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  1. Thank you very much Akrooka I thought it was Peltier but the colors are different than any Peltier I've seen Then it’s a larger sized Marble which I don’t see many of when it comes to Peltiers. I do appreciate the information. I’m pretty much a collector of Akro, CAC and Vitro only. I’ll sell this Marble and use the money to keep my other Marble ambitions funded.
  2. Hello thank you for your time. This marble has a transparent green base glass. Marble measures a good size at 0.70” inches in diameter. Peltier comes to mind when I hold this one in hand but I’m not familiar with this color combo. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  3. This one has me thinking Akro But I’m unsure any help is appreciated. Measures 0.61 inches in diameter.
  4. Ron I appreciate your input which, as always, helps solidify any marbles ID. Thank you
  5. The Cutline looks very straight for an Alley to me. This one may be an outlier though.
  6. Lighting and background are probably the most important thing in taking pictures of marbles. Three point lighting slightly dimmer on the side lights. Also the pictures seem to look better setting back about a foot and zooming in versus getting up close and zooming out.
  7. I think it could be Alley to. Camera wise this is my iPhone 7 I just play with the lighting angles and keep the background darker than the marble. Other than that there’s not any special setting or editing other than cropping. Some marbles just like their picture taken. Thank you for the replies and thanks for the compliment on the pictures.
  8. The is a shooter. It measures 0.96” inches in diameter with a base glass in electric orange with swirling white. To me this one has a slag look. Akro? But I don’t think Akro had electric orange only Germans and CAC if I remember correctly. But the size is rather large for a CAC and I’ve never seen a German with this much swirling thick white. So maybe it’s a transparent swirl Alley? Any help is appreciated here. Thank you for your time.
  9. Thank you everyone for sharing. This is great, what fun! For now it’s a mystery. I’m leaning Akro agate. Chuck Makes a great case with the information on Akro and their usage of Av. That’s a really good tidbit to know.
  10. So we have votes for Vitro Marble King and Peltier. I was leaning Akro…..the confusion overwhelms me much like trying to order food at night and the drive thru menu light is an after thought to the 17 year olds running the place.
  11. Measures 0.64” inches diameter. Lots of AV and drizzle nice marble but I can’t 100% ID it any help is much appreciated
  12. I used to think the lips or “v” meant Vitro as well then I bought a few Akro Agates that had Lips too. I was like Oh Lord here I was thinking I had begun to know a few things about marbles and a big fat juicy BAM slapped me…….
  13. Thanks y’all. I thought maybe Akro on the bottom one because of the base glass that would be less common for a vitro maybe? Then the wavy v had me thinking vitro but I’ve seen Akros with that as well. I really struggle with Akro vs Vitro sometimes. I really appreciate the input.
  14. Again thanks for the time and effort to help me out with the ID on these Marbles. What I think is Akro, Peltier Green Rebel, Akro, Alley but I’m not certain. Thanks
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