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Proxibid Live Internet Marble Auction **links To Offsite Auction Related Pages Not Ebay**

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Hi...I'll start off with a bit of an introduction - my name is Rob Weiman, and I'm an auctioneer. I work for a company called Mound City Auctions, based in St. Louis, MO. On February 7th, we are holding a large consignment auction which will feature live internet bidding via Proxibid. We do these large auctions once a month, and they feature a wide variety of high end collectibles, antiques, furniture, toys...etc. To give an indication of the quality of items these auctions feature, at last month's auction we sold a Rookwood vase for $9,200.00. This auction on Feb. 7th features 2 collections of vintage and antique marbles.

I've already made a post about this under your forum's "Buy, Sell, & Trade" area, and wanted to post a link to that from here, in the hopes that more people could find out about this upcoming sale.

I won't repost the entirety of the message here, but here is the link.

Likewise, to find out more about who I am and what my company does, please feel free to Visit My Website.

I thought there might also be a possibility that someone on this site would not only be interested in seeing what we have to sell, but possibly having us sell some of their items. We are always seeking consignments, whether they are collectible marbles, or other high end collectibles, antiques, furniture, toys, etc.

Thank you for your time.

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