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  1. I unwrapped these 5 beauties the other day. I’m almost sure pics 1-3.(4 Marbles) are all the same mfg whom ever that may be. The dull colors with the grainy coloring going into the cutoff lines makes me think these are Master Made Marbles possibly Vitro Agates. The last one pictured 4-7 is a clear base with a red tinge to about 1/4 the inside is grainy with a twist resembling a cats eye that didn’t spread out all the filament is on one side somewhat like a Cobra. If anyone knows what these specific patterns are I would appreciate it so I can compare my thoughts on these with yours. I appreciate everyone’s time and effort. I’ve exhausted the internet search engine method of identifying these thru pictures and encyclopedias. To be honest the more I look the further I drift into confusion, subsequently everything starts looking like an Akro Agate or a Peltier. Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Is there an inside joke on this board about Jabo marbles? I’ve read a few replies on other topics where Jabo marbles Created a sense of “dang it” I used to experience when my mother tried to feed us Kiesh for breakfast.
  3. Is the deformation on the Pontil common? Do these types of manufacturing defects devalue or add to the value of a marble? Thanks
  4. Ok I see the problem I’ve been having is bleeding over to y’all to. I inherited 5 thousand plus marbles in 8 large boxes from my 100 year old grandmother after she passed away. She knew I to had an itch for glassware and pretty marbles but her collection takes things to another level. The past year I’ve off and on tried to open these up and identify some of them but everything looks like an Akro Agate. Ive even started dreaming about different patterned marbles lol. I’ve spent hours identifying Marbles only to find out I was wrong more often than not. Don’t get me wrong I’m having fun but it’s frustrating trying to organize these and I want to get it right. Thank you everyone for you’re assistance in helping this country girl out! I hope I am doing this correctly and not bothering anyone posting these for help. I’ve read many different blogs and post. The people here seem to be the most educated and polite so that’s why I’m here. Thank y’all
  5. Ok I’m thinking Christensen Agate what do y’all think here? It’s an electric blue base white opaque Swirl with a very unique pintail deformation pretty cool if you stare at it the options for what it looks like become almost infinite.
  6. Little help here I’m thinking Master Made but unsure. I’m putting together a lot for trade and I’m including this one but I’m just not sure I haven’t seen one like this before now, Thanks Y’all
  7. Hello Im Heston I’m from Alabama Being a product of the Deep South where charm and ornate intertwine themselves in all things, all days and all places, forming a collection of any variety presents a challenge in pursuit for rarity. Southern folk are corn fed living to be 100 all the while rarely parting with any item(s) we assimilate into our possession. Parting with these acquired goods is often considered blasphemous, when it happens there’s a mourning period that’s soon overcome by an innate need to replace said object with something of the like, this time a little more unique, a little more carefully chosen applying the knowledge from the last. This process is never ending till we part. All people regardless of geographical niche are collectors of something. Many collections are simple, others elaborate and richly displayed, no matter the means each collection is a treasure, a sneak peek into the passions that makes us who we are and often where we long to be. For me my collecting has many veins all leading towards one ultimate theme, Shiny, Mint (within reason) and Rare! Setting the criteria as such, The World of Marbles fit me and it felt good, like putting on new socks good. Yes I’ve been assimilated! Marbles fill the holes of my need to surround myself with a collage of things one of a kind with potential to turn competitors green. I have THOUSANDS of Marbles I sort them into colors. styles, sizes spending hours, lost in my own space. My collection is therapeutic! My collection is me and like most collectors it takes merely a whisper and BAM I’ll show it off. So in a nutshell that’s a little insight into me. I’m a collector and collectors need people! People to consult with to align with to try and one up as well. So, I consider all of you “my peoples” I want to say hello, show me yours and I’ll show you mine! The best fun is always seeing what others think worthy of collecting and comparing one another’s likes to our own. Cheers! ”...yesterdays gone never touchable again, tomorrow isn’t given, today is yours to shape, a gift, that’s why it’s called The Present.”
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