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  1. So if I understand correctly, these are Akro Patches. The base is clear however the yellowish orange patch makes the base look amber. It's not a Popeye because patch is a single color although it looks like 2 based depending upon the thickness. Hopefully I'm not over thinking it and I'm on the right track.
  2. I found some swirls this weekend. Probably common, but a little different than what I've been finding. Here goes nothing... 1. Cairo 2. Heaton 3. Ravenswood 4. Alley 5. Alley 6. Alley Or they could all be Alley....😀
  3. Two more patches. Both have a clear base. The blue is 21/32 and the orange is 5/8. More Popeyes or as that just wishful thinking??
  4. Cool! I found some rare marbles and didn't know it! Thank you both so much! I've learned a lot yet I still know very little. Obviously I need to study up on my patches. Any suggested reading??
  5. The pee wee I'm pretty sure is Akro. The other 2 I'm not so sure...
  6. That's great to know! Is it the wispy white that is the key? I have others with the same trait and I'm now think maybe the all need to be with the Akros. Are these Akro Too?
  7. I have these with my Vitros but I'm starting to wonder...Did I get it right?
  8. Tough one to photograph so I apologize in advance for the picture quality. The base is a transparent light amber with translucent white and green swirls on the interior. Measures 5/8.
  9. 1990's Champions?? 19/32 to 23/32.
  10. 19/32. The quality is a little off so I'm thinking these are foreign.
  11. Measures 19/32. I'm hoping for CAC but I'm guessing Alley.
  12. One side makes think Peltier and the other side looks like a common WV swirl. 5/8. Thoughts?
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