself seeing what he is saying. I love the old hand mades.
  3. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    I'd use the yellowy tan color for the walls and then the darker rust color for accents. I might have to find another color for contrast. lol
  4. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    Hi Jeroen, isn't that the one in your avatar? It is beautiful !!! I would love a living room designed in that color combination !!
  5. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    Oh, gosh,.....this thread is full of people directing their responses to specific people. I was directing most of my response to you, because I was disagreeing with you....duh.?... I was backing up oldmarblenut but I was not telling you who, what, or where to post. You seem to get a little sensitive when someone disagrees with you....why not just take it on the chin and let it go? After all, I did apologize, which you did not even acknowledge. It is just a disagreement that I tried to give an explanation as to why I disagreed. It did not mean that your own ideas were bad. It is just that they did not work when stood up against what happens in an actual production experience and oldmarblenut helped me to understand that. It is nothing to be taking personally which is what you seem to be doing. Lets just agree to disagree and leave it alone from now on. As for the rest of this thread....I have learned a lot in it about marble production and for that reason, the thread has been a very good experience. Thanks, oldmarblenut, for your clear and concise explanations....you have opened up the world of glassmaking to me and make me want to learn more. It takes me back to my old days when I took up my first ceramics piece. It did not take me long to know that I wanted to learn everything that there was to learn about the industry which is why I became a studio owner and a teacher with over 10,000 molds. I even started a ceramics industry newspaper!!! Had I not injured my right hand, which is the hand that I held my paint brushes and tools with, I never would have found out that I could hold that hand up at an auction much quicker than I could paint....lol !!! and I never would have bought that first 5 gallon jar of marbles and the rest is history. It is funny how life twists and turns....
  6. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    Galen...where did I tell you or anyone else, how, when or where to post? I simply stated my opinion that I would have to go with oldmarblenut in this case. I even said that at first glance, your opinion had some validity, but it did not stand up to the explanation about how marbles are made in a factory situation where efficiency and productivity are a factor and the line is set up to operate in a certain way. In no way did I mean to indicate that you should not be posting or tell you how to do said post but you have my apology for whatever it was that I said that made you think that. I am not picking on you, just disagreeing with you and trying to tell you why in the limited grasp of the English language that I have.
  7. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    Oldmarblenut.....to get a link to post, just click on the very first icon in the first row of the toolbar...it sort of looks like a tall rectangle inside of a square. Then do your copy and paste and the link will show up in your post.. Galen, there is a difference between watching, doing a few amateur attempts at a seminar, and actually being a part of a production crew in some of the best glass companies around. Oldmarblenut really knows what he is talking about. I taught ceramics for 15 years and held and taught seminars and you quickly learn when you hire a seminar teacher, whether they know their stuff or whether they have been taught and are passing on someone else's mistakes. I know that it is a different industry, but you learn how to judge when someone is a professional or not. When I hear explanations as clear and concise as oldmarblenuts, it is just so obvious that he is a professional glass maker of the highest degree. I have made lots of mistakes about marbles, but when I do make a mistake, I admit it. Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous, because it can lead you to conclusions where you would not go otherwise if you had the entire package of knowledge about a subject. Had I not read oldmarbblenuts explanations, I would have thought that your logic worked, but, when you hear from a professional that a scenario like what you describe just would not have been practical, I have to go with him. His explanations about how the process works just blows everything else out of the water....even if it does in the beginning sound plausible, it just does not meet the test of a working situation that needs speed and efficiency in order for everything to run smoothly based on the tools that a crew works with and the set up of the working area.
  8. Trying to understand exactly what a diaperfold is is something that I have been struggling with. There are so many mis-labled mibs on ebay that you don't know what to think anymore. Can you guys help out with explanations and photos? Thanks so very much for your time. Vicki
  9. manylittle


    What fantastic mibs.!!!
  10. manylittle

    A Little How To Photo Help

    I have just spent well over an hour looking at your photos. All I can say is Wow!!! How do you get the birds to stay in one place long enough to get some of your spectacular photos!!! You must spend hours and hours outdoors!!! I am a amateur nature photographer wannabe. My stuff is not 1/10th as good as yours!!! I'd love to hear some stories about your photographic adventures!!!!
  11. Here I am trying vintage hats on in my antiques shop. I like both hand mades and machine mades with acro oxbloods being a favorite.
  12. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    Don't misunderstand that post. I am not referring to myself as a marblemaker, I am referring to oldmarblenut as one.
  13. manylittle

    "wrong" Twisted Handmades

    Oldmarblenut, as a marble maker, who has been there and done that and knows also about the historic making of glass and how it was done in the day, I'll take your word any day....especially as what you say is backed up by logic. Your description is concise and easy for even me, who has only seen a few very short videos on marble making, to understand.
  14. manylittle

    Ebay Fraudulent Seller

    This is the last that I will have to say. I think that oldmarblenut has proven by his actions and the results that he has gotten that ebay does act when a person brings fraudulent activity to their attention. He has proven it by two specific instances that he has told us about, the second one only took one phone call to ebay to get them to contact the seller and have him correct his listing. That is enough proof for me, along with some of the experiences I have seen on utube videos, that ebay does care.