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  1. View the work in progress here. In the fall of 2020 was the original report, and this is the updated information that we have. https://www.akromfc.com
  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the research! It was a lot of fun to meet all of the people throughout and to be able to continue their original research after all this time. I had to take special precautions for C19. I isolated myself for a minimum of 2 weeks in-between each session of the field work and wore masks the entire time I was out. During those months, I had to have a document that I would show to any of the officers if needed, to allow me to go across Ohio into WV. I went out into the field myself and sent everything through email and text to Cohill & Johnson. I had to meet with Roger H
  3. In July 2020, I found a Canadian M.F. Christensen Patent in Belpre, Ohio. Upon further speaking with the antique dealer, the patent came from an estate sale in Bridgeport, West Virginia, to him. I contacted Michael Cohill (M.F. Christensen Expert), Michael Johnson (Co-Author of “American Machine-Made Marbles”, and Roger Hardy (Owner of the worlds largest Akro Agate collection and author of “The Complete Line of Akro Agate”) and I combed through the records that they sent me. I interviewed them while going through the entire records with them and received their approval when the report was fi
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