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  1. I think I got this in '90 from a shop in Spokane. I remember I paid 5 bucks for it. All the time thinkin' I should have my head examined. I posted it once, long ago, on the other , now defunct site. The conclusions were errr... inconclusive. I thought I would try again. It's maybe a hair under 15/16ths. The pattern looks Pelt to me, the colors not so much. The ox looks Akro, streaky with black lines. Could be old Vitro, because of the U shaped seam. Except for the ox it's translucent. Any thoughts? Thanks Bruce
  2. Berryb


    On the film I would have said Alley all day, but now seein' the stills.. Idunno. It's nice whatever it is. Bruce
  3. I'm retired, you can send them all to me. I'll go thru 'em for you. Bruce
  4. I think it's a sunburst, can't remember who made 'em,. vitro? alley? Bruce
  5. I see at least 4 popeyes, plus some other corks, I'm a sucker for corks, so it's a nice pile as far I'm concerned. Thanks Bruce
  6. Lotsa good stuff. What's the one in the top left corner? I have one pretty similar that I can't figure out. Thanks Bruce
  7. I think Pelt too. Rainbo not superboy. Bruce
  8. That is gorgeous. I don't think I would call it milliflori though. How big, it looks to be at least an inch. There are some contemporary hand made experts on here, they should chime in soon. But I'll say again, that is a nice one. Thanks Bruce
  9. That's a Bennington. Really big. The eye spots are from where they touched each other during the glaze firing process. Benningtons are pretty common, every collector has a bunch. I like 'em but I'm a bit odd. Look for the ones with pink in them, the more pink the better. Bruce
  10. I think Vacor on the first one, although CAC "bloodies" have a brown streak next to the white. I think the cracks in the white stripe say Vacor. The next one could be a pelt "bruiser" , If so not too common, especially that big. I think you're right about the Vitro and the WV swirl. But I'm usually wrong. Bruce
  11. Top center looks like a big ol' snake Cork to me. I'm a sucker for Corkscrews, so I feel your pain. Center rt. and bottom left and center look like WV swirls to me. I wanna say Pelt on bottom rt but I dunno for sure. Bruce
  12. So the top one with the ox is Alley? I have a couple and always assumed they were Akro, but they weren't quite right for that, so now they're officially in a different pile. Bruce
  13. Gorgeous Al. Is your #4 Alley Spruce the same as my #9? Thanks for showing. Bruce
  14. Thanks both of you. A beat up marble is still a marble, they should be enjoyed. I have a pretty high tolerance for damage myself because most of my mibs come from yard sales and junk stores. Bruce
  15. I don't have a link but If you go to youtube and enter Stephen Bahr you should get all of his videos, including 10 coolest. Also let's see your ten best. Bruce
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