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Guest FeelingMarbleous

Hello :D and welcome to the forum, there are tons of folks on the board that can help you id your marbles, i checked out your Photobucket and you have a nice little assortment of Akro's, Peltiers, Vitro's, Marble Kings and even some WV. Swirl marbles, i know all of this probably sounds like Charlie Browns teacher, Wahh-Waww-Wahh-Wahh but stick with it and im sure you will find collecting marbles is a very interesting and fun hobby to get into :)

Just a little note on posting for ID's we have a section here on the board for id'ing "Marble I.D.'s" and it also helps to post maybe just a couple at a time say 2 or 3 and get different views and angels of each marble to help us assist you in Id'ing them, and remember there are no stupid questions, so welcome to the board and post away! :Happy_143:

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Hi and Welcome in Flozeh's!

I know what you mean, I'm still learning but it sure is fun and there's lots of nice and helpful folks here. They've sure taught me a lot. Just take your time, one marble at a time. You'll do just fine.

:-) Felicia

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