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  1. dhrnrcpa

    Final 2

    The ribbon seems to be trhoughout the marble. One final attempt at some pics and I'm giving up.
  2. dhrnrcpa

    Final 2

    Here are some more looks at the blue marble...
  3. dhrnrcpa

    Final 2

    Last two! Thanks again.
  4. Again, thanks for all help!
  5. dhrnrcpa

    3 to ID

    Thanks in advance!
  6. dhrnrcpa

    ID Jelp

    Can anyone clue me in on these 3 marbles? I've tried to add multiple views.
  7. Need help on these 3
  8. Need id help on these three
  9. dhrnrcpa


    Here are a couple of more shots of the marble on the right. Think I am going to have to do something with my lighting situation.
  10. dhrnrcpa


    Have these 3 marbles with which I need some help identifying.
  11. I guess I could have added that I did not specifically buy these looking to turn a profit, they were in a box with some Elvis records that I bought. Just hated to leave money on the table if any of them have any value.
  12. Hoping not to be too much trouble, but I came across 35-40 marbles that appear to be fairly aged in an estate sale. I am still trying to figure identification out, but I will try to limit myself to a couple of marbles at a time and only one post or so a day. That being said, here are 2 with which I need some help.
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