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  1. Thank you so much I thought they were Jabo! Have a great day
  2. Hello, I don't have a clue, this marble is 15/16 blue glass with orange flecks on the outer part of the marble. the marble is smooth with the orange beneath the surface. Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. Joes marbles is very cool
  4. Ok thanks I will only post one or two at a time. Is there an easy way to determine if cat eyes are newer or old ? Is the number of colors in a cat eye important ? How about colored translucent glass? Thanks have a great Sunday!
  5. Unfortunately I do not have any history on them., Is there a better or different picture that might help? Thanks very much for looking at them.
  6. Thank you for responding to me. I just realized I did not hit the send buttoin. I appreciate the time you took . Learning learning learning!
  7. I didnt put the sizes but a lot are 3/4 or 9/16. I will get a digital ruler in the couple of day. "Marble are like your grandchildren............. You always think your own are cooler than they really are lol
  8. Hello everyone Im looking forward to learning about my marble collection I just purchased at an auction. I thought identifying the maker and a value would be easy and I have been humbled and confused. with that being said Im going to post these three groups of marbles. and then going to take some individual pictures and work my way through theIse and learn. I believe I have 30 shooters and 200 5/8 mar bles. Thank you in advance for any help. I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends. I live in Las Vegas I will do individuals and post the sizes
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