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  1. Top 2 are about 7/8, bottom 3 are about 1" Yellow part of bottom right has slight orange peel texture.
  2. Thanks Steph. I'll either try that or try selling more at a time for about the same shipping cost. I have about 50 -75 of the 1" cat eye shooters. I picked those 6 because they were 1 1/8. Maybe I'll have better luck selling 20 - 25 at a time. I definitely don't want to take a hit on the shipping or let them go for next to nothing. I'm sure I'll sell them eventually. If not, they'll make a nice gift for my future grand kids :). Thanks again Steph.
  3. I specified the size. Had all 6 on bid for a week. Starting bid at $3.99 and no bites. Maybe I'll try again with a lower starting price.
  4. I'm starting to find out cats aren't real popular. I had these listed on ebay for pretty cheap and didn't get one bid. These are a bit bigger. About 1 1/8". Having better luck just selling large lots of marbles and throwing some of the cateye shooters in with them.
  5. but...they're still just cats eyes?
  6. Thanks again Steph. I'm slowly learning.
  7. Thank you Steph. I know cats eyes aren't the most sought after marble, but are there any that are considered collectible or have much value?
  8. Been here a few weeks so I guess I should introduce myself. So about 10 years ago I bought a 35 gallon trash can full of marbles for $50 at a garage sale. About 300 lbs of marbles. The guy was moving and desperate to get rid of them. Anyway, I'm trying to sell most of them now on ebay, but I'll keep a collection for myself of any nice ones I find. A special thanks to those who have helped me identifying marbles.
  9. I echo the other's sentiments. Thanks to all who serve the nation.
  10. Can't tell you what the marbles are, but I'm impressed with your coin collection as much as your marble collection.
  11. Found this old cats eye. About 1".
  12. I'm not positive the bottom left is a corkscrew. Has somewhat of a corkscrew pattern, but not as defined as the other corkscrews I have. Here's a couple more pictures of it.
  13. Steph, Thank you for all the info on my last 3 batches. Besides the modern Asian ones and the others you didn't identify, would the others be considered vintage? I'm not sure what age marbles qualify as vintage.
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