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  1. @wadely1212 -- This one? Ouch... http://www.mibcollectors.com/view_lot.php?marble_lot_id=11036
  2. Hi all, The site had been down for the past 6 months due to server changes. Someone emailed me saying they missed the site, so I put it back online! Glad to see some people miss it.
  3. FYI, I just did another database update to the MibCollectors database of to add about $550,000 worth of marbles sold at Auction... So, the whole thing includes about $1.85 million dollars worth of marbles transactions now... I also removed the registration requirement, so it's easier to use (for those who hate to create new web site accounts). http://www.mibcollectors.com/auction_data.php It's a 100% free research tool...hope others find it useful.
  4. New update: The site's marbles database has crossed the 4,000 marbles threshhold, with over 13,000 marble photos. I put the web site up only a little over a month ago -- it should be really something a year from now. Hope it can be a useful resource to marble collectors out there. http://www.mibcollectors.com
  5. Well, I'm glad somebody said it, lol. ; ) It will be great to have an eBay alternative, run by someone who knows and cares about marbles.
  6. OK -- By request, here is a page with the auction data separated out: ----------- http://www.mibcollectors.com/auction_data.php ----------- It has ~2 years worth of Morphy auctions, and the past 2 Block auctions, and includes over $1.3 million of marble sales. Check out the Advanced Search -- you can get really nitty-gritty in defining your searches.
  7. @zaboo >> where do you locate all the past aucitons at? Auction data is mixed with the other data right now, but you'll see "MorphyAuctions" (for example) as the poster of the marbles when you do searches. I'm going to separate out the auction data here in the not too distant future. Right now, you can do advanced searches all listings (80% of which is auction data) by clicking the "Explore" button. Search by color, condition, manufacturer, size, etc.
  8. @JVVMarbles -- Sorry about that! Please try again now, there was a bug on my end (overzealous spam blocker).
  9. Some good news for the Mib Collectors web site... We've gotten permission from both Bob Block (Block CyberAuctions) and Dan Morphy (Morphy Auctions) to publish their auction data on the site! I've finished adding the past 2 Block auctions' data, and the past 2 years worth of Morphy marble auctions data to the site. MibCollectors.com now has over 3,600 marbles listed with over 12,000 marble photos! You can use the site to do advanced searches on marbles across multiple auctions, from multiple auction houses, all in one place. (The database now includes over 12,000 marble photos and over $1.3 million dollars worth of sold marble pricing data). Hope this is a useful resource to the marble enthusiasts out there! Here is the link to see the data, click "Explore" to start searching: http://www.MibCollectors.com
  10. I'd like to voice support for the 100 Great Marbles book -- sounds like a great idea!
  11. Thanks for posting, jeroen! And for the suggestion...
  12. FYI, to all who hit a roadblock trying to look at the site: I've removed the membership and upload restrictions to browse the marbles now. http://www.mibcollectors.com/explore.php We're up to 458 marbles in the database and growing! Searchable by type, manufacturer, color, size, condition, etc.
  13. @m!b$ This is the correct address for your marbles: http://mibcollectors.com/user/38118 (the other one only shows your marbles if you're logged in to your account)
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