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  1. machinemades

    Rollem Boys Micky Marble Game.

    Rare box with early gorgeous Peltiers. Never saw it before.
  2. machinemades

    Hello from Cambridge England

    Welcome aboard crashbelt. Over the years I have become a board collector myself while displaying my handmade marbles, so I am very interested seeing some rarer items out of your collection when you get a chance. I do have a large 24 hole board as well as a small 8 hole board. Have you ever seen a 6 hole board that would hold 1” marbles? Best, Sami
  3. machinemades

    Marbleous Pictures

    Mind boggling pictures.
  4. machinemades

    Board Update

    Thank you all from me too. Great to know it is in good hands.
  5. machinemades

    Peltier Chocolate Cow questions

    Extra amount of air pops might be one of the reasons why Peltier didn’t produce too many Cows and that is why they are harder to find. I personally didn’t think cows have more airpops than other Peltier marbles but I didn’t see everything. Yours is the first bifurcated tiger/cow I have seen. Nice marble.
  6. machinemades


    Just checking to see if we can post.
  7. machinemades


    Dindo, after miller swirls all peltiers have minimum two, rarely three cutlines. Andrea, please pm me your address.
  8. machinemades


    Blue is quite different from the typical turquoise shade the submarines have. This one is unusually dark. I can see one cutline, but there should be a second cutline to make it a Peltier.
  9. machinemades


    Is it a submarine? Base should be maglite blue.
  10. What a marble! Don’t know if they were made intentional but few of the same color combo are around. Some of my favorites.
  11. machinemades

    vegas whos coming? posted info here.

    I’m driving with mike johnson checking in on 24th Wednesday. Looking forward to it.
  12. Hello Everyone, How are you guys doing? Mark your calendars, it is that time of the year again. Our 2018 fall meet date has been set to October 20th. The venue is the same location 1785 Pomar Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94598. The meeting will start at 10AM and will go on to 4PM. We will have pizza and drinks. Bring marbles to show/tell, trade or just sell. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. All the best, Sami Arim
  13. machinemades

    Interesting lot of Handmades

    Those are crazy good! Any for sale?
  14. machinemades

    Peltier Metallic bubbles

    First marble has a potential to be a kokomo