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  1. I was thinking CAC but every time I guess Christensen I'm usually wrong... Thanks!
  2. I seem to be finding a lot of strange ones lately. This one measures 21/32. Thoughts??
  3. It's an unusual base color for sure. Thanks for the help y'all and stay sefe!
  4. Hello Steph. Miller swirl maybe? I've seen so few older pelts I don't much basis for comparison.
  5. 27/32 with an off-white base and candy apple red ribbons. I've seen Arkos with similar colors. Cork gone wrong??
  6. Here's one from the weekend. Look familiar to anyone?
  7. Looks like an Akro Agate lemonade patch to me.
  8. Thanks for everyone's help so far. Any thoughts about the remaining ones? I've been doing some more studying and I think the first one is Champion. I found both Champion and Ravenswood examples that are very similar but the quality of the glass has me leaning Champion. The second one I'm leaning Alley but I can't tell you why. The forth one I'm thinking Alley or Heaton. The pattern is busy on one side and sparse on the other. The last 2 I'm leaning Ravenswood but I wonder if I'm being unduly influenced by the size?
  9. Yep, it sure does! None of the others do though. Thanks Steph! Thanks to you too chocobogreesn. I googled Christensen layered sand and now I have an idea what they look like. Thanks again!
  10. All of great swirl posts lately and Stephen B's Ravenswood videos have inspired me to continue my swirl education! Here are a few of the more interesting ones I found this weekend. Most measure 5/8" but the last 2 are 9/16". Do any of these have special names?
  11. Thanks guys! It's a beautiful marble for sure. I still struggle with swirls. The variety of color combinations can be overwhelming. The Alley threads here show some amazing examples and have given me a deeper appreciation for West Virginia Swirls! Thanks again guys!
  12. Picked this one up over the weekend. Champion?
  13. Thanks guys! What about the one in the middle? Alley?
  14. Opps...got the photos in the wrong order. The first pic is the one I think may be Alley.
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