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  1. rjx

    Something different

    Your wobby guess was way better than my wobby guess would have been Thanks Steph
  2. rjx

    Something different

    Some of the more clear white part turns bluish purple under blacklight.
  3. rjx

    Something different

    Thanks Steph. Is it modern?
  4. If it wasn't for the white part it almost looks like it could be a cat's eye with a yellow eye. It's about 3/4
  5. rjx

    How about this one?

    Thanks so much Steph
  6. rjx

    How about this one?

    Any ideas about when it might have been made?
  7. rjx

    How about this one?

    Thank you Steph...again. Any idea who made it?
  8. Thank you Steph.
  9. About 3/8" I was thinking clay, but never seen clay with the color splotches. Any ideas?
  10. rjx

    Jabo Classics?

    I see the marble you are talking about. I know it's not easy to identify with so many marbles and just one view. Thanks for your input.
  11. rjx

    Jabo Classics?

    Thanks Al. When you say "other types", do you mean other types of Jabos besides Jabo Classics, or other types of marbles that aren't Jabos?
  12. rjx

    Jabo Classics?

    Are some of them not even Jabos?
  13. rjx

    Jabo Classics?

    Thanks Jose. These are from a large batch I got about 10 years ago, so I know none are newer than that. Lots of different styles. Just always been curious what the term "Jabo Classics" refers to.
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