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  1. Hi Sami: A pleasure to have finally met you at the Buckeye Show in February. Received my Pelt Book earlier this week. Absolutely fantastic. Top quality production. Exceeded my expectations. Bob ( Canada )
  2. The larger one appears to be Amber and the smaller one amethyst. I have a Mica currently listed for sale on eBay #181982533889 and I have described the color as either Pink or Amethyst. It is much lighter than yours and it has a pinkish tinge. Some might say it is Pink with either an amethyst or lavender tinge. I believe most Pink Micas are actually a very light amethyst. I have never seen a Mica that I would consider a true Pink like you would find in a Pink Opaque or Melonball marble, but, that doesn't mean that they don't exist. The difference between Pink and Light Amethyst with a Pink Tinge would be in the eyes of the beholder. Nonetheless, amethyst in a Mica marble is an uncommon color and a nice find.
  3. Among the 71 lots.....the Marble King Trophy, the Large Indian Swirl, the Large Onionskin with Large Mica Flakes, the Leighton Style Transitional, and, the Large Eagle on a Rock and Bust of Beethoven Sulphides were all part of the Don Taylor ( Ann Arbor, Michigan ) Collection.
  4. Thanks everyone for your help. Akro it is.
  5. Looks like an onionskin to me, but, could be wrong. This is another Mist marble that I have with Mica.
  6. a couple more views......hope these help with i.d.
  7. Hi: Here's another one. Pink or Amethyst ? Thanks, Bob.
  8. Hi: Would you consider this to be a Pink or Amethyst Mica ? Bob
  9. Hi: Is this an Akro Agate or Christensen Agate Yellow Slag ? It fluoresces green under a UV light. Bob.
  10. This is a large 1 7/16" Banded Mist Marble that I posted on this site a little while back. Hopefully this will help with identification of mattshaw1953s marble.
  11. Hi and thank you both. Have agreat day, Bob.
  12. Hi and thanks. I'm onclined toward German as well. Have a great day, Bob.
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