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  1. the tiny dot in pic 3, says Heaton to me, but since I am usually wrong (wait for it) we shall see. Thanks Bruce
  2. OK; This makes sense, but leads to another question: did all molten glass feeder machines have graphite cups? The Akro ones spun at various rpms to make corks, but were the cups removed to make non-cork mibs? How bout other companies? If molten glass will not stick to graphite, were other parts made from it? Ok 3 questions. Thanks Bruce
  3. Before you take a hammer to it maybe I could do you a trade for Alley? PM me. Thanks Bruce
  4. The puzzler for me is why do you hope it's not CAC? Looks pretty nice to me, unless there's a big chunk out of it that the pix don't show. Thanks Bruce
  5. Berryb


    I think the streaky yellow is an Akro color. So I wouldn't call it a Special, but I don't think It's an accident either. The yellow in my ox swirl is pretty much the same. Thanks Bruce
  6. Berryb

    Akro cork ?

    the OP mib looks like the opposite of a normal bruiser- opaque blue base with black (translucent green) patch. I expect it was accidental, but it makes for a dandy marble anyway. Here are photos of a couple of my more typical ones. Thanks Bruce
  7. I think also that the more experience the maker got, the smaller, and harder to see, the facets became. Thanks Bruce
  8. I have a mib that I call an Akro that is similar to the one on the rt. Ox instead of coral but the streaky yellow swirl is pretty close. Thanks Bruce
  9. Tough to tell- 1st 2 pics- ? pic 3- maybe a moonie pic4&5- asian made banana type cat(s) eye pic6- amber slag, hard to tell who made it pic7&8- seriously beat up blue and white swirl Pics 9,10,11&12- appear to be game pieces Thanks Bruce
  10. Berryb


    There are 2 kinds of "bloodies" in my Block book: CAC- "opaque white base with transparent red and translucent brown swirls." and Pelt, a rainbo with "Opalescent white bases with a pair of red ribbons encircling the equator". I think only CAC used the term "bloodie" for a specific type of marble. Everything else is just a red marble. Your o.p. mibs look like a red and yellow swirl (I don't know who made it), and an Akro red and yellow snake corkscrew. I tend to be a "lumper" rather than a "splitter" so for me the fewer terms the better. While many collector terms are generally accepted
  11. Jeeze; Akro Friday almost got by this week without us. Some, or all of these may have been posted before but I'm runnin out of Akro. Bruce
  12. I think Akro called their 2 color patches "royals". The green one looks to have a third color, I don't know if that same name applies. Thanks Bruce
  13. Blown Away on Netflix. Kind of a baking competition for glass artists. Pretty interesting, and some amazing work. No marbles yet, but insight into working with glass and how glass works. Thanks Bruce
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