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  1. The one above "Vacor Crane" kept posting upside down. Anyway here it is.
  2. I have never even seen a Guinea and Roberto has one in Italy. What are the last 2 pictured? Thanks Bruce
  3. I have run out of superlatives. "nice ones" does not cover Chad's and it will not cover Roberto's. So c'mon folks keep 'em comin' . Thanks Bruce
  4. Nice ones. It's interesting that Me, You, and Al would all include a Spruce. Thanks for showing. Bruce
  5. I know it may be the ultimate in gauche to bump my own thread but here it is. I still think it's a fun exercise. Remember, you are your own arbiter of Cool, so if your 10 coolest are all cat's eyes or corkscrews so be it. Whatever floats yer boat. Thanks Bruce
  6. Don't know if these are odd, but they are to me. None are as nice as the OP marble. First is a clear, deep red, base w/lots of bubbles. Second is translucent white base w/ brown, shell pink and coral red ribbons. Third is translucent white w/yellow and blue ribbons. Thanks Bruce
  7. Is that 2 different marbles? I just re-read the title.
  8. Part of me wants to say CAC, part wants to say Pelt. I am usually wrong though. Thanks Bruce
  9. Berryb


    I have always called this Akro, but I don't care if it comes from Joe's can opener and marble factory in Tierra del Fuego 'cause I like it. Thanks Bruce
  10. Roberto; Do Europeans call them "Benningtons" too? Since they were made in Germany and not Bennington, Vermont. Just wondering. Thanks Bruce
  11. WOWSER. Really nice. I have never seen anything like the one with the solid pink core. thanks Bruce
  12. OK, I'll bite, what'sa Tater? who made 'em and what do I look for when I'm diggin' thru my mibs yet again? Thanks, I guess. Bruce
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