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  1. On sulphides try to focus on the critter inside and not the surface of the glass. Thanks Bruce
  2. Don't get discouraged. It is a huge job, but worthwhile. Thanks Bruce
  3. Al is the real expert, but my gut says they are all fantasy pieces. Thanks Bruce
  4. Dr. Robert Adams began creating golf balls out of Gutta Percha "Gutty". The Gutty golf ball was created from the dried sap of the Sapodilla tree. It had a rubber-like feel and was formed into ball shapes by heating it up and shaping it while hot. Just found the above on the 'net. Thanks again Bruce
  5. Gutta percha is an old type of rubber. They made golf balls from it for awhile. That didn't last long, probably because the golf balls didn't. Papier Mache is paper and glue. Thanks Bruce
  6. I found some that may or may not already be posted. Thanks Bruce
  7. Sounds like a great idea. I doubt that I'd be much help, but I'll do what I can. Thanks Bruce
  8. It's a cork. they don't always make a complete circuit. Thanks Bruce
  9. I guess I was trying to make more out of it than it really is. But yes there are Japanese transitionals. Long cut lines, pucker marks and generally lower quality glass. my photos are not the best. Thanks Bruce
  10. Looks kinda like a Japanese transitional. The cut line is pretty long and it has pucker marks around it. Thanks Bruce
  11. Berryb

    Akro? 🤔

    The patch kinda looks like a PPP to me. The white on white is not so common. It's nice whatever it turns out to be. Thanks Bruce
  12. Yours too Tommy. I especially like the pale yellow one by the 2 white ones. I think slags may be the perfect marble: beautiful, but still common enough that it is possible to acquire a nice collection. Thanks Bruce
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