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  1. Hi Sami: Are you taking good care of "my" Blue Bee? I don't see any filaments at all on or in this marble but I see that the construction is very similar to a Blue Lace. Somehow I can't bring myself to call it an Orange Lace though! On another topic, are there any more copies of your Peltier book available for purchase?
  2. I'm sure it's CAC, but would it be a "submarine"? Someday after I shuffle off this earthly coil, my son may want to sell some of these, so it would be really great if he knew what to call them. Most have accepted nicknames, but submarine is one that is sometimes confusing. I've seen plain old CA slags called a submarine. That's my question and dilemma.
  3. No one has come up with an answer to my ID questions (look in the ID forum) as yet. Maybe a more specific question will elicit an answer: exactly what is a CAC "submarine"? I'm pretty sure that's what I'd call this one, but I think the term is often applied to striped transparents.
  4. Les Jones used to say eye appeal was everything, but this one didn't quite meet that criteria! Nonetheless, I was acquiring various types just for my own education.
  5. Here are 4 more (some duplication, sorry) of the green/yellow one. Hope it helps you decide what I have!
  6. I found more views of the CA in my old marble photos.
  7. Interestingly, I also have an Akro transparent green/orange corkscrew with almost the same color intensity as my CA. Sorry to only offer one view.
  8. Is 1stmmrbs Galen? I know some of you have advanced collections. Would the first marble (orange/green) be properly called a "submarine"?
  9. Thanks for those comments & opinions. I can’t remember your first name, “1st”, but I bet you’re younger than me! I’ll try to take a few more views.
  10. Don't the Leightons generally have faceted pontils? I do have the first in with my CACs, but can't even remember when/where I got it.
  11. I haven't posted here in a very long time, but am hoping a few of you long-time collectors will go over to the marble ID section and look at my post from today. Thanks in advance. Oh, look AND also hazard a guess!
  12. I've been culling my collection over the past few years and updating my will--sorry if this seems too macabre in this forum--because I'm leaving my best marbles to my son. As well, I'm trying to re-measure and reevaluate each one, then make sure the map of my case is accurate with descriptions. Here are 2 I've forgotten, so if you know what they should be called, please help. The green/orange one is very unusual; I don't think I've seen one like it. The green/yellow one came from an ebay auction and I think it was called a transitional. You can see the melted pontil, which is quite rough.
  13. I was just notified that Carole Shockley passed away in her home on Dec. 18th. Carole was one of the sweetest forum contributors as well as offline friends I had. She loved her dogs and we shared many stories about our pets. She was not interested in buying the most expensive marbles, but enjoyed seeing the photos and reading the stories connected with them. If I get more information, I'll pass it along.
  14. Hey Sami, are there any of your Pelt books left? I meant to ask long ago....
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