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  1. I guess it would not hurt to mention here that my Pelt Blue Bee is for sale on ebay, and the auction for that And some other great Pelts ends between 6:00 and 7:00 this evening Pacific Time! You will see in my listing I am not certain if the imperfections in the BlueBee are as made or not. Nice Adventurine! I sell under MyMarbleBuddy
  2. Thank you O' Answerer of my Query! I don't want to let this post die away, however. Does any one out there have a photo of a marble like this? Or do you have others like this?
  3. You DID find it, though, right? Lol! I once came very, very close to throwing out a mint guinea ...in a dumpster. That would have led to a horrible search and rescue project.
  4. @ kbobam: I meant the new pasta shape... I collect marbles and like new pasta shapes ... obviously I have refused to grow up! but Fish is good, too. Gold fish crackers are a treat, and the Parmesan are my favorite. BTW: You need to sell a marble and go buy groceries!
  5. Is is a Christensen? I have not seen photos of a similar marble anywhere. This is 19/32", and the base is definitely a pale gray, not white. It has faint streaks of golden yellow, which are subtle, but show up in a few photos. I love the art-deco style! Can any one post photos of a similar marble? Thanks from (Your)MarbleBuddy
  6. Happy birthday, and your cats are planning a wild rumpus at 2:30 a.m. Don't say I didn't warn you!
  7. This is what it is like: 2:00 a.m., warm and snug asleep in bed. Suddenly, wide awake you hear it: the unmistakable crash followed by the sound of marbles Rolling everywhere across the hard wood floors...
  8. I read on line that not being able to log in yesterday was a huge kerfluffle on an international scale! I always blithely assumed that everything ran perfectly in e-bay. I don't know why I was so naive, but there you have it. I think perhaps we should be amazed it runs as well as it does. New perspective.
  9. I just Googled " ebay glitch". ..... And I see there have been a whole slew of problems lately, and yesterday was a mess... Take a look.
  10. Bummer. I had no idea. But it is to be expected! But... Only recently have I observed this glitch I wrote about, wherein E-bays listing page timer says one thing, say "45 seconds" and then when you click on the item, to see the full listing and bid, the timer says "1 minute and 25 seconds". ... Yesterday the marble listing for Zaboo's marble actually said "Ended " at something just over $200, but it had not ended! The bidding was open and continued for about another 40 seconds, and it sold for more. But he may have lost bids due to the glitch, yes? ( just using that listing for an example, because I saw it happen...witnessed it, and all that. Yeah, I am a paralegal...;-/. ) I think this is unrelated to sniping programs? And It could result in lost sales, or under bid sales. Yes? Help me here! I've got marbles listed!
  11. Just now (while Zaboo's crazy Christensen swirl was running... I just wanted to watch), the bidding page was almost one minute behind the listing. So the listing said the auction was over, but when you clicked on the item, it was still running!!! The Listing said "Ended" and gave a price, but sure enough, people were still bidding. I saw the same thing happen on Monday (or was it Sunday?) It could adversely affect bidding prices. All the other items are similarly affected, not just that one. Has anyone else observed this? Anyone know what is going on? I can't like it.
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