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  1. I'm so honored. They are a lot of fun to make, and knowing someone else enjoys them as much as i do makes them that much more rewarding. Technical note: the difference between earthenware and stoneware is primarily a difference in firing temperature. An earthenware clay body consists of materials that melt at a lower temperature, and so they don't need to be fired as hot in order to become solid, however not all the materials vitrify (fuse together in the heat) so it leave's the clay porous, lighter, and more susceptible to break (terra-cotta being the perfect example). Earthenware oft
  2. Awesome! Thanks Steph, I hadn't seen any of their work.
  3. Thanks Steph and Royal3, It has been as much fun for me to make them and see how they turn out as it has been finding jars of machine mades in antique malls. It took a lot of experimentation and trial and error just to get them very close to round and still have crisp lines. I was initially tempted to try to imitate the more classic crockery style, cobalt and copper streaks in a white clay body, but I'm conscious of people reselling them claiming they are antiques, so i've tried to choose colorants that have only become available in recent ceramic engineering history. Although, i've alrea
  4. Hello everyone, I've been kicking around this website for awhile now gathering info on my new obsession and decided that it's time to become part of the conversation! My story is as follow... While visiting family during christmas 2018 my mother in law was sorting through a box of belongings her parents had given her after recently selling their house. While passing by, a bag of marbles caught my eye, and as i picked them up to examine them she offered them to me. I felt like i had won the lottery, being a potter who had never even considered clay marbles before, i was immediately struc
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