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  1. I think the red one is vacor. The brown maybe Jabo. The lines in it are blue not black. Whatever it is it's a nice mib. Thanks Bruce
  2. Berryb


    Are these both Vacor? Thanks Bruce
  3. Berryb


    Got a dilemma here. These are built like Rainbos but have colors that look more like MK. Thanks Bruce
  4. 1st pic, central square of 9, top right; is that a Pelt bruiser? Thanks Bruce
  5. My guess is alabaster or marble, (That's why they call 'em marbles). These look to be pretty well used but still have lotsa life left in 'em. Thanks Bruce
  6. I agree with Ron. Bruce
  7. Ok: here goes. I have this tub of marbles to sell. I live in NW Montana. I will deliver in the area, also northern Idaho or I can meet someone in Spokane. Also I have to be in St. Paul by May 15 so I can meet someone there or somewhere in between. I am willing to ship but It will be expensive. 200 bucks for the pile. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Bruce
  8. Nope, not moonies, although the last pic seems to have a hint of fire in it. Thanks Bruce
  9. Is there a preferred way to sell marbles on this site? There is a way to do it on AAM but I lurk there but have never posted. If it is not done here let me know and I will try elsewhere. Thanks Bruce
  10. Moonies? shine a light thru them to see if they are opalescent glass. Thanks Bruce
  11. That seam looks like a Japanese transitional to me. Not a great photo but if you look close you can see the same long puckered seam. Thanks Bruce
  12. Some Alleys are worth a bundle, but I think these are fairly common. If you like them, that's what counts. Thanks Bruce
  13. No Ox here. I think a couple are Alleys. Thanks Bruce
  14. links do not work w/o a password which I don't have. Thanks Bruce
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