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  1. I have a couple like the orange swirl I always thought they were Davis.
  2. Cool thank you I appreciate your time I’ve never seen one of these before and I like to think I’ve seen Hundreds of thousands of Peltiers.
  3. Hello I have what I believe to be a Peltier It’s 39/64” inches in diameter. I’ve never seen one with this golden color on it really cool. If anyone knows what this marbles name is I would like to know. I’m not a huge fan of Peltier Marbles I’m an Akro Lover and pretty much stick to them as for adding to my collection. Thank you for the info.
  4. Thank you Steph I’m thinking Akro as well.
  5. Hello I’m thinking Vitro On these but the colors and aventurine drizzles in the first marble and colors coupled with patterns on the next two would be unusual for a Vitro in my opinion. But the options are limited, Peltier? Marble King? My vision is beginning to trick me here any help is appreciated.
  6. Hello I’m going through my “I don’t know” box in an effort to store and organize my marbles with their like made friends. So, that being said any help with the identity of this MIB and a few more to come later would be appreciated. At a time I thought this to be Marble King, Now I’m thinking Akro or Vitro. I’ve managed to confuse myself attempting this on my own as only marbles can do. Officially, I’m unsure of the maker and would like to file it accordingly. Thank you!
  7. When yours gets ID’d I’ll know what mine is too. I’ve thought this one to be Vitro but I’ve never been wholly certain. I’ve had people tell me it might be a foreign made.
  8. ID’d as Leighton. These came from my Grandmothers attic. Taken out of a box that hadn’t been touched since the 1970’s. Thanks for the reply
  9. I’ve had these three marbles for a while now and I’ve never known exactly what they are. There’s a butter and syrup look along with either an additive or near surface air bubble action going on. They are all out of round. Anyone know their ID? Thanks
  10. Nice ones! There’s certainly a resemblance here. I have several bags and boxes of marbles that were taken from my grandmothers attic when she passed. I’ve been sorting thru these as my time permits. This marble, came from this attic stash in Palmerdale Alabama
  11. I’ve got a few Metallic Champion Swirls. But I don’t have anything else metallic in a swirl. Better pic here;
  12. A very nice marble here that has a CAC look but the metallic in this one gives me pause. Anyone know the ID of this one? Thanks
  13. Here’s the one I believe you’re referring to...
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