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  1. Woodse

    Are these new

    I was thinking Asian, modern, but I'm happy with Vitro. They are about 3/4 ". Thanks again.
  2. Thank you, Steph.
  3. The red on these looks painted on.
  4. Thanks to both of you. It is similar to Akro slags on Ebay now that I know what to look for.
  5. Tried to show the pole better. The 3rd pic is opposite the other 2. Its almost like it starts and ends in the same area.
  6. Came in a box from flea market. There are Vitros, MK, various swirls in the mix.
  7. 5/8. Don't know if old or not.
  8. Hard to tell what archeologists will decide these were for. Some religious symbols no doubt, with great healing properties. Not too far off.
  9. Anyone know what this one is and where it's from? I don't even know what type it is.
  10. Wvrons helped me with an ID today with a "not an oxblood" marble. He pointed out that the grooves on the marble were from being buried for a long time. In looking for the effects of soil on glass, I found this. What a wonderful article. Not about the effects of soil, but so much better I think. https://www.agweb.com/article/the-secret-life-of-farmland-marbles-NAA-chris-bennett
  11. Woodse

    Oxblood ?

    That's interesting to know. I have several that have these "grooves". I thought it was something in the production. Abalone as from a shell?
  12. Woodse

    Oxblood ?

    Is this an oxblood marble? I get confused between just red and oxblood. It does have the black in it. Thanks.
  13. 16mm and 14mm. Any thoughts appreciated.
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