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  1. That helps me. It wasn't clear to me that it applies only to handmade from the reading I've done. I love this little marble anyway. It's only 27/64th.
  2. So, you would think a 9 would be easy to see, but I guess if the marbles I have don't have any, that would explain the difficulty. These pics are same marble. Are either "9's"?
  3. That's what they do. Little crystal balls that keep us looking for signs. Thanks for the I'd help. It looked black and white until I looked under bright light. 🔎
  4. These were purchased around 1942 in Logan WV. 21mm. Can anyone help with what company made them? 3 pics of each.
  5. 5/8. Help id please. Hope pics are good enough.
  6. thank you for the advice. I will keep them separate. Of course they were just in a container with some other marbles. No way of knowing their origin.
  7. Found 2 if these. Don't know if they were actually made as marbles or some other use. 16mm. Should I try to clean them? I can make out the X's on both if them Thanks
  8. I do like them and will just keep them around. Footballs is a good description.
  9. I am sorting through inherited/purchased marbles. I had NO idea how hard it is to ID these little spheres. Could anyone help me with these 3 to start? Confetti is all I know about the 2.
  10. So are these just marbles I should set aside or toss?
  11. I have several marbles that are not round. Curious to know what, in the manufacturing of them, causes this?
  12. Joined today so I can learn more about identifying marbles. I don't know why I like them so much. I guess all the colors and the history. My own and the history of the marble industry. WV of course has a great history of marble making. I live about 20 miles from Ravenswood, so that's of particular interest. I have already found that it's very hard, at least for me, to identify marbles. Hoping to get better, but if not, I will ask the experts for help. I don't really have to know what they are to enjoy them.
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