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  1. Some extremely nice antique German handmades in there.
  2. Polishing would erase the cut line and would be a bad idea for this sort of marble but it is totally possible if there was nothing to lose to begin with.
  3. Cyclones I have seen usually have a single cut line. I actually do not remember seeing any with two cut lines. They are also most of the time small in size although I have seen up to 23/32”.
  4. The only way to identify as a Christensen agate cyclone is to locate a cut line on the clear glass. A loupe will help you locate it.
  5. All seem to be vintage vitro agate
  6. Killer example. Is the base transparent green?
  7. 5E6ADF2A-00C3-45B2-B132-C5131A148AE5.MOV
  8. I got the same message regarding the size. So I couldn’t upload my video.
  9. I took a short video but was too large to upload. I’ll try to take few nice pictures in the coming days. I am very curious about this mystery marble also.
  10. I have one that I thought was German circus is very similar to this in colors but I am not 100% sure. Mine has a handgathered 9 and tail, loaded with very fine silver and green aventurine in transparent green ribbons at both poles and has the thick egg yolk properties on yellow ribbons.
  11. Bob Block’s price guide has to be the only one regarding values but you need to adjust for inflation. It breaks down to size and condition very methodically.
  12. Me and Mike Johnson checking in Tuesday afternoon. Just so everyone knows I’ll be setting up for picture taking sessions for the Christensen Agate book we just started working. If anyone wants to share any high end Christensen Agate marbles make sure to let me know for a setup.
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