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  1. Marbleneophyte

    Luminescent Oxblood

    So I seem to recall reading somewhere that If a marble is luminescent its Akro. Is this correct? Is this an Akro swirl?
  2. Marbleneophyte

    Ravenswood Brown Based Swirls?

    I've been trying ID this pair and after reading the Marble Alan site I think they are Ravenswood Brown Based Swirls. Thoughts?
  3. Marbleneophyte

    Might have a good one...

    There were Vitros and Marble Kings in the lot, so that makes sense. Are the seams the tell?
  4. Marbleneophyte

    West Virginia Swirl?

    Thank you Ron! I figured that you would know.
  5. Marbleneophyte

    West Virginia Swirl?

    Can anyone help with the manufacturer?
  6. Marbleneophyte

    Might have a good one...

    Measures 5/8. Thoughts...
  7. Marbleneophyte

    Marble King Sunburst?

    Thanks guys...
  8. Marbleneophyte

    New or Old?

    I knew it didn't look quite right...quality of glass and the finish. Thanks Steph!
  9. Marbleneophyte

    Peltier, Master, something else?

    I can find similar examples, but none that match. Ideas??
  10. Marbleneophyte

    New or Old?

    I thought this might be a Peltier but the seam looks defective which makes me question the quality and the mfg. Thoughts?
  11. Marbleneophyte


    Thanks Steph. You're wealth of knowledge! So is this common or have a stumbled upon something rare?
  12. Marbleneophyte


    Thoughts about this one? I'm hoping that's a turkey I see in photo 1. The light washes out the hairline stripes, but looking at them with a jewelers loop they're a brownish red. Oxblood??
  13. Marbleneophyte


    Bought a lot today and it seems to be a mixture of old and new. This one really has me stumped. Thoughts??
  14. Marbleneophyte

    Old or New?

    Bought this one from this one from the same dealer. I'm hoping it is an old slag. Measures 7/8".