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  1. The problem with a counter top made from marbles isn't the cost or availability of the marbles them selves but the epoxy you suspend them in. Nice clear epoxy is expensive. There are ways other than epoxy but it is the best option in my opinion. If you're talking about melting a bunch of marbles together in a mould you then have the problem of needing to make all those custom moulds and the ovens they go in, essentially setting up a whole factory just to make some really gaudy, expensive, and fragile counter tops which couldn't compete on any level with a composite counter top which could achieve the same look without the downside of fragility.
  2. Lolz, I was just listening to her song last night! I have played that game too. It actually won't run on my laptop for some reason.
  3. There are numerous games for smartphones in the app store, some are alright. Any of you guys seen marbles video games for any other platforms? I am NOT talking about marble run games or tilt games. I am referring to games where you shoot/roll the marble at other marbles like for ringer and such.
  4. So I got that bag or all reds a couple days ago. They are really nice, pretty mint. Check out these: ebay.com/itm/382720056867 I made the guy an offer of 4$ and included a note about them being jabos. I wonder if he will accept my offer lolz
  5. Whelp, they should be here tuesday so we will see how good they are, I will post pics. I bought a bunch of stone marbles from china so in a couple months I will post pics lolz. I have a bunch of panels cut for another panel bag. I think I will sew it up and put as many of my stone marbles as can fit in it. I told my 8 year old we need to get back into playing more. I know my 5 year old wants to play.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153373584078 Just won these, what do you guys think?
  7. Well thats cool. I will post pics of a lot I am currently bidding on when it ends. It is also a "nos" bag of marbles which I do think are legit but for the price I want them regardless because they look nice. I kinda will be bummed if they are legit because then I wont want to open them to play with.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-glass-marbles-by-marble-king-NOS-NIP-100-sealed-marbles-RARE/254100486295 Unfortunately "nos in the bag marbles" are everywhere on ebay with most of them being false. Some of the swirls remind me of jabos. Also, long time no see guys ;)
  9. Our towns was a bit more complicated. Other towns around us had standard wheels however.
  10. Where I live water wheels were used to drive the blowers for furnaces. You may have natural gas but you still need to move the air.
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/Pbum5 That's the link to the imgur post. The dudes father found it in west virginia near a waterfall. I assume waterfall means at some point a waterwheel was there driving a blast furnace for glass making.
  12. I think the gist of it is he thinks the fold may be partially due to the design of the machines but that the extent to which it occurs is dependent on the viscosity of the glass. Implying that the fold is not necessarily intentional. This is the first I have heard of there being a disagreement on this, nor have I ever thought much of it. I would think for a marble to have a fold instead of having two "pontils" that it wouldn't just drop straight down in the middle of the rollers but rather land off center so it hits one roller and slides to the middle causing it to fold. I have seen some machines, mostly in new jabo videos, the molten glass dripping from the bottom of the pot is cut by a sliding plate. If you positioned the hole centered on the rollers the globs would land off center from being pushed sideways by the shear as it cut them. Maybe someone realized this at other companies and so offset the rollers. The viscosity would still affect the degree to which this occurred as thinner glass would cut easier and not be pushed sideways as much in the process and thus land more torwards center and presumably folding less.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pTpRop3aBE
  14. Steph, that is an awesome video and a great song to boot!!
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h8fIDoQtDQ
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