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  1. Hi Steph! Hi fellow Texans! Yes, I have checked out the Texas link Steph. Went to their Fall Show several yrs ago. Hope to go this year! I will post a few pics if they come out decent.
  2. Hi y'all! My name is Tracye and I am in HOT & HUMID Ft. Worth. I love marbles, am obsessed with marbles, could look at marbles all day! Still learning and absorbing info so I can identify what I have acquired over the years. One thing I have discovered in the last year, after joining a varity of marble groups, is that this community of people are some of the nicest, friendliest, respectable and hepful people I have ever met (online). Have not had the pleasure of meeting in person, except a few shows I have attended, but I'm sure I would say the same thing. Glad to be part of the CONNECTIO
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