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  1. Thanks Steph. I'm moving it to the Jabo section.
  2. Another one from the mystery pile. Thoughts?
  3. It's 19/32. I love the color combination...
  4. Steph, thank you so much for the Seams Tutorial! It has helped immensely! This one still has me a bit confused but I think it's a Master.
  5. This one is a beauty. Any thoughts on the maker??
  6. These 2 came from the same lot with several vitro and a few akro. The one on the right looks like a helmet that didn't line up quite right. The one on the left I'm thinking is a Tri-Lite but its unlike any that I've seen before. Am I on the right track?
  7. Here's one more Steph from a little further back that shows a seam. It's hard to get a clear shot of ribbons. Thanks for your help!
  8. I was going through my "unidentified" box when I came across this one. It has 2 orangish red ribbons. One is just under the surface and the other is deeper, near the center. My first inclination is Peltier. Thoughts?
  9. This one has a transparent base and light shines through from pole to pole. Vitro? Akro? Something else?? Measures 21/32".
  10. Seams and the general pattern me think Peltier but the color remind me of Marble King. They measure about 1 inch each. Thoughts??
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