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  1. What is the diameter of the hole on the hanger? Some of the newer fantasy bags won't hang from a 6.5 coke bottle which was the standard in the 1950's. I learned this the hard way
  2. Steph I think you have me on the right track! I found some Champions online that are similar. This one is brighter though and the contrast between the colors is much greater. Thanks for help Steph!
  3. Probably wishful thinking but I'm hoping I have a good one. The quality of the glass seems too good to be Jabo. Akro maybe??
  4. This one is a little chippy but the colors are really nice. Measures 5/8".
  5. These are opalescent and luminescent. 17/32" +/-. From the seams I'm leaning Akro. Thoughts/
  6. Thanks guys! It was a Heinz 57 lot with a little bit everything. Nothing great, but no regrets! I got my $10 worth and I've learned something new. Thanks again!
  7. I bought a jar of marbles today for $10 at the flea market. This was the marble caught my eye. It measures 19/32". I'm thinking Alley but I'm really not sure. Thoughts?
  8. It's 17/32. I got ahead of myself. Started the post before I measured! Thanks for "heads up."
  9. Earlier I watched Stephenb's Marble King video and it inspired to pick through my MK's and tried to I. D. a few. As a newbie I highly recommend it! Below are the ones I'm struggling with. I'm not even certain that they are all MK, especially #2. Do any of these have special names? Please let me know if more photos are needed. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Steph! I had sorted it with the West Virginia Swirls but that sure looks like a seam in photo 2...
  11. This one is a pee wee. It measures 17/32. I haven't found many drizzles so I'm wondering if I have something good or if its common?
  12. Here's one of the weird ones from the weekend. Closest thing I can find online is a fat core or Jell-o Vane Cats Eye. The colors are beautiful. Can anyone tell me what it is?
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