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  1. VTAndrea

    Sad news

    I was just notified that Carole Shockley passed away in her home on Dec. 18th. Carole was one of the sweetest forum contributors as well as offline friends I had. She loved her dogs and we shared many stories about our pets. She was not interested in buying the most expensive marbles, but enjoyed seeing the photos and reading the stories connected with them. If I get more information, I'll pass it along.
  2. VTAndrea


    Hey Sami, are there any of your Pelt books left? I meant to ask long ago....
  3. VTAndrea


    I had a Pelt sub at one time which your marble certainly resembles.
  4. VTAndrea

    End of Day

  5. VTAndrea

    Interesting lot of Handmades

    I was thinking Leighton even before Galen mentioned Bulgarian. I must join the antique German marbles forum. Wow...
  6. VTAndrea

    Alley Fever

    Here's a very busy one:
  7. VTAndrea

    Back in 2014

    Whoa! Gorgeous.
  8. VTAndrea

    Remember that feeling?

    Ugh! I've been trying to find a green brick forever. You didn't even keep one?
  9. VTAndrea

    Remember that feeling?

    Having the opportunity to buy a batch of marbles from a person who was buying our dining room furniture when I mentioned I'd started collecting them. Turned out to be some very high-end CACs, Akros and Peltiers! I paid them an amount they were happy with and learned they were worth a whole lot more.
  10. VTAndrea


    I had a couple peewee sunbursts that I sold on ebay as Masters. They had all the characteristics.
  11. VTAndrea

    Marble hunting

    Schmoozer, glad I'm not the only one who got the phony story!
  12. VTAndrea

    Marble hunting

    Hate to be the naysayer in the group, but I don't know how many times the owner in an antiques shop told me "I have some in a box in the barn", or upstairs, or in a drawer and would promise to bring them in for me to look at. I'd go back and suddenly the marbles had disappeared. I think Greg is right about ebay causing the marbles to dry up. And yes, if indeed there were marbles in a legitimate shop, they were most likely catseyes or clays with a price tag of $50 and up.
  13. VTAndrea

    Leroy Johnson

    He was a genuinely kind, honest and sweet man. Did a few jobs for my beat-up handmades.
  14. VTAndrea

    Is this Bulgarian?

    And there isn't a seam. You can't see one and the seller says as much.