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  1. I was pretty sure after I had the marbles out of the bag that they weren't old. Another thing I just noticed is that the hole in the label / hanger won't even fit over the neck of Coke bottle. I'm still paying for a marble education. Fortunately this wasn't an expensive lesson. Ron, thanks for your help!
  2. Bought a bag of Coca-Cola giveaways at an antique mall. Staples are rusty, the label looked right and the bag is cellophane so I figured they were legit. Now that I see them out of the bag I'm not so sure. Are these 1950's / 60's? Any ides about the maker?
  3. Can't find one like it online but the closest match is Cairo. Measures 5/8". Thoughts?
  4. Here's a different one. The base appears to be a dark transparent brown with mint green swirls. Any thoughts about this one?
  5. I've been so far off base lately I hate to even guess but here goes nothing... 1. Peltier Rainbo 2. Marble King 3. Vitro
  6. This one measures 19/32. Thoughts?
  7. My first impression is Marble King but I'm not sure. Thoughts?
  8. My wife brought me a candy dish filled with marbles from the thrift store. I'm thinking these are Vitro but I've thought that before and the marbles were IDed as Akro.
  9. Thanks guys. As always I appreciate your help!
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