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  1. So this isn't a sunburst? And these are more rare? Do know what there value might be possibly?
  2. So would this be a master and if so which one
  3. Rachel623


    Could it possibly be an Agate
  4. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question I don't know a whole lot yet but what is a vacor rooster
  5. Could it be an Akro Sparkler. I don't have a thing to measure it but the size is between a big shooter and your average marble.
  6. Those are beautiful but I was noticing that at the top where they meet they all kind of had this U seem but this one doesn't have that it meets at a point on each end would that still be a master
  7. Are these a little better I have a horrible camers
  8. Rachel623


    It's not really transparent a lot of it is covered in black and the red shines through in certain spots. When you look at it with a light it specifically looks like a circle around the top or bullseye of red
  9. But it doesn't have any red or yellow.... like the Master Marbles I have seen like this but I'm new to this so what do I know
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