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  1. Thanks for the replies. I will stick it with my Champions til someone tells me differently.
  2. I am not sure what this is. Measures just under 1/2". Clear bubbly base with lavender ribbon swirled just under the surface. Looks kind of like marbles that have been called snottys. I know CAC made some Peewees, this probably isn't one but a boy can dream. Doesn't photograph well this is the best I could do.
  3. Some Pelts. Some may not be Pelt but I stuck them in anyway.
  4. So, these look Master to you as well? Admittedly they are just a hair under 1/2" could have been a mistake I suppose. Here is a picture of some of the patches they were with.
  5. More pix. I will quit the pix for now. Just wanted an opinion. The top picture is of another marble. The bottom two are the same marble.
  6. We are at last almost settled in our new home. (Upstate New York) It has been a long winter and I am finally getting my marbles unpacked. I ran across a box of Peewees that I had been keeping in a small gumball machine for years. I guess I never really looked at them, I knew that many people made them I just didn't know that I had any other than cats eyes and patches. I seem to remember that someone said that Master didn't make Pewees, or is that just my old age acting up again? Anyway, here are 4 that I think are Master and are all under 1/2". What do you all think? I guess I can only upload
  7. Happy Holidays to all of you as well. And ditto what everyone else has said about Steph.
  8. Sort of like a marble on a stick. Sock darners. Saw them on the Road Show.
  9. I was just looking at some old Cal Worthington ads on YouTube. I remember them from the 60's in California. Go see Cal, Go see Cal! And his dog "Spot"
  10. 20 miles from me. If I get a chance, I will be there. If I go I will post a report. Thanks for sharing this one.
  11. I get a "403 Forbidden" when I click the link. Any ideas?
  12. A Dulcimer made by Ed Stilley, Hogscald Hollow Arkansas. Interesting story, should be able to Google and find him.
  13. What they all said x 2. Hope your day was perfect!
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