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  1. Great idea. These weren't fancy, but wish I could see them not beat up.
  2. Can't even begin to know how this is affecting everyone. My diet is nonexistent except for those lovely carbs! Cats love the jigsaw puzzles more than the computer. Those pieces just fly better. Marble connection is my favorite place on the net. Keep all the ID help post coming.
  3. I've been getting flower beds cleaned up and have built a potting bench. Reading a lot. I have a recorder and a harmonica that I've been meaning to try. I never learned to sew and there's a machine in the attic. Maybe I should turn off the TV and put my phone down. Good inspiration here. Cats and dogs would like it if I would find something to do that doesn't interrupt their naps. Everyone take care and thanks to all you marble people for a bright spot in my day.
  4. I was concerned for the poor marbles on that sand track, but it is mesmerizing in a way. I'll be watching more. May even build a track out back.
  5. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/03/why-marble-racing-is-so-popular-online.html
  6. Along these lines, just for fun check out Rocks Cousteau on YouTube. He is from Marietta, OH and has some interesting finds.
  7. BerryB, love the dog marble. Gonna look through mine for some critters.
  8. The clay marbles you have made are really nice. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thank you. I would love to see a pic whenever you can post. Take care of your new hip.
  10. Looking through some clearies and iridescents. Are carnival glass marbles a real thing? Saw some described this way. Just wondering.
  11. Love them all. Thanks for sharing. Didn't know all these existed.
  12. I'm cleaning house today, Steph. Can send you some WV dirt. I find myself asking random people if they have/collect marbles. There is a mower repair shop in Ravenswood and I fight the urge to call the owner and ask if he collects marbles. He just looks like one of those people. I also imagine searching an abandoned school yard and finding lots marbles.
  13. Sale is in Pt Pleasant, WV. Keeping with the red eyed Mothman theme.
  14. Nightmare material. Some repurposing is best left undone.
  15. A little scary, but creative. Offered at a local estate sale. Thought some of you might want to snap this up.
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