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  1. That's because he is an engineer and not an artist. .
  2. I just ordered 10 pounds of jabo classics circa 99-08. Should be around 800 marbles. I am back on a leather bag kick and figured it would be nice to fill some and give them away with a stone shooter.
  3. I bought her a bag of the mermaids, 24 mibs and a 1" boulder. Also got the wifey a 1-5/8" "mammoth" size mermaid. And last but not least a 1" white boulder with a picture of the little mermaid. She loved the little mermaid as a kid. I have some green and blue leather I have been saving to make her a marble bag, I better get stitching!
  4. When I was a kid I got some of the dragon ones from my older brother with a klutz blue/white striped bag. Now I'll have to order some more since I know what they are. A while back I got like 2 of the mermaid ones and gave a mint one to my wife, she loved it. Guess I'll get some more of those too. One of my local dollar stores carries these, I have bought all of the 6 styles they stocked, sadly they keep getting the same colors! Thanks for the great video man! These are really nice modern marbles.
  5. I don't know how many marble maker wannabes we have on here but this guy has a good video on getting into making glass. He did it to make auto darkening glass but that's only a small part of this video.
  6. Dude, I have like thousands of dollars in tools but it's my marbles I wince about thinking what will happen to them when I die.
  7. I would be hard pressed to part with any of my marbles for any reason. The ones I hold most dear I dug up as a small child in the yard behind our kitchen. They are in my leather bag I got in like 5th grade along with another 30 or so I collected before then. Some nice ones from an antique store too. The newest one in that bag is a shooter, glow in the dark from the moon marble company, got that when I was like 12. I almost gave my wife one she really liked from that bag but I just couldn't do it. I didn't think she would keep it in a nice safe spot. I did give her some other marbles she liked that weren't from my childhood marble bag, she has no idea where they are. Sadly I guess I made the right decision. She loves the rings I have gotten her. I wouldn't call them mass produced but jewellery in my opinion is about as meaningful as a store bought card. Yet I give her some beautiful marbles from my collection and they get lost. She isn't the only significant other to lack this appreciation. I think the most difficult part isn't the emotions connected with a marble you are giving away but trust you do or don't have in the other person.
  8. The problem with a counter top made from marbles isn't the cost or availability of the marbles them selves but the epoxy you suspend them in. Nice clear epoxy is expensive. There are ways other than epoxy but it is the best option in my opinion. If you're talking about melting a bunch of marbles together in a mould you then have the problem of needing to make all those custom moulds and the ovens they go in, essentially setting up a whole factory just to make some really gaudy, expensive, and fragile counter tops which couldn't compete on any level with a composite counter top which could achieve the same look without the downside of fragility.
  9. Lolz, I was just listening to her song last night! I have played that game too. It actually won't run on my laptop for some reason.
  10. There are numerous games for smartphones in the app store, some are alright. Any of you guys seen marbles video games for any other platforms? I am NOT talking about marble run games or tilt games. I am referring to games where you shoot/roll the marble at other marbles like for ringer and such.
  11. So I got that bag or all reds a couple days ago. They are really nice, pretty mint. Check out these: ebay.com/itm/382720056867 I made the guy an offer of 4$ and included a note about them being jabos. I wonder if he will accept my offer lolz
  12. Whelp, they should be here tuesday so we will see how good they are, I will post pics. I bought a bunch of stone marbles from china so in a couple months I will post pics lolz. I have a bunch of panels cut for another panel bag. I think I will sew it up and put as many of my stone marbles as can fit in it. I told my 8 year old we need to get back into playing more. I know my 5 year old wants to play.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153373584078 Just won these, what do you guys think?
  14. Well thats cool. I will post pics of a lot I am currently bidding on when it ends. It is also a "nos" bag of marbles which I do think are legit but for the price I want them regardless because they look nice. I kinda will be bummed if they are legit because then I wont want to open them to play with.
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