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  1. Thanks Ron. As always a appreciate your insight!
  2. Thanks Al. I was hoping that it had a special name. Even so its a beautiful color combination I haven't seen before. Thanks again.
  3. My wife bought a bag of vintage marbles at a garage sale and a couple of these were in it. I'm thinking Peltier but I've been unable to find a similar example. Measures 9/16"
  4. Here are a couple from the weekend. The one on the left measures 19/32" and the one on the right 5/8". The one on the right I'm thinking is old. Akro maybe?? The one on the left I'm not so sure about. It has a couple of dings and before I throw it with the broken I wanted to be sure I'm not tossing a keeper. Thoughts??
  5. I found these this morning. Jabo or something older?? The larger one is 21/32" & the smaller on is 19/32"
  6. Thanks guys! It's the first one I've found.
  7. Leaning towards Vitro. Neon Conqueror maybe? Measures 21/32.
  8. Imagine my surprise when I found this one picking through a bowl of random marbles at an antique store! Measures 17/32. Is it what a think it is?
  9. Thanks guys. I'll put with the Vacors.
  10. I found a better photo of Creamsicle and its not a match.
  11. This one measure 5/8". I'm pretty sure it a Peltier. The closest example I can find is a Creamsicle but the photo is not very good so its hard to compare. Am I on the right track?
  12. Finally there is a marble show that is within a reasonable driving distance for me! Has anyone ever attended this one? Is it worth the 6 hour drive?
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