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  1. Thanks for being so helpful! I could take some better pictures of the aqua one you're not sure of if that'd help.
  2. Yeah, I wasn't expecting much. Could you still ID them?
  3. I think there's a Vitro eight fingers and a zebra. Any idea what they're worth?
  4. Are any of these worth anything? There might be some moss agates.
  5. I finally got to take some new pictures, sorry it took so long. I was camping.
  6. There are no green and black ones, they are green and a dark red. I can take more pics tonight
  7. I meant UV reactive, just couldn't think of the words. Just thought they were cool. Do you think that dark green one in the 2nd picture is a bennington?
  8. I think it's just asking for your email password, if it still doesn't work I could email them to you.
  9. Oh, my mistake. So nothing particularly valuable?
  10. Found these while digging through my late Grandpa's collection, and I've never heard of glow in the dark ones before. Any idea of the value?
  11. I think these are all oxbloods, if there's anything particularly valuable let me know.
  12. I know the one in the middle is, but I'm not sure about the other two. If you need better pictures, just ask.
  13. I've got some clay marbles, some glass marbles that I have ID for, and some that I haven't ID. For the clay ones, I need the Benningtons picked out and priced, and then there are some weird ones near the end that might be valuable. For the ones that I have ID I just need a price estimate. If the links don't work, I can post photos. If you need better photos of some, feel free to ask. Marbles I couldn't ID, Marbles I did ID, Clay Marbles. I don't expect these to be worth much, all help is appreciated.
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