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  1. Thank you Steph I appreciate the input. It really helps having that second opinion when trying to ID these. I’ve looked and looked at these. Im comfortable with Akro Agate on all of these except one. For now I’m going to keep them all together and maybe that last one can convince me in the future that it belongs with the rest of them. We will see
  2. These have me miffed as to whether they’re Akro or Vitro. I believe these are a same run group. There’s what I think is a Vitro Buttermilk Variant and then a Corkscrew with strong Akro roots along with several Akroish looking patches. The sizes of the group range from 0.65” to 0.70 so they have good size which I dont see a lot of in Vitro marbles. I’m in need of opinions here. I appreciate your time and input. Thank you!
  3. Yeah the last one has me stumped too.
  4. Thank y’all I’m not familiar with Jabo marbles I really am not a fan of them. Is there any value to these? Just curious what to do with them.
  5. No clue on these thanks for the help!
  6. My guess is CAC or Akro for the Yellow Red it Seems a little electric or snapping for an Akro. The next two CAC or Alley? Thanks for the input.
  7. My guess is Champion new old fashion on the larger two on top and Jabo on the other two but I want to make sure. Thanks
  8. Appreciate the reply. I’ve been tossing those with the fold look because they flare up my Jabo’itis I’m a little miffed why I didn’t see that to start with. Ehhh…happens. Thanks Cheese
  9. I’m leaning Alley Akro I would like to know for sure on these. Thanks for your input.
  10. I love this line! WVRon, I received so much misinformation on Helmets, so off base. I always felt like Akro Had the Original Pattern Then Vitro Made theirs later. I try to use Colors to distinguish between the two particularly the tone in color. It’s not 100% but it’s a good starting point usually. But the pink in this one with gold Orange and black is a scheme I haven’t seen in these before. When I first got this one I actually thought it might be a Peltier and then I woke up. But I’ve viewed so many Vitros being labeled Akro maybe an attempt to increase the value of their Marble? Who knows. Thanks for all the replies y’all this was fun! - Danny
  11. It’s a looker for sure. I’ve always thought the patch was more Akro’ish than Vitro But after being wrong so many times..... thanks for y’all’s input I appreciate it big!
  12. Obviously looks like a helmet Patch but I haven’t seen one in pink. Pink seems rare in general Ive seen a little here or there by different mfgs nothing in big numbers though. I know Vitro did tons of helmets and I’ve seen the pattern in Akros but I’m never 100% on the make, Vitro or Akro? so any help here is appreciated. Now, all that typed, this Helmet marble Being a scarce color like I think these are, is there a name that’s been associated with the colors or pattern other than “Helmet Patch” ? None the less it’s a nice one to share and look at JMO.
  13. Thanks Ric. I particularly like the blue one it’s a very pretty marble. The construction of these reminds me of Master Made Marbles
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