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  1. These yellow on white swirls are very cool... the yellow really floats above the base. The “white” is not pristine.. it’s a little dingy and leans towards tan Are they Alleys? The second one with the 9.. MFC? Any chance it’s a Heaton? It’s a hair above .61”. Thanks for any info..it is very much appreciated.
  2. Stuck on this one... any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'll have a closer look, but the seem remains elusive. Thanks again...Shawn
  4. I'd appreciate any opinions I can get on this one. I had thrown it in with the Asians and Cat's Eyes about a year ago, when I first started collecting. It's a bit under .58". It does not have a clear seem/cut...it does have a pontil on one pole and a pinpoint on the opposite pole.. So maybe a hand-made modern? On the positive side is its provenance.. it came in a good lot that had a few legit CAC's...beat up slags mostly.. along with some nice Pelts and MFCs.. And the colors look right..??.. Thanks for anything you've got...Shawn
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